Should you Stage your Home During the Holidays?

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    Avoid these Common Home Staging Mistakes this Winter

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    Are the holidays the worst for your staged home? Traditionally, the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s can be the slowest time of the year for real estate. The reality of today is that the home buying season is all year around and proper staging can really help warm up a house and possibly get it off the market sooner. Whether buyers are military families and are moving during the holidays or international families need to quickly relocate their home. You never know when a job relocation or...MORE change in a family's status could put them in the buyer's market this winter. Here are some reasons that will help you consider listing your house during the holidays along with winter home staging tips to give you an edge to meet the challenges.

    What Home Staging Mistakes Should you Avoid?

    In the winter months, buyers are looking for a home that meets their immediate needs and not necessarily what will appeal to them in summer. For example, your outdoor pool area could look inviting during the spring, but the winter season is not the time to put a large emphasis on staging your outdoor pool area. Avoid putting attention to spaces that buyers won't resonate with right now. Remember to still keep your outdoor curb appeal presentable and welcoming. Don't make the home staging mistake of thinking buyers won't look in the backyard during the winter because they will!


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    Quick Home Staging Tricks will Help Save you Time

    Have your heating system maintained this winter season. Getty Images

    Are There Any Quick Home Staging Tricks for Winter?

    Make sure that all the areas in the house are evenly heated and air movement feels comfortable in your home. If any room is noticeably colder than the other, potential buyers can assume that house has heating issues. Also, as days are shorter and darker in winter, it’s very important to well-lit the rooms to make your space feel welcoming. Fold up the blinds, push back the curtains, replace dark bulbs with lighter ones, and install accent...MORE lighting. Also, create visual warmth with warm fabrics, rugs, throw pillows, bed linens, and table cloths. Lastly, consider having refreshments and soft holiday or instrumental music playing while potential buyers walk through your home.

    Home Sellers Advice: Is Curb Appeal Important During Winter Months?

    Just because it’s cold outside does not mean that outdoor staging or winter curb appeal is not important. In fact, making a good first impression during these months is as crucial as ever. Firstly, create a safe access to the driveway and walkway. Clear any pathways that will be walked by potential buyers if viewing outdoor areas such as a garage or a guest house. Also, make sure that the front door is in excellent condition by giving it a fresh coat of paint or stain. Decorate the porch with potted plants, a cheerful doormat, and a simple wreath. Window boxes with seasonal blooming shrubbery will also help to create an attractive curb appeal.

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    Remember Most Buyers are Looking for Homes Online

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    What Kind of Photos Appeal to Buyers Searching Online?

    When the weather outside is chilly, home shoppers usually start the house hunt from the comfort of their homes by browsing real estate listings on the web. To create a good first impression, upload high-quality pictures of your home. Highlight the most attractive features in your photography such as a fireplace, French doors, beautiful windows, a great view, arches, or high ceilings. It’s also a good idea to offer spring or summer home photos...MORE so that the buyers can see how it looks throughout the year.

    There is no doubt that home shoppers still look for properties during the holidays especially, military families, newly engaged couples, and relocations. This means staging your home during the holidays is as crucial as ever. Browse magazines and visit home improvement store to look for creative and tasteful ways to bring in holiday cheer. Who knows your house might be the perfect gift on a buyer’s Christmas wish list this winter season!