Shopping Home Decor Stores Online

Where to Go & How to Save

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Shopping home decor stores online is a great way to save. Online shopping makes it easy to compare prices, shop for bargains and sales, and avoid impulsive purchases. But there are a few tips that can help save you even more.

  • Go straight to the sale or clearance section of the website. And remember the golden rule of shopping sales: If it’s not at least 40-percent off, it’s not really on sale.
  • Set up a free email account via gmail, yahoo, etc, that is just for coupons and store emails. (Otherwise, retailers will flood your regular inbox and drive you crazy.) Sign up at websites for sale notices and coupons.
  • Search for online coupon codes and printables. To avoid scam and information gathering sites, never pay for a coupon or code and don’t share any information besides your name, email and mailing address and/or phone.
  • Shop for the lowest prices on certain items by using a product search such as Pricegrabber. Type in the product or item that you are looking for to find the lowest prices on thousands of items.
  • Sign up at Ebates, Mr. Rebates, Swagbucks, Upromise and other online sources for cash back and savings certificates.
  • Watch deal catcher sites such as Fatwallet and Dealdump and for bargain basement deals. When a deal hits, if you know you want it, order quickly. Oftentimes deals are sold out within minutes.​

Discounted Home Decor Online
Below are listed some resources for finding discounted home decor online. The companies listed are not endorsed by but are simply listed for your convenience.

We make no claims as to the quality of items or the validity of discounts. As always when shopping online, take steps to browse and buy safely.


Shopping for Certain Styles of Decor
If you know what you like, it helps to know where to go to find it.

Our online decor shopping guides can help you find that perfect store. Many decorating styles overlap and most stores carry more than one style of decor, so be sure to visit our pages until you discover all the stores that you prefer.

If you know of a great online retail decorating store that I've missed, email me so I can be sure to add it.


Before you shop, we have more suggestions on how to save online and also on how to shop safely online.