15 Shiplap Accent Wall Ideas For Your Home

Gray shiplap accenting back wall of decorated bedroom

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Shiplap walls are no longer solely Joanna Gaines's domain! Brought to light by their frequent presence on Fixer Upper, shiplap walls have been having a major moment for the past several years, and the trend doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

Shiplap walls are characterized by their long, overlapping wooden planks, which are often distressed or painted off-white for a weathered look. We most frequently see horizontal shiplap walls, but the planks can be installed vertically, too.

As exemplified by the 15 projects below, shiplap accent walls are incredibly easy to install in just a weekend, make for a budget-friendly upgrade, and can shine in any room of the house—seriously.

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    Sweet Shiplap Dreams

    Lisa Bass shiplap wall

    Lisa Bass

    Create a backdrop for your bed by installing a shiplap accent wall behind your headboard. Lisa Bass created the farmhouse bedroom of her dreams by doing just that, and her wrought iron bed frame allows the design to shine through.

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    Lovely Living Room

    Jessica Rayome shiplap wall

    Jessica Rayome

    Jessica Rayome's living room already boasted high ceilings and beautiful wooden beams, and now, with the addition of shiplap, the space truly shines and offers major farmhouse vibes. After installing a shiplap wall, there's no need to leave it empty—Rayome hung vintage windows to the panels for additional rustic charm.

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    Dark and Moody

    Chris and Julia Marcum shiplap wall

    Chris and Julia Marcum

    Why not paint your shiplap wall for a little added oomph? Any hue is fair game! Chris and Julia Marcum installed a deep navy shiplap accent wall in their living room, which adds instant moody vibes to the space.

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    Paint-Free Perfection

    Amy shiplap wall


    Not into painting? Neither is blogger Amy, who adhered reclaimed wooden boards to an empty wall in her home for a stunning rustic effect. The end result provides a welcome contrast to her otherwise white walls and cozies up the space.

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    Farm to Table

    Disha Spath shiplap wall

    Disha Spath

    Disha Spath sought to welcome the modern farmhouse aesthetic into her home and did just that in a single weekend—and for just over $100—by installing a shiplap wall in her dining room. To make the process less time intensive, she purchased shiplap panels, which she hung then coated in a white paint.

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    Chic Camouflage

    Sarah Symonds shiplap wall

    Sarah Symonds

    Styling a large TV so that it looks cohesive rather than clunky can be a bit of a challenge, but Sarah Symonds found a winning solution in choosing to place her television set in front of a black shiplap wall. The hue adds intrigue to her basement while helping camouflage the large screen, and the addition of framed family photos is just the cherry on top!

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    Very Vertical

    Chelsee Hood shiplap wall

    Chelsee Hood

    No room is off limits when it comes to installing a shiplap accent wall, so why not transform your loo, too? While we most frequently see horizontal shiplap walls, shiplap also looks gorgeous hung vertically, as seen in Chelsee Hood's space. And there's no need to cover an entire wall if a border is more your style.

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    Home Office Glowup

    Chelsee Hood shiplap wall

    Chelsee Hood

    If you're going to work from home all day, there's no reason to stare at a boring blank wall for eight hours. Chelsee Hood also incorporated shiplap into her office space, opting for a black hue that complements her fun floral wallpaper.

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    Charming Kitchen

    Alexa Duvall shiplap wall

    Alexa Duvall

    Alexa Duvall transformed her kitchen with a charming shiplap accent wall that makes her counter space pop. Keeping decorative accents simple allows the design to do the talking.

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    Outdoor Oasis

    Kath Younger shiplap wall

    Kath Younger

    Bring the shiplap fun outdoors! Kath Younger converted her deck into a screened porch and added shiplap walls and a vaulted ceiling to the space. The look proves that shiplap is truly a winner in spaces both large and small.

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    Cute and Kid-Friendly

    Brooke Christen shiplap wall

    Brooke Christen

    Shiplap is perfect for nurseries, too. Brooke Christen made over her sister-in-law's little one's space by installing a small accent wall. Simply add a framed art piece on top and you're good to go.

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    Luxe Loo

    Jennifer Gulizia shiplap wall

    Jennifer Gulizia

    Jennifer Gulizia also transformed her bathroom with shiplap, which adds so much texture and visual interest to the large space. Miraculously, hanging the panels took her just two hours to complete.

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    Wooden Wonder

    Sarah Saucedo shiplap wall

    Sarah Saucedo

    Inspired by a similar wall in her old house, Sarah Saucedo decided to hang and stain wooden shiplap panels on the wall leading into her basement. Though she solely chose to tackle the landing area, the upgrade makes a major difference.

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    Fake Yet Fancy

    Roxanne Kwiecinski shiplap wall

    Roxanne Kwiecinski 

    Roxanne Kwiecinski used a DIY kit to install a faux shiplap wall behind her bed using only paint and painter's tape—no boards required! For those who would prefer to stick with paint and save carpentry adventures for another day, this is an excellent option that looks just like the real deal.

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    Paint the Rainbow

    @Home_Kimprovements for Remodelaholic shiplap wall


    Feeling up for a challenge? Make like @Home_Kimprovements who shared her rainbow shiplap DIY on Remodelaholic. The end result is perfect for a kid's room or any other space that needs a bit of pep.