20 Shower Storage Ideas for Any Bathroom

Bathroom shower storage ideas

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Your shower may be designed for cleaning, but that doesn't mean it's easy to keep clean and organized. In our haste to suds up, rinse off, and rush out the door, we forget our showers need a little TLC too. The few shelves and ledges in a shower can quickly become crowded and cluttered with frayed loofahs, dull razors, and a never-ending collection of soap. It's not a good look, and it's time to take action and address the growing mess.

Fortunately, this problem isn't yours alone. There are many companies, professional cleaners, home organizers, and more that have developed products and ideas for better shower storage. Here are 20 of our favorite ideas to help you spruce up your shower.

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    Add a Hamper

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    Avoid damp towels tossed on the floor and dirty clothes strewn about by adding a hamper near your shower. Select a pretty hamper to improve your bathroom's decor and style.

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    Make Your Bottles Uniform

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    Shampoo and soap bottlers can be loud and vibrant as a means of catching your eye as you walk down the grocery store aisle, but that same color scheme can be obnoxious in a bathroom. Transfer your soaps into matching bottles to create a clean look in your shower.

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    Put Soaps on the Wall

    Soap dispensers in the shower

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    If you're lacking shelf space in your shower, a sleek alternative to moving your soaps into matching bottles is a mountable soap dispenser. The tinted color of the example here helps the storage solution look minimal and cohesive.

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    Use a Ladder for Towels

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    We've all seen bathrooms with plastic hooks and boring rods in a dated silver finish for hanging towels. If you want a practical and pretty storage solution, consider a petite ladder instead. It's quick, easy, and absolutely gorgeous.

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    Utilize the Windowsill

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    Not every homeowner has a windowsill in their shower, but those who do should make the most of the feature. Be sure to keep your storage minimal on this natural shelf and consider adding a plant or two for aesthetic appeal.

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    Add a Small Stool

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    One way to increase the storage space in your shower while also adding to the design is with a small stool or table. This is a particularly ideal option for bathrooms that include both a tub and shower. Top it off with a small vase or candle.

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    Add a Bathtub Tray

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    Another storage idea for dual bathtub and shower owners is a wooden bathtub tray. While this is especially beneficial for those who like the occasional bubble bath, it is also an adorable decorative addition that'll make your bathroom feel like a spa.

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    Place a Bamboo Shelf by the Shower

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    Depending on the size of your shower, a shower caddy or suction shelf may not be the ideal storage solution. Instead, consider a bamboo shelf just outside the shower, so your towels and soaps are still accessible without crowding the shower itself.

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    Create a Symmetrical Look

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    If you share your bathroom with a partner or child, the clutter can be even more overwhelming. A great option for these individuals is a symmetrical storage solution. The storage solution above is a great example and utilizes the matching soap bottles idea as well.

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    Pick Up a Simple Shower Shelf

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    There are a variety of unique, original ideas for shower storage, but the classics are still around for a reason. For a basic but effective solution to your shower storage needs, swing by your favorite shop for essentials and pick up a simple wire shelf.

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    Add a Sleek Suction Shelf

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    If you find traditional shower shelves unappealing, you'll be happy to hear that many companies have improved upon those all-too-common wire shelves. This modern black shelf, for example, blends seamlessly with the shower design.

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    Add a Shelf Across the Shower Wall

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    Another storage solution for your shower that adds both space and visual appeal is a shelf that spans the shower wall. While this can be a more complex addition, it is certainly worth the time and effort.

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    Install a Couple of Corner Shelves

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    Just a little extra storage space may be all you need to keep your shower neat and tidy. If that's you, a couple of petite corner shelves might be the perfect addition to your shower. They're easy to find, easy to install, and they don't look half bad either!

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    Fit Your Shelf to Your Storage

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    More storage space isn't always better. When you're shopping for an additional shelf or shower caddy, aim to match your storage solution to your storage needs. The option pictured here, for example, has only enough space for shampoo and conditioner, which will help keep clutter to a minimum.

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    Buy a Basic Shower Caddy

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    We've covered a number of clever storage ideas, but perhaps the most well-known solution for a cluttered shower is the classic shower caddy, and for good reason. This option comes with a perfect perch for everything you could need: shampoos and conditioners, soap bars, razors, and more.

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    Use Mesh Nets for Kids Toys

    Bathroom shower storage ideas

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    If you have kids, this tip is for you. Between the rubber duckies, plastic watering cans, and foam letters and numbers, your shower may be full of colorful toys. An easy solution to this problem is a simple mesh net or two.

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    Go Big With a Tension-Mount Shower Caddy

    tension mount shower caddy

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    If you share your shower with multiple family members, a traditional shower caddy or a single suction shelf may not cut it. An alternative idea for those who need ample storage space is a tension-mount shower caddy. This option has plenty of room for the whole family.

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    Add Indented Shelving

    Shelf indentation in a shower

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    For those in need of a more drastic change, and perhaps even an entire remodel, make room for some indented shelving in your shower. While this idea certainly requires more effort than other storage solutions, it will make a stunning (and functional) addition to your shower space.

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    Pick Out a Cute Bench

    Bench in a shower stall

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    If you're not a fan of the classic shower caddy, what about a petite bench? This is a less common, but just as effective, storage solution that also adds some visual interest. This wooden option, for instance, adds a pop of natural color in a neutral shower.

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    Install a Towel Rack Inside the Shower

    Towel rack inside shower

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    If all you need is more space for towel storage, consider installing a towel rack inside your shower enclosure. This is another ideal option for showers used by multiple family members and will help you avoid damp towels tossed on the floor.