Telltale Signs You're A Mom (Based On Your Home Design)

Coziness and connection are common themes

family room with toys scattered about

Westend61 / Getty Images

Motherhood—in all stages, emotions, and variations of mess—is beautiful, and stepping into the home of a mother feels unexplainably different. There is often something homey, pure, and unapologetically real that can be felt when you open the door of a mother’s house.

From the pictures on the walls to the furniture in the living room, here are six telltale signs you’re a mom, based on your home.

1. Your Décor Exudes Warmth

When someone steps foot into your house, they are immediately welcomed with feelings of acceptance, safety, and care. This is unconscious to the guest(s), and perhaps something you’re not even aware of.

As a mother, your door (and your heart) are always open. You are always thinking of others, what they need, and how you can create spaces that feel both welcoming and open.

Perhaps without even thinking, you have decorated the mantle with framed pictures of loved ones, ordered soft couches and sofa chairs, and outfitted the living space with cozy blankets. You might have already started putting together a home-cooked meal upon your guests’ arrival and poured cups of coffee while striking up a conversation about so-and-so’s latest news.

Your décor exudes warmth and comfort, just as your voice, your mannerisms, and your selfless behaviors welcome your guests with open arms.

2.  Comfort Can Be Found in Every Room

One of the telltale signs you’re a mom is that you focus on comfort above anything else. You have swapped designer armchairs for cozy recliners, exquisite art for your child’s finger paintings, and a fancy table for the dented roundtable that has been in your family for years.

To you, it’s not about keeping up appearances. In fact, those things don’t even cross your mind. You are far more focused on celebrating time together, embracing the people around you, and living in the moment. The trends, the to-do lists, and even the mess can wait.

3.  Connection Is Prioritized Over Cleanliness

You are a mom. This means your life is always pulled in three hundred directions. You are constantly dancing between work, household chores, and play. You are often tired, yet you find a way to move forward because this is what motherhood asks of you. And you wouldn’t change a thing.

When someone walks into your space, they don’t see cleanliness. They don’t see dishes and cups perfectly placed in cabinets and countertops that have been wiped clean. Instead, they see piles of shoes at the door, dirt-smudged by the back staircase, and dog hair nestled in the crevices of the couch. They see fingerprints on the glass windows and crumbs from last night’s dinner still under the table.

They see mess, yes. But what they feel is love—real love.

4.  The Evidence of Your Children Is Everywhere

Perhaps one of the biggest telltale signs you’re a mom is that the evidence of your children is everywhere—from the second someone opens your front door. There are pictures and homework papers on the table, toys like little landmines on the carpet, and alphabet letter magnets stuck to the fridge. There are sippy cups in every corner, or, if you have teenagers, laundry piled next to the hamper instead of inside.

In fact, your home is probably designed with your children in mind. Playrooms on the first floor, baby gates protecting the crawling toddler from reaching the stairs, or a ‘den’ for the rebellious tween to play video games with his friends.

As a mama, the evidence of your children is everywhere. Your home, undoubtedly, screams "I am a mom.” And, even if you don’t feel that it is as ‘pretty’ or as ‘put together’ as someone else’s house, it is embraced and appreciated because it is uniquely yours.

5.  There Are Definite Signs of Life

In a mother’s house, you will never open the door and wonder whether or not people live there. You will never wander through the rooms and question how everything is so perfectly kept and organized. And you will probably never take a deep, slow breath soaking in the pure silence.

Instead, you will chuckle at the unfinished projects in every room. You will smile with understanding at the laundry almost piled to the ceiling. And you will recognize the cacophony of sounds—the teenager’s techno upstairs, the baby’s white noise machine, the father’s jazz from the garage, and the radio playing softly in the kitchen.

A mother’s home will always have signs of life.

6.  You Are Always Apologizing but Always Accepted as You Are

If you are a mom, you probably invited guests over and shook your head at the mess. You might have tried to shove a few toys in a hall closet as you walked by. And you likely apologized profusely to your guest(s) about the way things look while pouring them a tall glass of wine.

Chances are, you’ve been embarrassed about the state of your home. But the truth is, the people you invite over love you for who you are—mess and all. They don’t judge you for the things that are ‘out of place.’ They don’t see the crumbs or dirt as something to be ashamed of, but rather something to celebrate because they show you’re too busy living life to worry about how ‘perfect’ everything is to someone else.

The people who love you will smile, laugh, and pour you a glass of wine while wiping down the countertop. The right people will embrace one of the most beautiful things about you—your motherhood—and never ask you to apologize for being exactly who you are.