Shopkins Collectible Toys

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Are your kids obsessed with Shopkins toys? 

Kids love collectible toys and shopping, especially in both grocery stores and toy stores.  

My son doesn't care to play with Shopkins, but don't worry, when he see's them on the store shelves, even he knows we should be buying every available package because he wants to gift them to his friends at school who won't stop talking, trading and obsessing over them on the playground.


These teeny-tiny, collectible character toys were created after supermarket and retail store items such as fruits, vegetables, salt and pepper shakers, candy, cookies, eggs, lipsticks, nail polishes, pizza, soap, popsicles, ice cream and shoes. Adorable little shoes. If you missed the 148 different characters from the "first season" don't worry, there are several seasons of Shopkins to collect.

Each character has their own unique name and kids can keep track of their collections online at With names like Sunny-screen, Millie-Shake, and my favorite, who is apparently super-popular, Cupcake-Queen, how can you resist?

Toys are bought in 5-packs, 12-packs. Many special Shopkins are also included for kids who enjoy the playsets like the ice cream truck.  There are many secret toys inside a "blind bag," that you won't know who you have until you open the bag. 

​Shopkins have parents and kids driving from 1 store to another, buying up entire shelves of these cute, squishy toys.

The sets include ice cream trucks, grocery stores, vending machines, shoe stores, fashion boutiques, and bakeries. 

Many of the Shopkin accessory packs include little blue shopping bags, as well as grocery carriages and carts that kids love playing with.

If you and your kids will be hunting for as many of the Shopkins that you can find, season after season, you will need to find a way to store these little toys.

 While they are cute and adorable, they are easy to lose. 

As a parent the thought of running from store to store for hundreds of teeny tiny items gives me the chills, but I would be lying if I didn't confess that I've done it for Paw Patrol toys.  

Once our kids have something of interest, as parents we tend to make it happen, especially when different sets of 12 can be purchased for about $5. Shopkins are a great price point for birthday party gifts in the $10 range, and a great reward for kids who have earned their allowance money.  

​Shopkins are everywhere. They aren't just in the toy aisles, but kids love anything about Shopkins. Don't know which characters a child has, don't worry, there are games, trading cards, hand bags, puzzles, backpacks and larger soft plush toys you can buy.

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