23 Ways to Create a More Colorful Nursery

Aqua nursery with colorful accents

Project Nursery.

If you’ve never worked with color, the nursery is the perfect place to start!

There’s a good reason why kid’s rooms and color go hand in hand. Color can play an important role in your baby’s development, stimulating the brain and creating important nerve cell connections. Your nursery palette can also have a profound psychological effect on your little one. Bright colors, like yellow and orange, elicit feelings of happiness and wellbeing. They can even enhance communication skills and encourage more productive play by inspiring your child’s natural curiosity. In other words, color is more than beautiful; it’s beneficial too!

Want to bring a little color into your little one’s life? Whether you’re considering a bold accent hue or dreaming in all-out, Oz-inspired Technicolor, these colorful nurseries may offer just the inspiration you need.

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    Clean Contrast

    White nursery with bright, colored accents

    A little bit of color can go a long way. In this simple all-white space posted to LiveJournal by Nicety, colorful accessories play a starring role. Vibrant hues glow against a crisp, white backdrop, creating a clean and contemporary effect that’s anything but dull.  

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    Bold Neutrals

    Black and white nursery with colorful rainbow accents
    Chic and Cheap Nursery

    Want to amp up the drama? Introduce a dark neutral, like black or navy blue.

    As with white and other light neutrals, black, or near black, provides a clean contrast, making colors look richer and brighter. Use a matte finish to add a contrasting textural dimension, or opt for chalkboard paint, and let your kiddos create there own colorful work of art. 

    This “sun shower” inspired baby room, featured on Chic and Cheap Nursery, makes a bold statement with its dark charcoal walls and rainbow bright accessories. 

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    Pastel Bright

    Colorful nursery with aqua walls and orange and yellow accents
    Make Bake Love

    Yellow, orange and red accessories pop off the walls in this pale aqua nursery spotted on Make Bake Love, creating a bright and sunny effect. The pairing is playful and unexpected and provides a softer contrast than stark black or white. 

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    Palette-Boosting Pattern

    Colorful twin nursery with dark walls and bright accents
    Project Nursery

    A vibrant pattern or print, like the bold animal print at the center of this a charming twin nursery featured on Project Nursery, is an excellent way to inject color into your design.

    Once you’ve found a print you love, pull two or three shades from the piece to use as your primary accent colors throughout the room. You can still boast a rainbow of color, but your design will feel more balanced and cohesive.

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    Painted Beauties

    Painted Yellow Accent Crib

    This sweet crib, lovingly painted a bright and cheery yellow by Caroline of Armelle, brings an explosion of color into a pastel nursery. Painting your nursery furniture a single, unifying shade is also a great way to tie mixed and matched pieces together. 

    Ready to get your paint on? Create your own show-stopping accent piece with your favorite colorful shade and this step-by-step, painting tutorial

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    Ceiling Pop

    Neutral nursery with a painted, orange ceiling

    My Domaine

    A rich, orange ceiling gives this otherwise neutral space, featured on My Domain, a warm glow. It’s a beautiful option for bold color, bringing life and energy to the design without overpowering it.

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    Rug Love

    Black and white nursery with colorful, rainbow accents
    Someone Creative

    A beautiful, rainbow-colored rug takes center stage in this dramatic nursery designed by Elizabeth of Someone Creative. Choose the right rug for your nursery with these helpful tips.

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    Pastel Haven

    Pretty pastel nursery room in mint green, pink and yellow
    CityMom.NL / Pinterest

    For lots of color with an understated effect, sherbet-toned pastels can’t be beat.

    This sweet girl’s room, spotted on CityMom.NL ​Pinterest, offers a rainbow of color without overpowering this small, rustic space. 

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    Sunny Day

    Sunny yellow and grey nursery room
    Design Dazzle

    A single yellow accent wall, set against a subtle grey backdrop, brings a sunburst of color to this cheery gender-neutral space featured on Design Dazzle. The clean and understated design allows the room's defining feature wall to really shine. 

