Silly Party Games Kids Love Playing Together

Pie Face Showdown Game
Hasbro / Amazon

There are so many silly family party games that kids love playing together. These simple, goofy games make both children and adults laugh and giggle with so much excitement, they want to play them over and over again. Many of these fun party games have simple rules and do not involve complicated actions or to much reading, which is why young children love them.

What makes these games so fun and silly, is the level of surprise and spontaneity as players race to compete against another player...MORE hoping to not be the player who gets water sprayed in their face or shaving cream launched on their nose first!

Many of these fun games are also less than $20, making them a great investment for added fun at a child's birthday party or a family game night.

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    Toilet Trouble Hasbro

    You better believe that you can actually score points by placing your face in a tiny toy toilet bowl. In Toilet Trouble, players spin the toilet paper roll, place their face in front of the toilet bowl, then push down on the handle 1, 2 or 3 times. If water does not launch up into their face first they win. We all know kids will love the thrill of being splashed by "toilet water." 

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    Happy Salmon Card Game
    North Star Games

    Happy Salmon is a chaotic 1 minute game of gestures. It is the perfect card game for family gatherings and large groups. First, players learn 4 basic actions that include a fist bump, high five, how to switch places with another player and the signature Happy Salmon move. During the game, players call out their card in hopes of finding another player looking to complete the same action. They perform the action with the other player, then discard. The first player to play all their 4 cards first,...MORE wins. Little kids love Happy Salmon. It's a way they can score points and win, all for being loud and persistent! 

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    Pie Face Game hasbro

    Pie Face is one of the first games to really popularize this category of silly and goofy party games. Players place a small amount of whipped cream on the game hand, then spin the spinner and wait to see which number receive. They will turn the dial 1, 2 or 3 times in a row, hoping that the hand does not launch whipped cream into their face. 

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    Pie Face Showdown Game
    Hasbro / Amazon

    Pie Face Showdown turned the original Pie Face game into a head-to-head competition. This game includes a wand where whipped cream is placed, but it involves 2 players. Players position their head inside the photo card, then push the button as fast as they can, hoping the other player gets whipped creamed instead of them.

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    Speak Out Kids Versus Parents

    Speak Out Kids Vs. Parents is the family version of the original Speak Out Party Game. Players insert plastic mouthguards into their mouth, which will muffle their spoken words. Players then read a phrase on a card while wearing the mouthpiece. Other players do their best to guess as many phrases as possible in 1 minute. Speak Out Kids Vs. Parents is perfect for young players, because it includes both adult and child-size mouth guards. 

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    Blast Box Game

    In Blast Box, players enlist the help of adults to blow up 3 small balloons and place them under the box. Using a plastic hammer and nails, in conjunction with a spinning dial, on their turn players could tap in up to 3 "nails," hoping the balloon does not pop on their turn.

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    Pop the Pig Game
    Goliath Games

    Party games can be silly and even educational for little kids! Roll the dice, then feed the pig the burger of the corresponding color. After he is fed, push his head 3 times to inflate his belly. Do not be the player to burst the pig's belly on your turn or you will lose! Such a fun and silly way for kids to learn about color matching and simple math.

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    Dr. Eureka Game
    Blue Orange Games

    Got a scientist on your hand? With Dr. Eureka, players receive 3 test tubes of marbles and a challenge card. Their goal is to plan ahead and use logic to maneuver one marble from one test tube to another, without using their hands, to get their test tubes to match the challenge card first. This quick-paced game can be played is great for tweens. It can be enjoyed in teams or even alone, as players try to quickly solve the problem and race the clock. 

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    Disney Hedbanz Game

    Hedbanz is a family party game that has been popular for many years. Each player wears a headband, with a card on it they are not able to see. On their turn, they need to ask players questions to help them narrow down what their card might be, before the timer runs out. The original game includes basic categories like types of foods and animals. However, there are many themed Hedbanz games featuring Marvel characters, Disney characters, Shopkins and Pokemon

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    Gas Out Game

    Little kids love burping and farting. It's just the way it is, so for those who embrace that concept, meet Gas Out. In the Gas Out game, kids place Guster the Gas Cloud on the center of the table. Players receive number cards, which in turn they need to push Guster the Gas Cloud. If Guster farts, they are out. Other cards can also alter game play, such as skipping a turn, reversing, etc.

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    Flickin Chicken Game
    Haywire Group

    For the first time ever, players can throw plastic chickens at a target and score points. Flickin' Chicken can be played indoor or outdoors, and game play is similar to bocce. Throw the target and be the first to flick the chicken closest to it to win.

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    Pop Up Pirate Game

    Pop Up Pirate is the perfect game for preschoolers who are just learning to take turns and who are not able to read. The idea is simple, push the pirate into the middle of the barrel. Take turns placing swords into the vertical slots on the barrel. Do not be the person to pop the pirate out of the barrel or you lose. While pirates are super fun, there is also a Minions themed version of this game, too.

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    Wet Head Game from Zing Toys
    Zing / Amazon

    Wet Head is a water game where players put on a yellow construction hat. A little bit of water is inserted into the blue piece at the top of the hat. Players take turns wearing the hat and turning one of the red dowels, hoping that it does not release all the water from the container, sending it dripping onto their face. 

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    Fantastic Gymnastics Game

    Fantastic Gymnastics looks simple, but who will be the first to make the gymnast stick the perfect landing? Use the buttons to swing the gymnast around the parallel bars, which is harder than you think. Then push the release button to see if the gymnasts make the best landing, scoring the most points. This is a great single player game and party game, too.

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    Wobbly Worm Game

    With Wobbly Worm, with this ring toss game, players use 3 rings of the same color to try and place all their rings on top of the worm first. The height of the worm is adjustable, up to 3 feet, and the base is able to spin and move, making it harder to play for older children.