5 Steps for a Shining Star Party Theme

The shining star party theme is a creative way to celebrate a birthday, graduation, or any achievement. Honor your own shining star with these tips for throwing a celestial celebration.

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    Shining star decorations

    To invite friends to a star-themed party, you can cut star shapes from card stock and write the details with a glitter pen (a star-shaped cookie cutter makes a great stencil).

    If the party is for a young child, you could use the song, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to announce the occasion. For a Kindergarten graduation, for instance, change the lyrics to read something like:

    Twinkle, twinkle, shining star,
    In one year you’ve come so far.
    Now it’s time to wave goodbye,
    To Kindergarten, my oh my!
    Twinkle...MORE, twinkle, shining star,
    A big kid now is what you are!

    If the party is for a birthday, you could switch the word “kindergarten” with the child’s age. Use the lyrics on the front of your star shaped invite, or print them on a flyer, along with a photo of your child and some shooting star graphics.

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    Paper stars and garland party decorations

    A star themed party calls for an abundance of the celestial shape, scattered all about the party area. Suggestions include:

    • Star-shaped name tags for guests.
    • Paper stars.
    • Star cutouts, painted with metallic paint or wrapped in tin foil.
    • Stars hanging from the ceiling, or star shaped balloons with streamers, like shooting stars.
    • Draw stars with chalk on the walkway to the party, or tape stars cut from cardstock paper onto a carpet runner.
    • A large star on the door, welcoming guests to the party.
    • Star...MORE stamps to decorate placemats and tablecloths.
    • Use neon paint to color cardboard stars for a nighttime party.
    • Use a star shaped hole-puncher to make decorative table confetti.
    • Star luminary bags: Cut the shape of a star out of a paper bag, drop in a flameless candle or glow stick so light shines through the star.
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    Star cookies

    Of course, the star shape is the main feature of the party menu. There are several options for creating fun, star-themed foods, which can be served in addition to your child’s favorite party foods:

    • Star cake.
    • Star shaped lollipops (made from star molds and chocolate melts).
    • Star quesadillas (use a pizza cutter to shape quesadillas into stars).
    • Arrange pizza slices with points facing out on a platter, or ask the pizza place to cut your pizza into a star shape.
    • Use a star cookie cutter for items such...MORE as sandwiches, melon slices, and cookies.
    • Star shaped cheese and fruit kabobs.
    • Chicken and stars soup.
    • Use star shaped pasta to make your child’s favorite pasta dishes.
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    Floating lanterns

    Let the shining stars of the party celebrate with some star-themed activities. Ideas for games and crafts:

    • Decorate star-shaped cookies.
    • Send floating lanterns up into the sky (you will need an open space in which to do this safely).
    • Cut out stars and hand them out to guests. Pair up the kids and ask them to decorate and write on the cut outs why their partners are stars (for instance, a star in art, a star in friendship). Kids can then hold a ceremony and award their stars to each other.
    • Star-shaped...MORE stencils or rubber stamps to make their own artwork
    • If you have a telescope, bring it out into the yard where guests can do some star gazing (for night time parties).
    • Play freeze dance or musical chairs to songs that feature the word “star.” Hot potato can also be played with kids passing a plush star instead of a potato.
    • Make friendship bracelets with star-shaped beads.
    • Make star jars (kids speckle neon paint onto the insides of mason jars). Seal the jars by gluing the lids closed. Turn out the lights to watch them glow in the dark, with the paint specks resembling stars.
    • Make star t-shirts (use a neon fabric marker and a star stencil on black t-shirts).
    • Lawn stars: Make a large star stencil by cutting an outline of the shape out of poster board. Place the star stencil on the lawn and sprinkle flour or spray colored hair spray into the shape. Remove the stencil to reveal the lawn stars. Kids can even create and name their own lawn constellations.
    • Name a star in the name of the graduating class or birthday child.
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    Gift box decorated with stars
    • Star-shaped sunglasses.
    • Star stickers.
    • Star-shaped box, filled with trinkets or star-shaped candy.
    • Treat bags made the same as the luminaires, filled with goodies such as star stickers and lollipops.
    • Star stencils, colored pencils, and paper.