Shout Triple-Acting Stain Remover Product Review

Shout Triple Acting

Shout Triple-Acting Stain Remover, from SC Johnson Company, is an effective stain remover for most everyday laundry stains. Follow the directions and helpful tips on the bottle for best results.

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What's Good about Shout Triple-Acting Stain Remover

  • Effective stain remover for everyday stains.
  • Works in all water temperatures.
  • Holds U.S. Safer Choice seal.
  • Easily found in grocery stores, mass merchandisers and online.
  • Safe for all washable fabrics - white and colored.
  • Convenient trigger spray bottle.
  • Product is available in bulk so bottle can be refilled.

What's Not so Good about Shout Triple-Acting Stain Remover

  • Will not remove every type of stain - especially old, set-in stains.
  • Packaging does not contain any post-consumer recycled plastic.

Shout Triple-Acting Stain Remover 

The Shout stain remover line from SC Johnson has been around for many years. Remember "Got a Stain? Shout it Out!"? Today, the stain remover line has increased to include Shout Triple-Action Trigger, Shout Advanced Gel, Shout Advanced Stain-Lifting Foam, Shout Advanced Ultra Gel, Shout Citrus Action and Shout Wipe And Go as well as Shout Color Catcher

Shout Triple-Acting Stain Remover takes its name from its claim that it clings, penetrates and lifts stains. The directions are very simple: Spray the stain with enough Shout to penetrate the fabric and then rub it in with your fingers or a soft-bristled brush.

Allow the product to work on the fabric for one to five minutes and launder in the warmest water recommended for the fabric. Shout is safe for all colorfast washable garments. It is not recommended for use on silk or wool. It also states that some stains may be impossible to remove (see stain removal recommendations for tough stains like rust, paint, ink and dye).

Ingredients are listed on the package as cleaning agents (surfactants and enzyme). On the SC Johnson site the full listing of ingredients is:

  • Water
  • Acusol - surfactant
  • Ethoxylated Alcohol
  • Sokalan - surfactant
  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Borate
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Subtilisin - enzyme
  • Fragrance

Shout Triple-Acting is safe to use in high-efficiency washers as well as standard top load washers. It also holds the U.S. EPA Safer Choice seal. The product is not tested on animals and contains no ammonia, bleach, phosphorus or dyes. The bottle is recyclable but does not contain post-consumer recycled plastic.

Shout And The SC Johnson Company

What began as a flooring company in 1886 has evolved into the SC Johnson Company. In 1888 Samuel C. Johnson developed a paste wax for wood floors and the company began its home care products line. Headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin in the 1939 Frank Lloyd Wright-designed headquarters, the company is still owned by the Johnson family. SC Johnson employs 12,000 people around the world and generates more than eight billion dollars in sales.

Key product areas are cleaning products, home fragrance, pest control, storage and auto care. Shout, Pledge, Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Glade, Oust, Raid, OFF, Ziploc and Saran products are all part of the company.

Shout Triple-Acting Stain Remover Product Review and Laundry Recommendations

Shout Triple-Acting was tested on muslin squares stained with several stains - food, grass and red mud. The squares were washed with our regular laundry in different water temperatures - cold, warm and hot. 

For freshly stained squares, Shout Triple Acting Stain Remover worked like a charm when the squares were washed in warm/hot water. However, when washing in cold water the stains didn't come out completely by waiting just one to five minutes. When treated with Shout Triple Acting and allowed to sit for 30 minutes hours or overnight, the stains came out in a cold wash.

Patience is always a virtue and the key to successful stain removal!

For squares that were stained more than a week in advance, the quick spritz directions did not remove the stains.

However, if the Shout solution was worked into the stain with a soft-bristled brush and allowed it to work for 30 minutes or longer, these stains did come out.

Shout Triple-Acting Stain Remover deserves a spot on your laundry room shelf.

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Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.