Showers & Tubs

Whether you're installing a new shower and bathtub, refinishing what you have, or repairing leaks or cracks, we've got expert tips to get the job done.
Pulled out view of porcelain shower wall tile
10 Best Materials for Shower Walls
Running shower head with filter attached on neck arm
How to Install a Shower Filter
Replacing a Bathtub
How to Replace a Bathtub
Caulk being added between shower wall and pan between painter's tape
How to Caulk a Shower
Removing Tile Before Removing Bathtub
How to Remove a Bathtub
Modern domestic bathroom with window in shower
How to Waterproof a Window in a Shower
Middle faucet handle being turned in bathtub
How to Replace a Bathtub Faucet
Cast Iron Bathtub
How to Remove a Cast Iron Tub
Exposed shower valve with new cartridge held in front
How to Replace a Shower Valve Cartridge
Gray Bathtub
Can You Paint a Bathtub?
Shower Tile
How to Tile a Shower
Glass doors surrounding tub and shower next to light-filled window
What to Know About Standard Shower Sizes
Front view of using a caulking gun on a countertop
The Best Caulking Tips to Get Professional Results
trip-lever bathtub drain stopper
How to Fix a Sticky Trip-Lever Bathtub Drain Stopper
Water surrounding shower drain closeup
How to Install a Shower Drain
Moen pressure-balanced shower valve held in front of exposed shower valve stem
How to Fix a Moen Pressure-Balanced Shower Valve
A workman tiling a shower
How to Remodel a Shower Stall With Tile
Shower head with leaking water
How to Fix a Leaking Showerhead
How to Increase Your Low Shower Pressure
How to Increase Your Low Shower Pressure
Bathtub with water in it
Bathtub Refinishing vs. Tub Liners: Which Is Best?
Walk-in shower with shower head and faucet handle installed on marble wall
How to Build a Shower
Plunger laying next to bathrub drain for unclogging
How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain With a Plunger
Refinished bathtub with white ceramic wall tiles decorated with plants and bath items
How to Refinish a Bathtub With a DIY Kit
Glass bath screen door next to wood and white covered vanity in dark blue tiled bathroom
6 Basic Shower Door Styles and How to Choose One
Dirty stainless steel bath shower drain in modern style plumbers fixtures and monkey wrench
How to Remove a Tub Drain
Bathtub overflow tube and faceplate being removed for leaks
How to Fix a Leaky Bathtub Overflow Tube
Drain snake inserted into clogged shower drain
How to Clear a Clogged Shower Drain With a Drain Snake
person using caulk
How to Choose Caulk and Sealant for Every Home Project
Shower Tile
Grout Sealer: Basics and Application Guide
glass shower door
Exploding Glass Shower Doors
Remodeling a bathroom
Before You Buy a Tub Surround
Installed shower surround with toiletries on shelf and hand turning shower handle
How to Install a Direct-to-Stud Tub or Shower Surround
Motorized drain snake inserted into bathtub's overflow drain
How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain Using a Snake
Installed shower base with building materials on top
How to Install a Shower Pan in Your Bathroom
Converted shower with open sliding glass doors
How to Replace a Bathtub With a Shower
Glass shower door in white marbled bathroom with white tub and large window
Guide to Shower Door Opening Sizes
Close-up of a shower head in the bathroom
Fixing a Leaking Shower Arm
Cleaning with Pressure washer
How to Clean a Bathtub or Shower With a Pressure Washer
tile backer board installed in the bathroom
Best Cement Boards for the Shower
Old caulk being removed with caulk removal scraper
How to Remove Old Caulk From a Tub, Shower, or Sink
White bath tub with folded towels hanging over edge
5 Common Materials Used in Bathtubs
A clawfoot tub with a beautiful, clean finish
4 Solutions to Bathtub Reglazing Problems
Surround panels installed around bath tub
How to Install Tub or Shower Surround Panels With Adhesive
Shower with natural stone
Can You Use Natural Stone in a Shower?
Alcove bathtub
Bathtub and Shower Liners: What to Know Before You Buy
Modern Bathroom and Shower
How to Fix a Shower Pan That Flexes or Moves
Light blue epoxy paint applied to shower walls
How to Renew a Shower With Epoxy Paint
Shower head being installed on shower arm with thread-sealing tape
How to Change a Showerhead
Man using caulking gun, close-up
How to Caulk Shower and Bathtub Trim
Six different types of drain stoppers lined on edge of tub
How to Remove 6 Different Kinds of Drain Stoppers
Master bathroom with ceramic shower and tub
How to Repair a Fiberglass Shower
Handheld shower with running water on shower arm
How to Install a Handheld Showerhead
Toe-Touch drain stopper being pushed down in bathtub
How to Install a Stopper Drain Fitting in a Bathtub
Modern Shower With Tiled Pan
How to Build a DIY Shower Pan
Free standing bath with taps running
How to Replace a Bathtub Waste-and-Overflow Tube
Modern bathroom
How to Remove and Replace a Moen Shower Handle
Alcove Bathtub
4 Different Types of Bathtubs and How to Choose One
Orange dripless caulk gun adding caulk to edge of bathtub
How to Use a Dripless Caulk Gun
Large bathroom with white marbled stand-in shower and glass doors
10 Different Types of Showers and How to Choose One
Shower Stall
How to Easily Repair Shower Stalls and Bathtubs

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