34 Shoe Storage Ideas That Will Look Great In Any Space

Mudroom storage with shoe baskets

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Shoes can be a reflection of your personality and aesthetic, but finding a place to store them can be a challenge. Whether you have a pile of shoes in your entryway or mudroom or have a disorganized closet, shoe storage is one of the most difficult things to keep organized in your home.

With a little creativity and some clever storage solutions, you can turn your shoe storage woes around. We share our favorite shoe storage ideas to help keep your home organized and clutter-free, while still making your shoes easily accessible.

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    Clear Shoe Boxes

    A baby girl's closet with acrylic shoe shelving

    @neatbymeg / Instagram

    If your kid's closet has ample floor space, it can serve as the perfect place to store shoes. Clear shoe boxes are stackable and help keep things clutter-free in a smaller closet.

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    Custom-Made Storage Cubbies

    A large wood storage system with cubbies for shoes

    @artichoke_ltd / Instagram

    This hand-finished, European oak piece of furniture features a column for each family member to store their belongings. The storage cubbies can store shoes and other items you want to keep on hand before walking out the door.

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    Basic Bookshelf

    A bookshelf that stores shoes

    @heads.and.threads / Instagram

    Bookshelf or shoe shelf? This simple bookshelf beautifully displays and stores shorter and taller boots. If you are a shoe collector, it's a great way to display your collection, especially if you have a one-of-a-kind taste.

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    Dreamy Shoe Storage

    A large shoe storage wall with glass front cabinet doors

    @neatbymeg / Instagram

    This takes shoe storage to the next level. Designer shoes deserve an elegant place to be displayed and stored. The shelving in this closet features lighting and glass doors that resemble something you'd see at your favorite shoe store.

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    Boot Clips

    A closet with hanging boot storage

    @serenityathomedetroit / Instagram

    Tall boots are the trickiest to store because they can lose their shape if they aren't stored properly. One of the best ways to store boots is to hang them with boot clips that won't damage your shoes. Storing them this way will help keep their shape and prevent them from getting damaged.

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    Plastic Bins With Lids

    A walk in closet with storage bins

    @joanna_organize / Instagram

    Plastic bins can store a plethora of items, but have you thought about storing shoes in them? They are sturdier and more protective than the cardboard shoe box you get from the store. Plus, they help make your closet look more organized and cohesive when stacked.

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    Coat Closet Shelf

    An entryway closet with door storage

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Coat closets are usually small, but they can still store plenty of things with the right organizational items. The floor space is tiny in this closet, but the small wooden shoe shelf can store up to 15 shoes without taking up too much space.

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    A Clean Look

    An entryway closet with white storage bins

    @breathing.room.home / Instagram

    Even a small closet can feel large and open. This minimalist design features labeled, white storage bins stacked in a closet with a white shiplap interior. To add some texture, open wooden bins on the floor store shoes with labels for each family member.

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    Entryway Bench and Shoe Storage

    A small entryway bench with shoe shelving

    Liudmila Chernetska / Getty Images

    If you have a small entryway, dual-purpose furniture is the way to go. This small bench serves as a spot to sit and take off shoes, while the shelving underneath keeps shoes in one place.

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    Staircase Shoe Storage

    A staircase with built in shoe shelving

    @mcgeachydesignstudio / Instagram

    If you have a large, busy family, you probably have a lot of shoes to store. This unused space by the staircase is now an organized spot to store a plethora of shoes. This custom piece also fits in seamlessly with the rest of the home's design.

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    Wicker Storage Baskets

    A mudroom cabinet with wicker baskets for shoe storage

    Catherine McQueen / Getty Images

    This mudroom set-up features cubbies and columns for each family member. The wicker storage baskets make it easy to store and pull out shoes while keeping a stylish, cohesive look in the mudroom.

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    Shoe Pockets

    A small closet with shoe pocket storage

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Over-the-door shoe pockets are an easy, budget-friendly way to store shoes when you don't have the closet space. They keep shoes at hand and easy to find while saving room in the closet for other items.

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    A Wall of Shoes

    Open shelving with rows of shoes

    Laura Cattano Organizational Design

    Sometimes a closet isn't enough space to store all your shoes. If you have a beautiful shoe collection, consider displaying it on open shelving in your room. These colorful, stylish heels look like a work of art in this bedroom.

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    Color-Coded Closet

    A closet with a middle shelf with shoes

    @breathing.room.home / Instagram

    Color coding a closet can help make it feel organized and clutter-free. This closet features a shelf that stores shoes; organizing the shoes by color helps make the space feel clean and crisp.

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    Simple Shelving

    A closet with shoe storage around a safe

    @neatbymeg / Instagram

    Transform an unused wall in a closet with simple wood shelving. This wall neatly organizes shoes and storage bins, and has an area for keeping a safe.

