The 7 Best Shower Organizers

Shop for the best shower organizers on the market to keep your bathroom tidy

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Our Top Picks
"Popular for its adjustable shelf placement and durability."
"For a budget shower caddy, this model covers all the necessary functions."
"Completely waterproof and features multiple exterior pockets."
"Made of genuine teak wood and has a solid construction."
"Racks on either side of the shower head are convenient and functional."
"Great for small showers where storage space is at a premium."
"Features four tiers of shelving and can tuck into a corner."

Best Overall: simplehuman Stainless Steel & Aluminum Adjustable Shower Caddy

One of our favorite shower organizers also happens to be one of the most adjustable shower caddies on the market. The SimpleHuman Adjustable Shower Caddy is popular for its clean, modern look, adjustable shelf placement, and durability.

A two-part stabilization system keeps this shower organizer locked into place. At the top, a clamp securely fits over a standard shower head pipe with a diameter up to 0.80 inches. You will need a screwdriver to open and close the clamp around the showerhead, but it’s a quick installation. At the bottom, a pair of suction cups stabilize and support the unit so it doesn’t get knocked off balance as you take bottles in and out of the racks.

A stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction means that this unit can stand up to the moisture and humidity common in shower stalls and bathtubs, though an occasional complaint is made regarding the appearance of rust. For the most part, though, users describe this shower organizer as ‘sturdy’ and ‘spa-like’ and most people are highly satisfied with the performance and durability.

The real advantage to the SimpleHuman Adjustable Shower Caddy is the fact that the wire shelves of this shower organizer can be adjusted from side to side and vertically. People find it to be easy to adjust using the dial on the back of the center support for the organizer. What this means in real world terms is that you can configure the shelves to allow for taller bottles of soap or other items that otherwise may not fit in standard shower caddies. 

Best Budget: SALT Shower Caddy

If you just want a simple place to store your shower stuff, a budget shower organizer might be all you need. The SALT Shower Caddie is our top pick and features two wire shelves, including an innovative soap rack.

For about $10, this wire shower caddy can clean up your shower space and give your shampoo bottles, body wash, and soap a secure spot. There is one full-size shelf, and one smaller second tier shelf that shares space with a tilted soap saddle – which helps water drain away from your bar soap. It also includes a hook for washcloths or bath sponges. This organizer is made from coated steel wires to resist rust and corrosion. It slips over the shower head and rests on the water pipe, with a snap ring to help hold it in place.

A few people mention that the organizer slides around due to a lack of suction cups, and one person mentioned that the unit slides down the pipe when moving items around. However, most people find that for a budget shower caddy, this model from SALT covers all the necessary functions. 

Best for College: Bed Bath & Beyond Mesh Shower Tote

College life often means trekking to a shared bathroom for shower time, and the right shower tote can make the process a lot simpler. Instead of grabbing all your gear in your arms and hoping you don’t drop or forget your body wash, razor, hair products and more, load it all into the Bed Bath & Beyond Mesh Shower Tote.

This mesh shower tote is totally waterproof and drains and dries quickly before mold or mildew can set it. It features multiple exterior pockets for bottles of various shapes and sizes, and a larger center section that can easily hold your towel, shower shoes, and more. Users have found this shower organizer to be well-made and roomy enough for all the essentials. The handle also lets you easily hang it over a shower hook, but it’s steady enough to sit on a bench or wide shower shelf.

This mesh shower tote from Bed Bath & Beyond beat out other models of college shower totes thanks to its included waterproof pouch for your phone. Keep your phone dry and protected—but still clearly visible—with the clear, sealed plastic pouch that hangs from the bag’s handle. You could also stash other small essentials in the pocket, like cash or your ID.

Best Wood: AquaTeak Patented Moa Oval Teak Shower Organizer

A wood shower organizer offers a stylish look for your bathroom and is a welcome change from the typical wire shower caddies on the market. If you’re shopping around for the best wood shower caddy, the Moa Oval Teak Shower Organizer from AquaTeak is a popular option to consider.

This shower caddy is made from 100% teak wood that is naturally water-resistant. If you follow the simple recommendations for maintaining it with teak oil, you can expect to enjoy years of good looks and functional style from this wood shower organizer. While teak organizers tend to be more expensive than some other wood options, people point out this model is the real deal with genuine teak wood and solid construction.

