Simple Landscaping Ideas

Easy Ways to Landscape Your Yard Without Professional Help

Stone patio with orange chairs and table.
Adding the right color to a project is simple enough yet creates a world of difference. chuckcollier/E+/Getty Images

Are you convinced your yard needs a makeover? Would a few simple landscaping ideas be enough to point you in the right direction? Sometimes, that is all the do-it-yourselfer needs: specific, easy-to-implement recommendations to inspire action.

From designing front, back, and side yards to how to start a garden from scratch, consult these resources providing simple landscaping ideas to learn ways to improve your yard. Each article presented below is just a starting point; follow the links within...MORE the articles to access more detailed information on each topic. 

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    Nice grass (image) is beautiful but a lot of work. The hydrangea backdrop adds to the scene.
    A front yard with a big lawn may be pretty, but be prepared for the extra up-keep. David Beaulieu

    These ten simple landscaping ideas will show homeowners how to improve the most visible section of their properties: namely, their front yards. You will find information on the following topics in this article:

    1. Privacy.
    2. Fences and hedges.
    3. Driveways.
    4. Walkways.
    5. Front entries.
    6. Landscape design styles.
    7. Lawns.
    8. Injecting color into the yard with flowers.
    9. How to choose a tree.
    10. Designing with focal points.
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    Four people on lounge chairs near swimming pool.
    Want to stay cool with a pool and a shady spot in the backyard?. Jupiterimages/Getty Images

    We do not all use our backyards in the same ways. The following examples are not mutually exclusive, but they do give some idea of how many purposes the backyard can serve:

    1. As a children's play area.
    2. As a pet's outdoor residence.
    3. As an al fresco dining area (perhaps even as part of an outdoor kitchen).
    4. For hosting barbecues or other parties.
    5. As a peaceful haven cut off from the noise of the outside world so that you can enjoy backyard fun at your leisure.
    6. For athletic pursuits ranging from...MORE swimming to tennis.
    7. For growing vegetables.
    8. For growing and marveling at perennial flowers.
    9. For attracting wildlife and observing it (for example, hummingbirds and other wild birds, or butterflies).

    In this article you will learn a variety of simple landscaping ideas for backyard makeovers. Regardless of your tastes, every homeowner will find useful information in this resource.

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    Image: This arbor provides a transition in a vast side yard, defining for the viewer where the front yard ends and the back begins.
    This arbor provides a transition in a vast side yard, defining for the viewer where the front yard ends and the back begins. David Beaulieu

    Most people have a pretty good idea of what they want their front yard and backyard to look like. But what about side yards? These Rodney Dangerfields of the landscape are often neglected, because homeowners simply do not know what to do with them. The simple landscaping ideas laid out in this article cut to the heart of the issue, presenting the basic choices available to you for side-yard designs.

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    Circular water garden with water lilies, shrubs and perennials.
    Whether you stick to shrubs and perennials or include a water feature, you can't beat a garden for color. Jason Smalley/Getty Images

    Any portion of the yard can be home to a garden. Flower gardens are still more common in front yards than are vegetable gardens, but the latter are gaining in popularity even in this, the most visible area of the yard.

    Regardless of the type of garden you desire or its location, beginners will need some help learning how to open up a plot of land and establish a garden there. This piece provides information on everything from a simple way to remove sod to making astute plant selections for your...MORE new garden.

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    As photo shows, Fritillaria is a sensational lily. Crown Imperial Fritillaria has orange blooms.
    Fritillaria imperialis will delight you with its color and impressive size. David Beaulieu

    A simple landscaping idea that is easy to overlook -- and that can, nevertheless, yield huge dividends in terms of your enjoyment of any part of your yard --  is selecting truly fun plants to grow. This concept may require you to expand the thought process that you have used in the past for plant selection. When choosing something to buy at the garden center, do you think only in terms of how pretty a plant is? If so, you may be shortchanging yourself. Some plants, while they may not be...MORE drop-dead gorgeous compared to certain others, can, nonetheless, offer exquisite joys to gardeners willing to appreciate them for:

    1. Having a fascinatingly unusual appearance.
    2. Undergoing dramatic changes at particular junctures of the growing season.

    Of course, in some cases, they may also be stunningly lovely, too. For a case in point, behold the beauty of the spring bulb plant shown in the picture: a Fritillaria imperialis.