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  • Simple Envelope Template

    Simple envelope template
    Simple envelope template (download the PDF template below). Kate Pullen

    Here's a simple envelope template which will help you create great looking handmade envelopes. There are many reasons why you might want to make your own envelopes. They are a great way to finish a handmade card, however DIY envelopes are also a practical embellishment for a scrapbook page, can be used to store mementos and much more. Make these envelopes in small sizes to use as Advent or count-down calendars. While you can easily buy plain envelopes and decorate them with rubber stamps and...MORE add an embellishment or two to create an attractive hand-finished envelope, they are so quick to make and easy to customize that it is well worth having a go at making your own. For a really quick finish, make the envelope from decorative scrapbook paper and adhere a piece of paper to the front for the address if necessary.

    Simple Envelope Template

    This is a really simple envelope, however, it is versatile and is ideal for cards. 

    To make the envelope simply cut the template from the paper (you may want to consider transferring the template to card so you can reuse it, just trace around the card template instead of printing a new template each time), fold along the dotted lines and use adhesive such as glue or double sided tape to hold the edges together.

    Tips for Making a Handmade Envelope

    Here are some tips for using this template to make a handmade envelope:

    • Use a bone folder to score along the fold lines to help achieve clean crisp folds.
    • Use a pair of fancy edge or pattern edge scissors to cut the flap of the envelope. This will give an attractive scalloped or decorative edge to the flap. This is a great way to finish a handmade envelope made from plain paper.
    • Use a sticker to fasten the envelope shut. If you don't have a decorative sticker available use a plain sticker and decorate this with a rubber stamped image.
    • Make the corners of the flaps slightly rounded. This will give a professional looking finish.

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