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    Built-In Cubbies

    A closet with built in shoe cubbies

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Built-in cubbies keep everyday shoes at hand and help keep them clean and damage-free. The drop-front shoe boxes at the top of this closet work great for shoes that aren't worn as often.

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    Angled Shelving

    A closet with a modular system

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Adding a modular closet system like this one will make getting dressed in the mornings faster. The angled shoe shelving allows more space for taller shoes so you can keep your entire shoe collection right where you need it.

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    Mudroom Shoe Storage

    A mudroom with built in shoe storage

    @kristencoutts / Instagram

    This mudroom is bright and airy with its white color palette and window that gives a sneak peek into the rest of the home. The custom built-in features a bench and cubbies for storing shoes that help keep things organized.

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    Stacked Shoe Shelving

    A closet with a large shoe rack

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Creating zones in a walk-in closet will help you know exactly where everything is. One side of this closet is designated for clothing while the other stores shoes on stacked shoe shelving. This type of shelving normally doesn't require any special tools or skills to put together and can store dozens of shoes in a small amount of space.

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    Shoe Hanging System

    A boy's closet with shoe door storage

    @neatbymeg / Instagram

    If you don't have a walk-in closet, you most likely don't have room for shoe shelving. In this case, the door makes a great option to store your shoes. This hanging wire system neatly stores shoes without damaging them.

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    Baskets and Shelving

    Shoe storage with baskets and shelving

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Simple storage bins are a great way to store all your sandals. Store shoes you don't wear as often vertically in the bins to save space and store everyday shoes on shelving to make it easier to find them in a flash.

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    Closet Shelf Storage

    A girl's closet with acrylic cubbies

    @neatbymeg / Instagram

    The shelf in this little girl's closet has plenty of room to store shoes. Clear shoe boxes, help keep things organized, visible, and helps protect the shoes.

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    Over-the-Door Built-Ins

    A large closet with shelving around the perimeter of the door

    Liudmila Chernetska / Getty Images

    Many people turn a spare bedroom into a closet space and dressing area. This closet features beautiful doors that are surrounded by built-in shelving for displaying heels. Not only does this keep the room clutter-free, but it also serves as a one-of-a-kind design element.

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    Drop-Front Shoe Boxes

    Acrylic containers for shoe storage

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Clear, drop-front shoe boxes neatly store shoes where you can easily find them. All you need is an empty wall in your closet to store shoes in these containers.

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    Repurposed Furniture

    A blue shoe storage cabinet

    @reverie_73 / Instagram

    Some paint can go a long way in giving new life to vintage furniture. This spruce wood piece of furniture is a beautiful way to store shoes in an entryway or mudroom.

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    A Small Shelf

    A closet with floor storage

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    If you don't have a bottom rack in your closet, your closet floor makes a great place to store shoes where they're visible. Instead of wasting that space, simply place your shoes on the floor and add a small shelf to create more shoe storage.

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    Catchall Furniture

    An entryway with a storage cabinet

    Liudmila Chernetska / Getty Images

    This catchall piece of furniture features a drawer to store keys and other items, while the cubbies below store shoes to help keep the small entryway organized and neat.

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    Deep Shoe Pockets

    A small closet with plenty of shoe storage

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Bulky shoes take up a lot of space in a closet. To help save space, store these shoes in shoe pockets that go over the door and store smaller shoes in the closet.

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    White Shelving

    A closet with built in shoe storage

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    It's no secret that the color white makes a small space feel bright and airy, and that's no different in a closet. If you want to store shoes on a shelf, go with a lighter color like white to help make the closet look larger.

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    Dresser Shoe Shelf

    A dresser with a bottom shelf for shoe storage

    cerro_photography / Getty Images

    You don't have to store your shoes in a closet. These bedroom dressers feature a shelf on the bottom that neatly stores shoes. This keeps your room clutter-free while freeing up your closet space for other items.

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    Custom Shelving

    A closet with shoe shelving

    @joanna_organize / Instagram

    Custom doesn't always equal expensive. These shoe shelves were custom-made to fit perfectly in this closet without breaking the bank.

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    A Shoe Stand

    A large closet with a variety of shoe storage

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    An unused corner of this closet is given new life with a simple shoe stand. The stand stores up to 12 shoes without taking up shelf space or an entire wall.

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    Elegant Shelving

    Shoe shelving for high heels

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    These bars add a touch of glam to these otherwise simple shelves, which help make these shoes display-worthy.

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    Perfect Shelving

    Shoe shelving in a closet

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Sometimes it's just about how you maximize your space and shelving. This existing shelving just needed to be redone to fit the shoes. Some shelves are deeper for tall boots, while some shelving is kept narrow for sandals and flats.