SkyPaper is the Best Paper Airplane Launcher!

Skypaper Best Paper Airplane Launcher
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With the Skypaper paper airplane launcher, after folding your paper airplanes, kids can position them inside a launcher and watch them take flight!

Did you read that correctly? You can launch paper airplanes from a toy that allows them to fly up to 100 feet while performing tricks! 

There are so many different possibilities of flight patterns. Once the airplane is blasted out of the launcher, kids will watch their creations perform corkscrews, loop-de-loops and lots of cool tricks.

The launcher is able hold up to 3 planes at once, firing one after another without re-loading.

Both kids and adults will share in some serious excitement playing with this toy together. The toy is recommended for kids ages 8 and up. 

How Do I Set-Up My Airplane Launcher?

Inside the box you will find the Skypaper PPL-1 high velocity paper airplane launcher and 24 pieces of paper in 2 colors.

Gather 4 "AAA" batteries and use a small phillips head screwdriver to load the batteries into the 2 separate battery components. 2 batteries will be placed on either side of the handle.

Next, locate the rectangular sheets of paper inside the box. These are the papers you will use to fold your paper airplanes.  There are 20 glider planes and 4 stunt plane graphic sheets. The glider planes are green, while the stunt planes, which take a few more folds to assemble, will be red.

The colored paper will have pre-printed instructions with gray dotted lines, small arrows and numbers.

By following the numbered sequences and arrows from 1-10, kids will more easily, consistently and accurately fold their paper into stunt and glider planes for the launcher. 

In the original packaging, The instructions also include the directions to make both types of planes should you choose to want to use standard letter, A5 or A4 paper sizes in order to build a large stash of airplanes.

Folding the Paper Airplanes

Find a flat surface like a table or counter top when folding the paper airplanes, it will help to make the fold creases more crisp, allowing the paper airplanes to fly more aerodynamically. 

As an adult, it took me 2 1/2 minutes to fold my first glider plane through the 10 step process. While it was not perfect, I was still able to launch it without any difficulty. 

The art of paper folding is sometimes not easy for kids though. It requires attention to detail, accuracy and coordination. Many kids get frustrated and want it to be perfect. Folding these paper airplanes involves at least 10 different steps.

The pre-printed dotted lines on the templates will certainly make it easier for children to follow the instructions. I would suggest sitting with them at first, and complete the steps together. You take one paper and complete the first step. Give them their own airplane paper and encourage them to copy you. Your airplane can serve as a model to follow at a later time. Paper folding is not easy for young children to complete, especially accurately, which is most likely why this toy is also recommended for older kids. 

The paper airplanes included with this toy are durable and re-usable.

So as long as you don't lose sight of them, they will be able to be used many times.

Launching the Paper Airplanes

Once you have prepared at least 10 airplanes, load 3 of them into the launcher. There is a guide on the side of the toy that shows you where to align the nose of the first paper airplane. Load 2 more planes into the toy, stacked on top of each other. Pay careful attention to the guide on the side of the toy and align the remaining planes in order with the number they will launch.

Turn the power switch on. Once the airplane enters the top, the launcher will automatically turn on the motor. When you are ready, pull the trigger and watch them fly in all sorts of directions! 

Be Prepared for Launch

Launching blaster toys requires responsibility and maturity. Children need to be aware of other people in their surroundings and know never to point a blaster near anyone's face.

 To make sure those playing are aware, encourage kids to get in the habit of first yelling before firing, "Is everyone ready?" 

Consider using sunglasses and clear plastic eyewear when playing for added safety. Plus, there is nothing cooler than launching airplanes in style anyway?

While our backyard is big, it is adjacent to many other people's properties with gated yards. So we chose to launch our airplanes inside our house. We have a very long hallway and an open room with tall ceilings. It could be a lot of fun to add this toy to your outdoor toy bag. If it is not to windy, bring the launcher to a large open park or play area where kids can appreciate the capabilities of this toy and safely watch their planes fly without the limitations of walls, fences and traffic.

Paper Airplanes Are More Than Paper

Many people are fans of origami and making paper airplanes. Some of the best toys are most simplest things that kids can play with anytime and anywhere. Paper airplanes have been bringing fun and excitement to kids for decades. 

There is so much more that goes into making paper airplanes though. Paper airplanes are more than just a simple toy. They are STEM toys which encourage kids to get involved in the "maker movement." The process encourages kids to not only improve their child's coordination and ability to solve, but there are so many opportunities for kids to learn about speed, velocity and aerodynamics.

You can buy the Skypaper paper airplane launcher on It is available in white or black.

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