Shrubs and hedges make great privacy plants, border plants, or add height and greenery to a landscape. These woody perennials come in many varieties.
Ficus carica ‘Chicago Hardy’
How to Grow and Care for Chicago Hardy Fig
Foliage and berries of jostaberry plant.
How to Grow and Care for Jostaberry Bushes
Fatsia japonica ‘Spider Web’ plant
How to Grow and Care for Fatsia Spider Web
Beautiful Hydrangea Serrata Juno Flowers Background, Pink And Green Color
How to Grow Hydrangea Serrata (Mountain Hydrangea)
Early blooms of the pistachio hydrangea
How to Grow and Care for Pistachio Hydrangeas
Buttonbush plant with white spiky flowers and globe-shaped bud on stem
How to Grow and Care for Buttonbush
texas mountain laurel bee
How to Grow and Care for Texas Mountain Laurel
Mexican heather plant with tiny white flowers on dense stems
How to Grow and Care for Mexican Heather
Japanese camellia shrub with large pink flower clusters and large leaves
Camellia Japonica: How to Grow and Care for Japanese Camellia
Carolina Allspice plant with dark red flowers surrounded by waxy leaves
How to Grow and Care for Carolina Allspice
Firethorn shrub with clusters of orange-red berries hanging from branches
How to Grow and Care for Firethorn
Hollyhock shrub with tall stalks with buds and bright pink flowers in garden
How to Grow and Care for Hollyhock (Alcea)
Common hollyhock shrub with thin flower stalks with buds and deep pink flowers
How to Grow Common Hollyhock (Alcea Rosea)
Close up of the leaves of the Gympie-Gympie (Dendrocnide moroides)
How to Identify and Remove Gympie-Gympie
Yellow bell plants with bright yellow trumpet-shaped flowers clustered on branch
How to Grow and Care for Yellow Bells (Tecoma stans)
Fairy duster plant with feathery red flower ball on thin stem closeup
How to Grow & Care for Calliandra eriophylla (Fairy Dusters)
Witch hazel shrub with long twisted branches with yellow spidery blooms
How to Grow Witch Hazel
Arabian jasmine shrub with white flower surrounded by dark green oval leaves closeup
How to Grow Arabian Jasmine
Blackthorn tree branch with small white blooms closeup
How to Grow and Care for Blackthorn
Chokecherry shrub branches with bright and dark red cherries hanging between rounded leaves
How to Grow Chokecherries
Pink lemonade blueberries in a garden
How to Grow and Care for Pink Lemonade Blueberry Shrubs
Hydrangea quercifolia ' Ruby Slippers'
How to Grow and Care for Ruby Slippers Hydrangeas
Common honeysuckle plant with tubular pink, yellow and orange flowers on vine-like branches
How to Grow and Care for Common Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum)
Gardenia shrub with white ruffled flower and leaves in sunlight
13 Popular Gardenia Varieties
Cherokee rose bush with large white flowers on branches
How to Grow Cherokee Roses
Kousa eurostar dogwood tree branches with white flowers
How to Grow Kousa Dogwood (Cornus Kousa)
Hydrangea shrub with serrated edges on veined leaves clustered on branches
8 Reasons Why Your Hydrangea Is Not Blooming
privacy hedges
17 Fast-Growing Shrubs for Privacy
white spirea
11 Best Heat Tolerant Shrubs
Dwarf evergreen trees in middle of garden with fuchsia, red and green bushes
Creating Four Season Interest With Dwarf Evergreens
Duranta plant with violet flower clusters and buds on branch in sunlight
How to Grow and Care for Duranta Plant (Golden Dewdrops)
Dark purple blackberry fruit held in hand next to blackberry plant with light green and red fruit
Blackberry Plant Profile
Tea olive shrub with clusters of tiny white flowers on long branches
How to Grow and Care for Tea Olive Shrubs
creeping myrtle
Best Evergreen Flowering Plants to Grow
broom plant
How to Grow and Care for Broom Plants
Mistletoe plants hanging from tree branches in ball-shape forms
How to Grow and Care for Mistletoe
Bloomstruck hydrangea plant with bright pink flower clusters on end of stem and veined leaves
How to Grow and Care for BloomStruck Hydrangea
European fan palm
How to Grow and Care for European Fan Palm
white hydrangea shrub
How to Prune Hydrangeas
Lilac bush with light pink flower clusters on spike next to large leaves
How to Prune Lilac Bushes
sweet mock orange
10 Recommended Shrubs With White Flowers
hedges along a paver
15 Best Evergreen and Flowering Shrubs for Hedges
Russian sage
10 Best Deer-Resistant Shrubs for Landscaping
Harry Lauder's walking stick shrub with dense sprawling branches
10 Shrubs That Offer Low Maintenance
Hydrangea shrub with large cluster of pink flowers in garden
How to Grow Hydrangeas From Stem Cuttings in Soil
rhododendron shrub
25 Recommended Flowering Bushes for Your Landscape
Crabapple tree with bright pink blooms in front of wooded area
9 Ornamental Trees and Shrubs With Purple Leaves
closeup of Rhus Sumac
12 North American Sumac Trees and Shrubs
viburnum shrub
29 Shrubs That Grow in Full or Partial Shade
9 Recommended Species of Serviceberry Trees and Shrubs
Oriental spruce tree with pine cones hanging from branches against blue sky
12 Spruce Tree and Shrub Types
weeping willow tree
12 Common Species of Willow Trees and Shrubs
white magnolia flower
12 Popular Types of Magnolia Trees and Shrubs
Juniper tree
12 Types of Juniper in Native and Landscaped Habitats
Common winterberry shrub with small scarlet berries on branches with narrow leaves in wooded area
18 Types of Holly Plants
How to Grow and Care for Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet)
Purple leaf sand cherry tree with pink flowers in rows
How to Grow and Care for Purple Leaf Sand Cherry
Shrub of spiraea prunifolia or bridalwreath spirea
How to Grow and Care for Bridal Wreath Spirea
emerald n gold euonymus
8 Best Small Evergreen Shrubs
Miss Kim lilac (Syringa pubescens -- subsp. patula)
How to Grow and Care for 'Miss Kim' Lilac