10 Gorgeous Ways to Organize and Display Your Beauty Products

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Lotions, potions, lip glosses, and nail polishes—all of these beautifying treasures have a funny way of going from shops to bathroom counters and drawers in the blink of an eye. Being better organized with your beauty products keeps your counter free of clutter and leads to a cleaner bathroom. There are stylish ways to organize nearly everything in your bathroom, and beauty products are no exception.

Here are some of our favorite and creative ways to present your products.

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    Painted Vintage Jars

    Gold painted mason jars
    SundayBowtique / Etsy

    Mason jars have lots of practical functions. They're also ideal containers for your beauty supplies, brushes, and lipsticks. Here the jars are painted in a chic shade of bronze with a hint of gold, but your favorite hue of paint works just as well.

    Painted Mason Jars, $29.95, LargoJars via Etsy

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    A Branch-Turned-Organizer

    white birch makeup organizer
    urbanplusforest / Etsy

    This holder goes into the categories of stunningly-simple and, "Why didn't we think of that?" This Etsy seller has crafted an organizer from a branch of a Maine white birch tree. Drilled holes are just-right spots for makeup brushes and tubes of lip gloss, displayed at asymmetrical angles for an added touch of visual interest. Many things can be manipulated to do the same, like a thick piece of reclaimed barn wood.

    White Birch Wood Makeup Organizer, $22, TheBirdOnTheTree via Etsy

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    A Framed Shelf

    shelves in a picture frame

    This British company was really onto something when they crafted their trademark shelves surrounded by vintage-inspired frames. The ornateness of the frame sets an elegant tone for displaying beauty products, and the metallic finish makes it decidedly modern. Although you can emulate this look by tracking down a vintage frame of your own and supplying it with shelving, this company ships to the U.S. across the pond.

    Makeup Organizer, $231.22, Chicybee

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    A Feminine Tray

    white tray with makeup brushes, perfume, a necklace, and flower

    It doesn't get much more timeless than a vanity tray. They've seemingly been used forever by stylish women, gracing dressers and boudoirs alike. They can even be made from an old photo frame. But we especially love this tray for its option to be monogrammed—how chic! And although this tray doesn't have the traditional mirrored surface, at least you won't have to Windex this one every other day.

    Monogrammed Vanity Tray, $40.20, HighlandDesignCo via Etsy

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    A Magnetic Board

    Magnetic board hanging on wall
    IronandDesign / Etsy

    What will they think of next? This magnetic board keeps your products in plain sight for convenient access. Bonus? The background pattern looks like old-fashioned paper with typewritten words. Magnetic objects easily adhere, and for those non-magnetic items, you can attach small magnets. You also have the option to recreate this board, thanks to magnetic paint and a bit of ingenuity.

    Typewriter Design Framed Magnet Board, $36, IronandDesign via Etsy

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    See-Through Storage

    Clear makeup organizer
    @yenniy / Instagram

    Acrylic makeup organizers are having a moment (The Container Store has some great ones). Frequently appearing on blogs and Instagram feeds, they're clean, classic, and allow you to see those dazzling products instead of putting them away. And you'll be able to see everything you have instead of fumbling through piles or to the bottom of a makeup bag.

    Clear Acrylic Small Makeup Organizer, $13.98, The Container Store

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    Pretty Pencil Cups

    pink and white striped containers holding makeup brushes and lipstick

    This pink striped caddy is adorable, but we can't help but envision pleasant-looking pencil cups serving the same purpose. These days, pencil cups aren't just for your elementary school-aged children. They've evolved into something surprisingly sleek, in right-now patterns and colors meant for grown-ups' desks and beyond. Head to the office section of HomeGoods and get creative or look elsewhere on the PBteen website. We can just see our brushes in this Golden Glam Desk Accessories cup.

    The Emily & Meritt Striped Beauty Cup Caddy, $39, PBteen

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    Candle Jars

    Candle jars filled with beauty products
    Thirteen Thoughts

    You've burned your favorite candles down to the bottom, but the jars are just too nice to throw away. Instead, breathe new life into them and use them as containers for your small beauty products. Cotton swabs, lipsticks, eyelash curlers, trial-sized lotions, eyeshadows—they'll be right at home in your upcycled candle jars. Not sure how to remove the wax? Read these tips from Thirteen Thoughts.

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    Glittery Glass

    Square glass jars with gold glitter bottoms

    It's official. Glitter makes everything better. Especially when it comes to beauty storage. These glass containers dipped in gold glitter just scream, "Glamour!" and will bring luxurious decor to your countertop. These containers are glittered by a pro, but you can always try your hand at it with those old glass vases you have lying around. 

    Makeup Organizer, starting at $8, DecorByMelGDesigns via Etsy

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    Modern Shelving

    Silver geometric shelving unit holding deodorant and perfume

    You can always display your beauty products on a shelf, like the ones that likely came with your bathroom or the standard straight-edge ones you bought from a big-box store. Or you can hang one that'll turn heads, like this small shelving unit featuring geometric shapes. A shelf like this is sure to bring aesthetic intrigue into a space. Think beyond typical shelving and try an avant-garde one instead. It'll make your products look that much more beautiful.

    Hanging Shelf, $42, Ruche