Single Parent Support Group Activities

A Year Full of Activities for Your Support Group

Single Parent Support Group
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From discussion groups to potluck dinners, single parent support groups offer many different types of activities for solo moms and dads. If you're looking for something different to try this year, incorporate a few of the ideas below. Some of the activities listed here could become subgroups of the main support group, and others might be offered only once or twice a year.

Ideas for Large Group Monthly Meetings:

  • Have a guest speaker talk with your group about issues related to parenting or managing money
  • Role-play talking to your kids about tough topics like sex, drugs, and alcohol
  • Rotate different discussion topics which parents can discuss in groups of 3-4
  • Do a community service project together
  • Have a "bagged lunch" meeting

Ideas for Smaller Sub-Groups Which Could Meet Weekly or Bi-Weekly:

  • Have an orientation meeting for new members
  • Hold a meal-exchange night
  • Meet for coffee and informally share your day-to-day challenges and triumphs
  • Create a babysitting co-op
  • Family game night
  • Hold book discussion groups

Ideas for Annual Activities:

  • Hold a fundraiser to raise money you can use to cover basic advertising costs
  • Go out to dinner together
  • Host a cookie exchange near the holidays
  • Have a holiday craft fun night where parent volunteers can help children make simple gifts
  • Go to the zoo together
  • Go to the movies together
  • Have a summer picnic
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Go horseback riding together
  • Have a huge yard sale
  • Play volleyball together at a local beach or park
  • Fly kites together
  • Go camping together
  • Plan a group vacation
  • Go hiking in the fall
  • Go on a hayride together
  • Have an old-fashioned potluck dinner