The Single Person's Guide to Decorating for One

5 Tips for Decorating Bachelor and Bachelorette Pads

Glamorous Bar Cart. Ballard Designs

If you're decorating a bachelor or bachelorette pad for yourself, consider yourself lucky! You get to do exactly what you want and create a space solely for you. Just keep some of the following points in mind.

Always Be Prepared (for guests)

Just because you live alone it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think of others. In fact, you should always be ready to entertain at a moment’s notice – and that means you should have a decently stocked bar cart in your living room. This doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on expensive bottles of champagne, but you should be ready to serve visitors something to drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) at a moment’s notice. Make sure you’ve got some cute glasses and little serving dishes at the ready. The beauty of keeping these items on a pretty bar cart (styled beautifully of course) means that they’ll be ready to use the instant you need them.

Embrace Your Quirky Sense of Style

One of the great things about living alone is that you don’t have to compromise. If you have a quirky sense of style you can embrace it without having to worry about what anyone else will think. Want to paint the walls bright pink? Go for it! Want to display a piece of art that everyone else thinks is hideous? Display away! When your home is yours alone you don’t have to make excuses for any of the things you like, so decorate with confidence and embrace your quirky sense of style.

Decorate Like a Grownup

Embracing your quirks is one thing, but decorating your home like it’s a dorm room is another. When you’re trying to create a well-designed and well-thought-out home for yourself it’s important to try to achieve a certain level of maturity. This doesn't mean you need to abandon your style, but rather you need to take it up a notch. For instance, if you love old movie posters and used to cover your walls in them you can still do it - just make sure they're in nice frames rather than taped onto the wall.

Control the Clutter

Don’t let living alone be an excuse for being messy. It's easy when you're the only one living there, but it can be detrimental. When clutter takes over it can have all kinds of negative effects that go far beyond just having a messy house. Clutter can spill over into our personal lives and have a negative emotional impact. Keeping your home clean and organized helps create a feeling of relaxation and order, so try to pick up after yourself and don't allow clutter to gather - whether anyone else is going to see it or not.

Create Conversation Areas

Just because you live alone it doesn't mean you shouldn't create conversation areas with your furniture. They're not just important for when you have guests over, they help to create a sense of order and balance in a room. Furniture should be arranged in such a way that people can naturally talk to each other without having to crane their necks or shout across the room. You want the sofas and chairs to face each other (not necessarily straight on, but close), and they should be close enough that you can have a natural conversation with the person seated across from you without having to raise your voice. If the room is too large, create multiple conversation areas. Even if you live alone you still want to arrange furniture in a pleasing and comfortable way.