Shopping for Carpet by Season

carpet samples
KonovalikovAndrey / Getty Images

Many people wonder what the best time of year to buy new carpet is. The answer to that question really depends on your goal for your carpet purchase, and what exactly you’re hoping to get. Here we take a look at the four seasons, and the possible reasons to go shopping in each.


Spring is the best time of year to go shopping for new carpet if you prefer to get the latest, newest styles “hot off the press”. If you are the type of person who likes to have the hottest new styles as soon as they are available, you will want to buy your new carpet in the spring. While a few new styles may be introduced at any time of the year, most of the big manufacturers introduce their new collections and most promising product lines at the largest floor covering trade show, The International Surface Event, which is typically held around the end of January every year in Las Vegas. After the products have been unveiled at the show, the manufacturers begin distributing the samples to their ​retailers, meaning that the product will actually hit the store shelves usually in early spring. Some manufacturers may be running specials to help promote their new product lines, but don’t expect huge savings around this time of year.


Summer is traditionally a slower time of year for many retailers. During the summer months, especially in climates that truly experience all four seasons, most people have turned their attention to the outdoors, concentrating on their yards and exterior housework. For that reason, fewer people are buying new carpet. The potential benefit for customers shopping in the summer is a quicker turn-around time—if the stores are not as busy, they won’t be as booked up for doing measures and installs. Additionally, stores may be offering incentives to try to increase sales during the slower months, so there is the potential for some savings.


Fall is usually the busiest season for carpet retailers. Just as people focus on the exterior during the warmer months, as mentioned above, they begin to focus on the interior as the weather starts to get cooler and they are spending more time indoors. Fall is also the time of year that manufacturers (as opposed to the retail stores as mentioned above) run their biggest promotions—more specifically, usually during the month of October. The big carpet mills may offer on-the-spot savings, rebates, or sweepstakes as part of a national promotional campaign. There is high potential for savings in the fall, so if you are looking for a good deal, it is one of the best times of year to buy.


The winter months often represent a bit of a lull in the floor covering industry. The pre-holiday rush is over, and the new style introductions haven’t yet come out (although some new products may begin to trickle into stores towards the end of the season). Early January can sometimes be busy for carpet stores, as people spend money received as holiday gifts, or embrace the philosophy of “new beginnings” with the new year.

As mentioned above, the largest floor covering trade show occurs towards the end of January, so people in the industry are busy; but typically, there is not a lot happening in the stores during the winter months. Stores that keep rolls of carpet in stock may have some good deals, as they are looking to clear out the inventory to make room for the new introductions in the spring. If you can find such a deal, great! Otherwise, you may prefer to wait a few months and get the benefit of more selection with the new styles.