Fun Games for Kids to Play on the Sledding Hill

Austria, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, family tobogganing at wooden house at Christmas time
Westend61 / Getty Images

It’s cold, wet, and slippery, and that’s exactly what makes snow so fun! Well, for the kids anyway! When Old Man Winter showers them with the gift of snowflakes, there’s nothing better to do than celebrate the fresh blanket of white. A winter sledding party is a great way to do just that—and some sledding games are sure to enhance the excitement of this season.

Sled Pulling Race

A sled-pulling race is as simple as it sounds. To play, divide kids into teams of two. Draw a starting line and a finish line in the snow. Make sure that the land between the start and finish lines is flat since you won’t want kids pulling the sleds downhill. Place two sleds behind the starting line. One team member will sit on each sled, while the other team member will pull it. On “go!” the sled pullers will race to be the first to pull their teammate over the finish line.

Stuffed Animal Sled Pile

This game is played similarly to the sled pulling race, but instead of a child passenger, the sled will transport stuffed animals from point A to point B. Gather as many stuffed animals as you can and divide the kids into two teams. Evenly divide the plush animals between the teams. When you signal the start of the race, each team will place, stack, or pile their stuffies onto their sleds. Once the animals are all on the sled, they’ll have to pull it to the finish line. If any of the plush animals fall off along the way, however, the team will have to pick up the toy, return to the starting line, and try again. The first team to safely deliver all of their stuffed pets across the finish line wins the race. 

Snow Obstacle Course

Setting up for this game can be as much fun as playing it. Gather the kids and work together to create an obstacle course out of the snow. You can build small snow ramps, snow cones, and other various snow structures that players will have to pull their sleds over, go around or plow through. Have players sled through the course one at a time (or two at a time, if one is riding and the other is pulling) and time the speed it takes them to complete the course. The players with the shortest time win the race.

Sled Bowling

Mold the snow into two sets of bowling pins at the bottom of a hill. Place two sleds at the top of the hill. On “go!” the kids will race down the hill and see who can plow down the most pins.

Snowman Sledding

Divide players into two teams. Have each team build a snowman on the sled. Then have them pull their snowmen across a finish line or push them down a slope to see whose snowman can make it to the end without toppling off of the sled. 

Hot Cocoa Relay

With all of that cold weather play, hot cocoa would be a warm and welcome treat. But to enjoy some of that sweet, warm beverage, the kids will have to collect the hot cocoa and transport it on their sleds. Place the thermoses, paper or plastic cups, marshmallows, and whatever other makings for hot cocoa you have at the site on one end of the sledding space. Send the kids with a sled to retrieve the items, one at a time, in a relay-style race. In this game, however, everyone wins because when it’s over, hot chocolate is served.