How to Use Singing Bowls in a Good Feng Shui Home

A meditation teacher uses singing bowls to create calmness
Renee Keith / Getty Images

Singing bowls were traditionally used in Asia for at least three thousand years, if not much longer. Also called Tibetan singing bowls, or Himalayan singing bowls, you can find them today in many good quality new age bookstores and musical shops.

The Sound of Singing Bowls

The most important aspect of the singing bowl is its sound (of course). The higher the quality of the bowl, the higher and purer the resonance it produces. Ideally, you would choose your singing bowl by listening to several different bowls in order to find the sound you like the most, but you can also \.

The singing bowls are a beauty to behold. Both the look and the sound of singing bowls bring powerful energy to one's home. Centering, healing and purifying - these are just a few of the powers of the mysterious singing bowl. If you've never heard a singing bowl, you owe yourself to try one!


Some singing bowls come adorned with many ornaments, such as the Om sign, the Buddha image or other spiritual symbols; and some singing bowls have a plain, simple look. Many singing bowls are sold with silk cushions to support the bowl; as well as with the mallet (the wooden part that strikes the bowl).

Feng Shui

The feng shui use of singing bowls is very similar to the use of bells (singing bowls are considered a type of bell). The openness of the bowl brings an additional quality of energy to its use as a feng shui cure and in many cases, the feng shui use of singing bowls is more powerful than the use of bells.

If you've never used singing bowls before, do not be discouraged if you are not able to produce a pure sound right away. It takes a bit of practice to get to know your singing bowl, but it can be a very interesting and healing discovery.

How to Use a Singing Bowl

  1. You can use singing bowls to clear your home of low or stuck energy, as well as to continuously keep the energy of your home fresh and clear. Use them in your regular feng shui space clearing sessions, as well as at any time throughout the day.
  2. You can also use a singing bowl as a feng shui cure for the bagua area that benefits from the Metal element of the bowl.
  3. The singing bowls are a powerful cure for challenging the annual feng shui stars, as the pure sound produced by the singing bowl disperses the negative energy of the bad feng shui stars in your home. Use them in the location of the bad stars of the Earth element (number two and number five), as Metal weakens the Earth in the cycle of five feng shui elements.

Once you find the best way of using your singing bowl - by gently striking the bowl then rubbing the mallet in a circular motion against the rim of the bowl - you will enjoy the most beautiful pure resonance in your space and in your body.

The song of the singing bowl will heal not only the energy in your home but also your own personal energy. Calm yourself, relax and let it do its healing. After all, it has been doing just that for thousands of years.