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    Boho Bright

    Beautifully Boho Chic nursery with wall tapestry and rich textiles
    Glitter Guide

    This beautifully Boho space, featured on Glitter Guide, is a treasure trove of vibrant color and pattern, blending traditional bohemian appeal with a bright, contemporary aesthetic to create a fresh and visually stimulating look.

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    Bold Shapes, Bright Colors

    Colorful nursery with geometric triangle accent wall
    Project Nursery

    With bold color and geometric patterns popping up in homes everywhere, this triangle accent wall, featured on Project Nursery, couldn’t be more on point!

    Crushing on the geometric nursery trend? Create your own stylish geometric accent wall with this easy tutorial.

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    Flirty Florals

    whimsical floral mural in colorful nursery
    This Little Street

    This one-of-a-kind garden mural accent wall, designed by Audrey of This Little Street, brings a bouquet of color to this adorable girl’s room. Not the artistic type? Why not opt for a bold floral print?

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    Black, White and Bold

    Modern graphic black and white nursery with colorful pops of Kelly Green
    Nothing Down About It

    A shock of bright Kelly green adds a dramatic pop of color in this graphic black and white nursery space designed by Oakley of Nothing Down About It

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    All Things Bright and Beautiful

    Neutral nursery with colorful teal, yellow and floral accents.
    Spearmint Baby

    Renting your home? This simple nursery room, seen on Spearmint Love, packs an explosion of color into a few well-chosen accessories, turning a “blah” space into a vibrant beauty. 

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    Color Party

    Bright an colorful nursery with confetti decals
    Elizabeth Doo-Dah

    A cloud of confetti-like decals bring a burst of color to this sweet and simple nursery designed by Elizabeth Doo-Dah, giving this gender-neutral space a playful, party-time vibe.

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    Candy-Striped Color

    Colorful nursery with candy-striped accent wall
    Project Nursery

    With its hot pink paint job and candy-striped accent wall, this bright and beautiful girl’s room, featured on Project Nursery, is a color lover’s dream!

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    A Beautiful Balance

    Colorful hot pink and teal nursery with bold geometric accents
    Project Nursery

    Clean, white wainscoting creates the perfect balance in this dramatic space from Project Nursery, preventing the room’s bright colors and bold patterns from overpowering the space.

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    Inspired Art

    Colorful nursery inspired by colorful nursery art
    Nikipaintz / Instagram

    A large and colorful piece of nursery art, like this beautiful painting created by Nicole Carothers of Niki Eve Art, makes for a terrific statement piece and can even serve as the inspiration for an entire nursery design.  

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    Bold and Earthy

    Rustic, earthy nursery with colorful accents
    Rock My Family

    Natural, rustic-flavored décor and bright and sunny color do not have to be mutually exclusive! Bold, primary-colored accents bring life to this rich and rustic nursery space, featured on Rock My Family.

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    Color Block

    Colorful, pink and orange nursery with color blocking
    Duan Curry

    This pretty-in-pink girl’s room by Duan Curry Interiors puts modern color blocking to work in a classic space, putting a fresh and colorful twist on the traditional pink and white nursery.

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    Color Wash

    Pink and orange nursery with ombre walls
    Very Rosenberry

    Ombre is the ultimate in color, turning an ordinary space into a dreamy, water-colored world. This bold pink and orange nursery space, featured on Very Rosenberry, makes a dramatic statement with stunning Ombre walls.

    Love this look? Create your own Ombre effect walls with this detailed tutorial.

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    Color-Rich Textiles

    Neutral grey nursery space with colorful floral accents
    Colordrunk Designs

    The quickest way to add color to any room is to amp up your textiles. Bright bedding and curtains, like those featured in this beautiful nursery created by Jenna of Colordrunk Designs, can completely transform a neutral space, infusing it with vibrant energy.

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    Color My World

    Easy spray paint project ideas for the nursery
    DoodleCraft, Inspired by Charm and Landee See Landee Do

    Want to give your little one’s space a quick color boost? Try one of these fun and easy spray paint DIYs. Update an old chandelier with a bright hue, or turn a cheap set of frames into a wall of color. The possibilities are endless!