TikTok Is Obsessed With the Simplehuman Garbage Can

And we figured out why

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simplehuman trash can in kitchen.

Product: simplehuman / Illustration: The Spruce

It's not often that a trashcan—yes, the place where your yogurt containers and molding bananas hang out—is a trending hashtag on TikTok. But, the simplehuman trash can has made waves on the app with technology lovers and decor enthusiasts alike. #simplehumantrashcan has amassed almost 20,000 videos, and we're here to investigate what the hype is all about.

The can in question is the high-end offering from simplehuman: the voice and motion-sensor kitchen trash can. According to the brand, this is no ordinary waste bin: its sleek design includes a lid that opens with a simple voice command or wave of the hand, making it easy to dispose handfuls of trash.

Simplehuman Rectangular Voice+Motion Sensor Automatic Kitchen Trash Can



Commenters on this video alone praise the can for it's sleek, subtle beauty. One even mentioned that this is the peak of adulting: getting excited about a trash can—we're definitely with you on that.

It's easy to see how this could easily upgrade your kitchen, but we spoke with an expert at the brand to further make the case for this web-famous trash can.

"The trashcan provides an experience once reserved for high-end hotels, airports, and restaurants," Ryan Wong, the Director of Research and Development at simplehuman, shares with The Spruce. "The sensor cans bring the luxury and convenience of touch-free products into your home." 

If your home is overflowing with smart products, or you are looking to streamline your kitchen-tidying routine with a little help from technology, this could be the trash can for you. Or, it's the perfect piece to add a bit of luxury to an otherwise overlooked kitchen workhorse.

"Just say 'open can' and the lid opens automatically, removing friction from the task of tossing out the trash," Wong shares. "Talking to your trash can and having it respond is a quicker, more effortless experience that you didn’t even know you wanted—plus, it’s kind of fun."

Pros of the trash can, and the reasons why users are obsessed:

  • The sleek design is a must-have for a modern kitchen
  • There are bins on offer from simplehuman with a dual-compartment option, an easy solution for separating trash from recyclables
  • The motion-sensor lid opens and closes with a wave of the hand or a voice command
  • There is a convenient trash bag slot in the back to hold extra bags
  • A deodorizing, Odorsorb pod holder fits right inside the trash can to avoid a smelly odor every time you walk by the trash can.

Possible cons? It is an expensive trash can, undoubtedly. But, with all of the features offered, we're beginning to understand the excitement behind this kitchen appliance. "The can is truly high-performance, durable, and built to withstand a busy household," Wong explains.

Sometimes, it's worth investing in kitchen appliances so they can hold up to a hustling and bustling kitchen. Though TikTok can't always be trusted, we're grateful that this viral trashcan graced our feed—and now, it just might make its way into your home, too.

Editor’s note: The writer received product samples, but all opinions are their own.