The 7 Best Shower Organizers to Buy in 2018

Shop for the best shower organizers on the market to keep your bathroom tidy

When shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, hair products, razors, loofahs and other bath products threaten to overwhelm your bathroom, a shower organizer can easily tidy things up. All shower organizers should be mold- and rust-resistant, with compartments or shelves that don’t collect water.

The biggest difference between organizers is installation: Some units hang over your showerhead, while some smaller models rely exclusively on suction cups. Still others can be mounted with a tension pole in...MORE the corner of your shower or hung from a shower rod or door. 

Here are the six best options on the market now to help you find the one that’s right for you.

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    Though it costs more than a typical shower organizer, owners say you get what you pay for with the versatile, easy-to-use, durable Simple Human Stainless Steel & Anodized Aluminum Adjustable Shower Caddy.

    Simple Human’s shower caddy attaches to your showerhead with a screw-on clamp. Two suction cups at the bottom help keep it in place. While most over-the-showerhead units don’t require screws, the clamp also makes the unit less likely to sway or tip. Owners say it’s much sturdier than a...MORE typical shower caddy. They also like the storage: There are two shelves that can slide up, down or sideways along the central mount; there’s also a razor holder; an adjustable shelf divider to better secure smaller items; and a soap holder at the bottom. The shelves are easy to move with the twist of a dial, and since they don’t have to stay aligned, sliding them means the caddy can accommodate taller bottles. 

    The caddy fits shower necks from 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter. It’s nearly 28 inches long, while the two shelves are just shy of 13 inches wide and 5 inches deep. For anyone who needs more room, the caddy also comes in a larger version that adjusts to nearly 40 inches long. It also adds some extra shelf space and a washcloth hanger. As its name suggests, Simple Human’s caddy is made of rust-resistant stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and it’s backed with a five-year warranty. Users say it resists most gunky buildup, and can be easily wiped down with regular household cleaners.

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     If you have a shower-stall door and you want to keep your showerhead clutter-free, the well-reviewed InterDesign Metalo caddy lets you put that door to work instead. It comes in three finishes – silver, bronze and satin – and has two integrated hooks that fit over shower doors up to 2 inches thick.

    Worried about an over-the-door organizer that won’t stay put? Reviewers say there are no concerns here – the Metalo has sturdy suction cups at the bottom that help it stay put, even when the shower...MORE door swings open. There are two large baskets and two small ones, and owners love that the middle two baskets can swing over to the side to accommodate tall shampoo bottles in the large basket below. The hooks that hold the caddy on the door also curve up in the back to become a hanger for towels or robes on the dry side of the shower door.

    The Metalo is almost 23 inches long, 10.5 inches wide and just over 8 inches deep. It features a rust-resistant coating that most reviewers say lives up to its billing. A few say it juts out too far into smaller shower stalls, however, so consider other options if you’re pressed for space. 

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    Anyone fighting shower clutter on a tight budget should look at the Misslo Hanging Mesh Pockets Shower Organizer, which earns raves from owners who say it’s a simple, practical way to add storage space in the bathroom.

    Misslo’s organizer comes with three metal hooks so that it can hang on the back of a shower or bathroom door. Users with shower curtains can also secure it using their existing curtain hooks. Reviewers love this versatility, and some say they’ve also used it in campers, laundry...MORE rooms, pantries or other spots that need unobtrusive storage. The organizer has several large pockets that hold a lot: full-size shampoo bottles, body washes, bath toys, electric razors, and more.

    The Misslo organizer is 31 inches long and 15 inches wide. It’s made of a nylon mesh that owners say lets water drain through easily, and the grommets that accommodate the hooks are rust-resistant. It can be machine washed for easy cleaning. Some users caution that the mesh rips too easily, however, especially if the pockets are overloaded. Since the organizer is fabric, it folds easily for travel, and several users say it’s great for tiny cruise cabins.

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    Sometimes you don't have the ability to hang a caddy over your shower head or you just need more storage space and that is when a tension pole caddy is a smart option. This caddy fastens into the corner of your shower much like a shower rod by pushing the opposite sides to the ceiling and base of the shower until secure. 

    This model has four adjustable shelves so plenty of space for all you need in the shower plus one shelf is extra deep for larger bottles. The open-wire design allows water...MORE to flow and dry quickly so you won't get buildup over time. This item has over 2,500 reviews on Amazon and customers love it because it has held up over time and helps keep their shower tidy. 

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    Anyone who wants a thoughtfully designed over-the-showerhead organizer should look at the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Shower Caddy. It earns experts’ seal of approval for value, sturdy build and size and top notch user reviews.

    Like many shower caddies, the OXO hangs from the neck of a showerhead. It has a rubberized hook that is a perfect fit for standard half-inch shower necks. Suction cups toward the bottom of the unit increase stability. Most users say it stays put, but a few complain the...MORE hook slides down their showerhead or the suction cups don’t stick well. They are happier with the two roomy, self-draining shelves. Testers say the unit is a great size for two adults, but note the shelves aren’t adjustable. For most users this isn’t an issue, but some say their showerhead cuts into storage space on the top shelf. The caddy also has a platform for soap and two hooks for razors or hanging sponges or loofahs.

    The OXO shower caddy is about 28 inches long and the shelves are roughly 10 inches wide. The frame is rust-resistant stainless steel, and users can toss the removable shelves in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Most long-term users say they haven’t had rust issues, but OXO’s lifetime satisfaction guarantee should cover anyone who does. 

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    College students or others who need to schlep toiletries to and from the shower need a quick-draining portable shower caddy. Reviewers say the Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy fits the bill.

    This model is made of a quick-dry mesh so it dries quickly eliminating buildup over time. It has eight outer compartments to hold everything from your toothbrush to razor and a generously sized center compartment to hold a few bottles of your favorite shampoo. It comes in five fun colors so they can pick one to suit...MORE their personality and it has a sturdy handle so they can tote it with one hand down the hall easily. 

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    With its unconventional but simple design, the Umbra Bask Shower Caddy is a hanging organizer that can work in almost any shower, users say. Instead of the usual mix of wire or plastic shelves, it features three plastic baskets suspended from a pair or chains.

    Most hanging shower caddies are designed to hang over the showerhead, or over a shower door or curtain rod. The Umbra comes with two rubberized hooks that can be suspended any of those places, or even over a towel bar. The versatility makes...MORE this a particular favorite for users who have oddly spaced shower fixtures or showerheads that are too big or small for hooks. The baskets have suction cups on the back for additional stability. Users say the baskets are easy to clean by rinsing or wiping, and they easily hold even super-sized bottles of shampoo or lotion. One feature some reviewers miss, however, is a soap holder. There also aren’t any hangers for razors, sponges or towels.

    The baskets are made of polypropylene, and they have holes in the bottom to keep water from collecting. The chain is a rust-resistant stainless steel. The caddy is just over 36 inches long fully suspended, and the baskets are about 11 inches wide and 5 inches deep. A few users say they’ve had issues with the chain snapping and caution against overloading the baskets. 

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