While this beautiful organizer is big on style, it keeps things simple when it comes to organization and shelving. It hangs on your shower head and has two shelves, two razor ports, two washcloth hooks, and a small tray to hold your soap.

Best for Handheld Shower Heads: mDesign Metal Wire Bathroom Tub & Shower Caddy for Handheld Shower Heads

Handheld shower heads offer convenience and functionality, but they can be tricky to use with a shower caddy. Most organizers have shelves that interfere with the hose that connects to the showerhead. To solve this dilemma, look for a shower organizer with an open center like the mDesign Bathroom Caddy for Handheld Shower Heads.

The mDesign Bathroom Caddy solves the problems faced by homeowners with a handheld shower by arranging two rows of 3 individual bottle racks on either side of the shower caddy. Underneath these wire bottle racks are a pair of soap dishes and hooks for holding pumice stones, body sponges, razors, and more. This leaves the center section open for the hose of the shower head to hang down freely.

Aside from the fact that it’s compatible with handheld shower heads, what people love most about this shower caddy is that it holds larger bottles easily. You can also place the bottles with the nozzle facing down to ensure quick dispensing of the liquid inside. 

Best Over the Door: iDesign Metalo Over-the-Door Hanging Shower Organizer

An over the door shower organizer is a great choice for small showers where storage space is at a premium. The InterDesign Metalo Shower Caddy easily fits over standard shower doors or a shower wall up to 2 inches thick.

This over-the-door shower organizer will keep your essentials in easy reach with two large and two smaller center wire baskets, which can also swivel to the outside of the caddy frame to give more clearance to larger bottles on the bottom shelf. Two towel hooks hang face the outside of the shower door, which a plus that many users mentioned.

Despite being made of satin-plated wire, rust doesn’t seem to be a concern for users of this over-the-door shower caddy—even after months of use.

Best Corner-Style: Zenna Home Corner Tension Pole Caddy

For a shower caddy that can tuck into a corner, many people like tension pole shower organizers. The Zenna Home Corner Tension Pole Caddy features four tiers of shelving and stays securely in place, thanks to the adjustable height tension system. 

This corner shower organizer has L-shaped shelves instead of the more typical rounded shelving found on other models of corner caddies. People prefer this L-shaped design because they find it holds more and can better accommodate larger bottles. While the shelves don’t include any designated hooks for washcloths, loofahs, etc., most people don’t mind thanks to all the storage space.

When installing the Zenna Home Corner Tension Pole Shower Caddy, make sure that you measure your ceiling height first and compare it to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some people recommend that you try installing the system first before cutting the height of the tension pole, as the instructions may direct you to do.

While many metal shower organizers struggle with corrosion issues, some finishes of this corner shower caddy seem more prone to rust than others. The satin nickel finish seems to fare well, with users had more complaints regarding the durability of the chrome and nickel varieties.

What to Look for in a Shower Organizer

Size If your morning shower routine includes a regimen of products, look for a shower caddy with multiple shelves or storage baskets. This may also be true if you have a large family. On the other hand, if you’re a single person or are looking for a slimmer option, a shower organizer with one or two shelves may be what you need. Also consider whether you like to buy value-sized bottles of body wash or hair products—and if so, look for taller and wider shelves to make sure you have room for these oversized bottles. 

Style Decide whether you’d prefer a hanging, freestanding, or over-the-door shower organizer. Hanging shower organizers are the most common and work well for standard shower fixtures. Freestanding models are good for larger showers but are probably not the right choice for shower and tub combos. There are also over-the-door options, which are great for enclosed showers.

Material Since the bathroom is usually the dampest and most humid room in the house, you’ll want to choose a shower organizer that can stand up to the steamy conditions. Metal is typically subject to corrosion but stainless steel organizers generally maintain their appearance. It’s also not uncommon to see metal wire organizers that have been coated in plastic for durability. If you’re looking for a more natural material, teak wood shower caddies are beautiful and can be long-lasting when properly cared for. Plastic shower organizers are popular, too—just be sure to look for shelves with drainage and be prepared to scrub away soap scum once awhile.

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