Shrink Plastic Crafts

How to Use Shrinkable Plastic to Make Crafts

I remember making projects with shrink plastic when I was young and now have a new appreciation for it as an adult. If you aren't familiar with shrink plastic, it is a plastic sheet that can be decorated and then shrunk. Depending on the brand or kind of plastic you use, the finished project can be more 30% to 50% smaller than the original and about 9 times thicker.

A popular brand of shrink plastic is called Shrinky Dinks. They offer a variety of craft kits (compare prices) you can try. You...MORE can also buy a variety of types and colors of shrink plastic you can use for your own projects (compare prices). In some instances, you can also use plastic you have at home to make your own shrink plastic crafts.

I hope you enjoy experimenting with shrink plastic by making one or more of these crafts. 

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    Shrink Plastic American Flag Pin
    Shrink Plastic American Flag Pin.

    Follow these simple directions and you can make an American flag pin using shrink plastic and my printable template.

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    Artwork Charm Necklace
    Artwork Charm Necklace.

    Learn how you can use shrink plastic to make charms out of your child or grandchild's artwork. This is a fun and unique way to show off your young artist's masterpieces.

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    Baby Footprint Keychain

    Baby Footprint Keychain
    Baby Footprint Keychain.

    Use shrink plastic to create a keychain charm using a set of baby's footprints.

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    Butterfly Sun Catcher
    Butterfly Sun Catcher.

    Follow these instructions and you can learn how to make a butterfly-shaped sun catcher using shrink plastic and a chenille stem.

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    Cupcake Earrings

    Shrink Plastic Cupcake Earrings
    Shrink Plastic Cupcake Earrings.

    Follow these instructions to learn how you can make a pair of adorable earrings that look like tiny cupcakes.

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    How to Make Shrink Plastic
    How to Make Shrink Plastic.

    Next time you want to make one or more of these shrink plastic crafts and you don't have any shrink plastic on hand, read through this tutorial and learn how to make your own shrink plastic.

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    Personalized Pet Tags

    Personalized Pet Tags
    Personalized Pet Tags.

    Not only will you find directions for making fun pet tags on this project sheet, you can also download four printable patterns you can personalize for your pet.

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    Washer Necklace Craft

    Washer Necklace Craft
    Washer Necklace Craft.

    Learn how easy it is to create fashionable jewelry using shrink plastic, ribbon or cording, and a pony bead. You can even use my printable templates.