Shop Sweep Shop-Vac Vacuums Review

Shop vac vacuum

Shop Sweep Shop-Vac vacuums are specifically dry vacs, and do a good job of cleaning driveways, sidewalks, patios, garage floors, etc., as long as this limitation is kept in mind. Use them to pick up dried leaves, dried pine needles, dried grass clippings, etc. This machine will pick up such organic debris well -- and mulch it, to boot -- as long as you wait till it is dry.

But fresh grass clippings are wet and will stick to a driveway, for instance, and Shop Sweep Shop-Vac vacuums will not be able to pick them all up easily. Here are some other good and bad points about this product, starting with the pros:

  • Wide collection nozzle cuts down on the number of sweeps you have to make.
  • Shop Sweep Shop-Vac vacuums will mulch dry leaves, etc.

The product does have some drawbacks, headed by the following two:

  • Shop Sweep Shop-Vac vacuums are intended for use on dry debris, only.
  • There is no mechanism for locking the trigger.

Product Description

  • Shop Sweep Shop-Vac vacuums will pick up (and shred) dried leaves, dried grass clippings, pine needles, etc.
  • The above fact makes the product useful throughout summer, to clean up driveways, patios, and sidewalks after mowing.
  • Likewise, keep this machine handy in fall to shred leaves and turn them into mulch.
  • In this reviewer's tests, these outdoor vacuums also picked up (but failed to shred) pinecones.
  • He was also unable to pick up acorns with this Shop-Vac product.
  • The collection bag seems durable enough, including the zipper. The bag size is 8-gallon.
  • For those needing to clean up workspaces in a garage, the device is also designed to pick up sawdust.

Review of the Shop Sweep Shop-Vac Vacuums

When engaged in yard work, the fastidious among you will find yourself constantly in need of cleaning up the portions of your yard devoted to hard surfaces. For instance:

  • Grass clippings discharged onto a sidewalk.
  • Autumn leaves blown onto your driveway.
  • Pine needles that have fallen on your patio.

In addition to needing to clean such surfaces, perhaps you wish to make use of such organic debris as mulch or place it in a compost pile to "cook" until it becomes compost. Either way, it is helpful to be able to shred the organic debris first. Enter the Shop Sweep Shop-Vac vacuum.

Shop Sweep Shop-Vac vacuums are dry vacs. As long as you wait for the organic debris to dry out, these outdoor vacuums will be useful both in cleaning your hard surfaces and mulching the organic debris.

There are two settings for wheel-height but, frankly, this reviewer didn't find much rhyme or reason behind the two settings. Just by trial and error, however, he did find that he was able to pick up certain debris easily at one setting, but not at another.

He found this dry vac's collection bag easy to take off and put back on and judges it to be durable. The wide collection nozzle is also a plus. But a mechanism to lock the trigger—which Shop Sweep Shop-Vac vacuums sadly lack—would greatly reduce fatigue while using the product.

The manual warns users not to pick up stones with Shop Sweep Shop-Vac vacuums, lest the impeller be damaged. But in this reviewer's judgment, the power of the product didn't appear so phenomenal as to warrant any great concern over this matter. In my tests, the dry vac's "1.25 (peak) horsepower single-stage electric motor" didn't seem capable of gobbling up stones. And to tell you the truth, if one is supposed to avoid stones, it's just as well that one's outdoor vacuum seems disinclined to ingest them.