How to Make Crafts Using Shoe Boxes

I know I save a shoe box whenever I get one. How about you? Not only are shoe boxes great to use for wrapping gifts, organizing your stuff, and holding pet frogs, they are great to use in your craft projects. I bet you can think of a lot of creative ways to recycle a shoe box!

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    Decoupage Graduation Card Box Craft
    Decoupage Graduation Card Box Craft.

    I used a round box I already had laying around to create this box for collecting graduation cards at my son's open house, but you can also easily use a shoe box and decoupage techniques.

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    Duct tape Suitcase Craft
    Duct tape Suitcase Craft.
    Follow these instructions and learn how to use a shoe box and some colorful duct tape to make a miniature suitcase you can use to hold your treasures.
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    Magic Tree House Shoe Box Diorama

    Magic Tree House Shoe Box Diorama
    Magic Tree House Shoe Box Diorama.
    A second grader named David shares his shoe box diorama he made for a class project about a book in The Magic Tree House series.
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    Mailbox Craft
    Mailbox Craft.
    Learn how easy it is to make a pretend mailbox using a shoe box. Younger kids especially love this project and enjoy playing with it after it is made.
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    My Favorite Thing Craft
    My Favorite Thing Craft.

    This is a gift idea that is very simple to make and very special for the recipient to get. Made using a shoe box, a mirror, and a few other supplies, this gift is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.

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    Recycled Garden Craft
    Recycled Garden Craft.
    A visitor named Brianna, along with her younger sister, used their imagination and a variety of recycled household items and craft supplies to create this lovely garden.
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    Ribbon Storage Box and Dispenser
    Ribbon Storage Box and Dispenser.
    Learn how you can turn an ordinary shoe box into a decorated ribbon holder. With the addition of some holes and dowels, your ribbon storage box can also be used as a ribbon dispenser.
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    Shoe Box Guitar Craft
    Shoe Box Guitar Craft.
    Use these instructions and learn how you can craft a playable guitar using a shoe box, a paper towel roll, some rubber bands, and a few other supplies. Make this along with some other musical instruments and you can make your own band.
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    Treasure Collection Box

    Treasure Collection Box
    Treasure Collection Box.
    Follow these suggestions for decorating shoe boxes you can use to collect treasures in.