Single Lever Ball Faucet Repair

Clean chrome tap and washbasin
rodho / Getty Images

What do you do if a leaky ball type single lever faucet needs repair and you don't have a repair kit yet? Well follow these quick tips and you'll probably be able to stop or at least reduce the leak until you can get to the hardware store.

Why They Leak

These faucets leak as the spring-loaded rubber seals dry out, the springs weaken, the rotating ball acquires buildup or the rubber o-ring dries out.

How to Fix

To make a quick fix of your ball-type faucet, proceed as follows:

  1. Take the faucet apart and remove the ball assembly/lever.
  2. Carefully remove the spring-loaded rubber seals found in the concave bowl in the body of the faucet which held the ball assembly.
  3. Remove the rubber O-Ring.
  4. Clean the ball of any mineral deposits found on it so that it is smooth and clean.
  5. Rub Vasoline® or another petroleum jelly into the O-Ring and the rubber seals to relieve their dryness and make them more supple.
  6. Stretch the springs just a bit to increase the spring pressure they will exert on the rubber seals.
  7. Make sure the bowl in the faucet body is clean.
  8. Clean any threads of food debris or soap gunk or mineral deposits so the threads will seat properly.
  9. Reassemble in the reverse order you took the faucet apart.