Make Buyers Swoon With These Simple Bathroom Upgrades

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    Create a Bathroom that Buyers Have to See Again

    Make your bathroom "swoon worthy" to potential buyers. Getty Images

    When buyers tour home's for sale, they take a close look at the bathrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most important rooms to consider staging when trying to sell your home. Updating your bathroom is one of the best ways to boost your home’s resale value and appeal to buyers at the same time. If you are planning to move soon, a renovation might return a higher investment (ROI) value or a quicker sale while making it more practical and livable for you. To help you, we have listed important tips to keep in mind when considering bathroom upgrades.  ​

    Evaluate Your Existing Bathroom

    Whether your bathroom upgrade involves minor fix ups or is a major renovation, it’s important to document your ideas and create a renovation plan and a budget. Group your ideas into must-haves – such as repairs and upgrading areas of the bathroom for safety. Also, make a list of  “wants” such as replacing cosmetic details. Details such as upgrading finishes, flooring, plumbing fixtures and cabinet door pulls. Take time to browse through your favorite home lifestyle websites that feature bathroom ideas, and tour model homes and showrooms to gather more inspiration. 


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    Neutral Color Bathrooms will Attract Buyers Quicker

    Neutral colors will appeal to a wider range of buyers. Getty Images

    Seek the Help of a Professional Designer or Contractor

    Even if you are going to tackle the remodel by yourself, make sure to consult an expert especially for jobs like plumbing and wiring. Professionals know what your budget can accommodate, and will provide proper guidance on how to save and where to splurge. Moreover, you can be sure of not falling into the pit of costly mistakes. If you are on a tight budget look to trusted resources such as Bathrooms - to help you with do-it-yourself tricks that could help you save! 

    Choose a Neutral Color Palette

    When staging your bathroom, not everyone has the same taste in colors and patterns. When decorating and renovating your bathroom use removable decorative items such as rugs, towels, and other accessories. When choosing permanent fixtures use neutral colors like neutral tans, light greens or yellows are ideal for bathrooms as they relate to nature and can make us feel calmed. Remember every color of the spectrum has a neutral version of it. Gray or white added in saturation to any color can create a neutral version, so don’t think neutral means just white or beige! 

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    The Right Bathroom Lighting can Transform the Space

    Bring in plenty of lighting sources for a beautiful bathroom. Getty Images

    Ensure Your Bathroom Lighting is Ideal

    Just like outdoor lighting, indoor lighting can transform a space. Of all the rooms in your home, your bathroom where you bathe, groom, refresh and end your day is where homebuyers will look for good lighting. If required, add more options around the vanity to reduce glare and shadows. Lighting sconces, pendant lighting, and overhead ambient lighting fixtures should provide ample variety of lighting. Look to fixtures that fit the decor of your interiors and enhance your bathroom’s appeal. 

    Add Eco-friendly Upgrades to Your Bathroom

    These days buyers want to save energy while saving money over time and choosing eco-friendly bathroom options can help. When upgrading your bath, consider replacing flooring and counter tops with eco-friendly materials like concrete, forestry-certified wood that is pressure treated for moisture, and uses reclaimed products when possible. Try replacing bathroom windows with new energy efficient ones, and using water-efficient plumbing fixtures. 

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    Bathroom Storage is a Hot Commodity for Buyers

    Bathroom storage is essential for homebuyers. Getty Images

    Provide Plenty of Storage Space

    Bathroom storage space is a hot commodity for buyers looking for homes. If your bathroom doesn't provide enough, invest in well-made bathroom cabinets or shelving. If you have the luxury of adding vertical storage space, consider having a cabinetry build up to the ceiling. 

    Add Luxury Details Throughout Your Bathroom

    If the budget allows, consider adding a few luxurious amenities to your bathroom. Heater exhaust fans and radiant heat floor mats can be positioned as a great luxury attraction to the buyers. Similarly, hand showers, quality robe hooks, and spa jets can be inviting and can add value to your bathroom.

    Although buyers look at a property in its entirety before making a decision, your bathroom could seal the deal! When considering bathroom upgrades for the purpose of resale make sure it exudes a clean, comfortable, and tranquil ambiance that will let buyers fall in love with your home instantly.