A Review of Slimline Hangers

Can They Perform as Well as They Promise?

Photo from Amazon.com

Slimline hangers are currently found in retailers across the nation, from hardware stores to home stores, and have garnered a distribution from big companies such as Real Simple.

However, compared to standard hangers such as plastic or wire, they are costly. Slimline hangers promise to give a person "up to 50 percent more closet space" so if you are short on space, these hangers might be worth their weight in gold.

Being very short on closet space myself, I decided to put them to the test.

Not All Hangers are Created Equal

Nor are they equally priced. And since I am a budget decorator (lots of emphasis on “budget”), I shopped around for the least expensive price possible. I finally found the hangers at Costco for $20 for a box of 50. A coupon snagged me an additional discount, so I thought that wasn’t a bad deal for these hangers. (Though 50 standard plastic hangers will only cost about $5 at my local dollar store.)

Before: My Sample of Clothes

I chose a various sampling of clothes -- 7 long-sleeved tee shirts, one sweatshirt, one hoodie, three sweaters and one jacket-- or 13 items total. The total measurement of the clothes on their various assortment of hangers was 8.5 inches.

The Process

It took me a few minutes to get all of my sample clothes on the hangers. The hangers’ “velvety non-slip material” was quite clingy so the clothes did stay put on it.

I liked the surface in regards to my sweaters and jacket, but I did not like the extra effort it required to get my tee shirts onto the hangers. I never did get my tee shirts to hang correctly on the hangers because they kept catching on the surface. (I have the impression that this could cause wrinkles once hung in the closet.)

After: My Sample of Clothes

Finally, after a bit of effort, all of my sample clothes were on the Slimline hangers and back on my closet rod. But I was shocked at the measurement. My clothes on the Slimline hangers now measured at 7.5 inches, a paltry one-inch difference. They didn't really give me more space in my closet.

The Verdict

I liked the non-slip surface for the most part, but I did notice that the instructions said that the surface was not for wet or damp clothing. But I was very unhappy with the fact that I only gained one inch of hanging closet space. If you are lacking in closet space to the point that one-inch of closet space per 10 to 15 pieces of clothing will make a difference and you have the extra cash in your wallet to spend on Slimline hangers, then, by all means, go for it. But as for me, I’m sticking with the basics.