Shipshewana Flea Market and Auction

Shipshewana auction and flea market tips and information

Shipshewana Flea Market
"flea market" by kaelin.fe / CC BY-SA / cropped

Visit the 100-acre Shipshewana Flea Market to treasure hunt in charming Northern Indiana Amish country. With more than 900 booths, there's a reason it's often called the Midwest's largest outdoor flea market. Up to ten rings of antiques are also auctioned each Wednesday morning.


345 S. Van Buren Street
Shipshewana, Indiana 46565

Shipshewana Flea Market

  • 100 acres with nearly 900 booths
  • Flea market season spans from the first week of May through the first Saturday of October
  • In 2019, the days are every Tuesday and Wednesday from May to September
  • Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., rain or shine
  • Extended holiday markets take place on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and during the Fall Extravaganza.
  • Outdoor antique markets held on the first Saturday of June, August, and September in the Trading Place Pavilion (across the street from the flea market). In 2019, those dates are: June 1, August 3 and September 7.

Shipshewana Auction

  • Antique auctions start on Wednesdays at 9 a.m., year-round
  • Auctions last until 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Special events auctions antique auctions held throughout the year

Shipshewana Antique Mall

  • Located across the street from the Shipshewana Flea Market at 368 S. Van Buren Street
  • Open every Monday through Saturday


  • Free admission
  • $3 per day parking (free parking for guests at the Farmstead Inn)
  • $6 per day parking for RVs and vehicles with trailers
  • Leashed dogs are welcome at the flea market, as long as you clean up after them


If you don't count the eight to ten rings of antiques at the Wednesday auctions, there's more new merchandise than used. But with hundreds of vendors, you'll still find plenty of vintage treasures if you dig. Among the goods, expect to find:

  • Handcrafted furniture
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Handmade arts and crafts
  • Home decor and accessories, new and vintage
  • Garden tools, decorations, and plants
  • Ceramics, glassware, and dishes
  • Hardware and fixtures
  • Books, puzzles, and games
  • New, antique, and handcrafted jewelry
  • New clothing, purses, and accessories
  • Cosmetics and toiletries
  • Spices and herbs
  • Fresh produce

Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market Tips

  • Though some vendors take debit and credit cards, not all do. Take lots of cash. Visit the ATM machines on the property if you run short.
  • If you shop flea markets for old items, download the free mobile app to identify antique and vintage dealers.
  • Attend the preview for the Wednesday auctions on Tuesdays in the Misc. and Antique Auction Barn.
  • Grab a quick lunch from vendors selling traditional Amish foods. If you prefer a sit-down meal, dine at the Auction Restaurant -- and be sure to try the homemade pie.
  • Electric scooters, shopping carts, and wagons available for rent by the main entrance at booth #1018. Wagons are $10 per day and shopping carts are $5. Electric scooters are $10 per hour with a two-hour run. Call for advance reservations at (260)768-4476.
  • If you're planning a group trip, take a look at the Antique & Auction Group Adventure package or the Shipshewana Flea Market Group Adventure package.
  • Lots of dealers are willing to haggle, but you'll get better prices at the end of the day.

Selling at Shipshewana - Flea Market

  • Fill out the vendor application or call (260) 768-4129
  • Flea market spaces measure approximately 25 feet wide and 20 feet deep.
  • $90 deposit required to rent space.
  • Each space comes with 20 amp / 110-volt electrical outlet. Addition charge for 30-amp service.
  • Permanent spaces (paid monthly in advance) range from $37 to $45 per week, depending on the location. Spaces during extended market dates cost an additional $20 per day.
  • Outdoor spaces also available daily for $35 or weekly for $50.
  • Flea market vendors must have a State of Indiana Retail Merchant Certificate (aka tax number).

Shipshewana Auction

  • No reservations available on auction spaces. It's first come, first served only.
  • Auction spaces $10 to $20 per day, depending on size.

Shipshewana Antique Market

  • Antique market spaces are available outdoors for $75 or under the pavilion for $150 or $200
  • Outdoor canopies available for $110, 8-foot tables also for rent
  • Electricity $5 per day for spaces under the pavilion

For More Information

  • Visit the official website: Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market
  • Call Shipshewana Antique Mall at: (260) 768-7090
  • Call Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market at: (260) 768-4129