Shrubs and hedges make great privacy plants, border plants, or add height and greenery to a landscape. These woody perennials come in many varieties.
Witch hazel shrub with long twisted branches with yellow spidery blooms
How to Grow Witch Hazel
Arabian jasmine shrub with white flower surrounded by dark green oval leaves closeup
How to Grow Arabian Jasmine
Chokecherry shrub branches with bright and dark red cherries hanging between rounded leaves
How to Grow Chokecherries
Pink lemonade blueberries in a garden
How to Grow Pink Lemonade Blueberry Shrubs
Hydrangea quercifolia ' Ruby Slippers'
A Perfect Plant for Small Spaces: Ruby Slippers Hydrangea
Common honeysuckle plant with tubular pink, yellow and orange flowers on vine-like branches
How to Grow Common Honeysuckle
Tahitian gardenia (Gardenia taitensis)
13 Popular Varieties of Gardenia You'll Want for Your Garden
Hydrangea foliage
Why My Hydrangea Is Not Blooming and How to Fix It
privacy hedges
Fill in a Bare Landscape Fast With These Quick-Growing Shrubs
white spirea
Top 11 Heat Tolerant Shrubs
Dwarf evergreen trees in middle of garden with fuchsia, red and green bushes
Use Dwarf Evergreens to Give Your Garden Structure
Duranta plant with violet flower clusters and buds on branch in sunlight
Duranta Plant: Care and Growing Guide
Tea Olive in bloom, white waxy blossoms and dark green glossy leaves
Tea Olive Plant Profile
broom plant
Broom Plants: Care & Growing Guide
Mistletoe plants hanging from tree branches in ball-shape forms
How to Grow and Care for Mistletoe Plants
Bloomstruck hydrangea plant with bright pink flower clusters on end of stem and veined leaves
Grow Bloomstruck Hydrangea for Flowers Throughout the Summer
European fan palm
How to Grow the European Fan Palm
sweet mock orange
10 Best Shrubs With White Flowers
hedges along a paver
The Best Plants to Use for Beautiful Living Wall Landscaping
Russian sage
10 Best Deer-Resistant Shrubs for Landscaping
Witch hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia 'Aurora') flowers in yellow and orange.
10 Great Shrubs With Lots of Pop and Little Fuss
Hydrangea shrub with large cluster of pink flowers in garden
How to Grow Hydrangeas From Stem Cuttings
rhododendron shrub
25 Recommended Flowering Bushes for Your Landscape
illustration of shrubs with purple leaves
9 Great Trees and Shrubs With Purple Leaves
closeup of Rhus Sumac
North American Sumacs You Should Know About
viburnum shrub
Shrubs That Thrive in Part Shade to Full Shade
Add White Flowers to Your Garden With a Serviceberry Tree or Shrub
Oriental spruce tree with pine cones hanging from branches against blue sky
12 Great Spruce Tree and Shrub Types for Your Landscape
weeping willow tree
12 Willow Trees and Shrubs to Consider for Your Landscape
white magnolia flower
Magnolias Produce Gorgeous Blooms in Early Spring
Juniper tree
Junipers Are Excellent Evergreens for Dry, Sunny Locations
Common winterberry shrub with small scarlet berries on branches with narrow leaves in wooded area
Learn about 18 Common Species of Holly
Brugmansia: A Great Tropical Plant for a Garden or Patio
Purple leaf sand cherry tree with pink flowers in rows
For a Shrub with Purple Leaves, Try the Purple Leaf Sand Cherry
bridal wreath spirea
Create a Landscape Celebration With Bridal Wreath Spirea
emerald n gold euonymus
8 Best Small Evergreen Shrubs
Miss Kim lilac (Syringa pubescens -- subsp. patula)
How to Perfume a Smaller Yard With Miss Kim Lilacs
closeup of rose of sharon
How to Grow and Care for Rose of Sharon
Red twig dogwood shrub with light red branches leaning toward water
Red Twig Dogwoods Add Winter Color to Your Landscape
mock orange shrub
How to Grow and Care for Mock Orange
variety of holly shrub
Best Choices for Those Hard-to-Plant Areas
Hardy hibiscus
Discover 12 Colorful Shrubs to Enhance Your Garden
Privet hedge in front of building and tree branches
How to Grow Privet
lantana flowers
How to Properly Care for Lantana Plants
Magnolia 'Jane' shrub branch with large pink and white flowers and buds
Get to Know the Beautiful Magnolia 'Jane'
Emerald green arborvitae trees alongside brick pathway and white and blue building
Growing 'Emerald Green' Arborvitae in the Landscape
flowering quince
How to Grow Flowering Quince Shrubs
white rhododendron variety
7 Types of Azaleas and Rhododendrons to Consider for Your Landscape
Couple planting tree
How to Transplant Trees and Shrubs
Mountain laurel shrub with white flowers
How to Grow Flowering, Evergreen Mountain Laurel Shrubs
evergreen trees used as privacy screens
Discover 10 Excellent Evergreens Hedges to Increase Your Privacy
tropical hibiscus flowers
How to Get Continuous Blooms With Tropical Hibiscus
limelight hydrangeas
Limelight Hydrangea Plant Profile
Angel's trumpet bush with fragrant light pink flower closeup
10 Best Fragrant Shrubs to Grow in Your Yard
caryopteris flowers
Best Shrubs With Purple Flowers for That Royal Touch
Lavender plant with purple flowers closeup
Enjoy Blue and Lavender Blooms With These 10 Bushes
yellow flower on a shrub
Brighten Your Yard With These Yellow Flowering Shrubs
red azaleas
Best Shrubs With Red or Orange Flowers
Rose of sharon shrub with pink flowers closeup
Fabulous Pink Flowering Shrubs to Spruce Up Your Garden
azalea shrubs
What Are the Best Landscaping Shrubs for Your Yard?