Should I hire a professional landscape architect to work on my landscape?

handsome young man gardener trimming and lanscaping trees with shears
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Question: Should I hire a professional landscape architect to work on my landscape?

Many people wonder how to find a landscape architect. But an even more fundamental question must be answered first: do you need to hire a professional, or can you get the job done yourself...?


Besides tree limbing, there are many other specialty tasks for which you may want to hire professionals. For instance, you may wish to hire an arborist to have a prize tree pruned properly. "Limbing" and "pruning" are entirely different operations. You may even want to have a landscape architect or landscape designer to re-do your entire landscape.

Some projects demand such highly specialized skills that you have little choice but to hire professionals; for instance, installing driveways. Nonetheless, you can still make an informed decision before hiring someone by doing your homework. In the case of having a new driveway installed, a good place to start is my FAQ exploring the pros and cons of the different types of driveways.

The decision of do-it-yourself versus hiring landscape architects and other professionals largely depends on your personal tastes and whether or not you're landscaping on a budget. Even many people who can afford to hire a landscape architect prefer to do the work themselves, because they find it relaxing, challenging and satisfying.