Slumber Party Decorating Ideas

A pile of clean ironed bedding and a towel lies on the dresser.
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Decorating for a slumber party can actually be pretty simple:

  1. Clear a space on the family room floor.
  2. Have guests fill that empty space with pillows, blankets, sleeping bags and stuffed animals.
  3. Take a step back and look at the space and I promise you it will scream “slumber party!”

That’s it! You’re done! Let the movie fest and popcorn fights begin!

Okay, so maybe your idea of decorating includes a tad bit more than just bedding and plush dolls strewn across the floor. If that’s the case, the following ideas can help you create a space that exudes chic slumber party style. Or maybe it just says that a fun sleepover is happening here. Either way, make sure to snap a photo of your efforts before the piles of blankets takes over. 

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    How to Create a Bed-Themed Slumber Party Table

    Slumber Table
    Christine Gauvreau

    Whether you use it as a serving space for snacks or they actually sit down at it to eat dinner, make crafts or play board games, the dining table converted into a bed is a really cool way to set the stage for slumber party fun.

    To make a slumber party table you’ll need:

    • A dining table.
    • A flat sheet that will fit over the table as a tablecloth.
    • A pillow with a pillowcase that matches the sheet.
    • Colorful tableware (if using for dining).


    1. Cover the table with the flat sheet.
    2. Place the pillow at one end of the table, to designate it as the “head” of the bed.
    3. Set the table with colorful dinnerware, craft items or accessories of your choice.


    • Use a sheet with a fun pattern that will appeal to the age of your slumber party guests. For instance, princess or fairy bedding is sure to be a hit with the kindergarten set while peace signs or animal prints should be pleasing to tweens and teens.
    • If you have enough matching pillowcases, use them as slip covers for the backs of your dining chairs. Or do this anyway, using a mismatched theme.
    • If you’re handy with tools you can even build your own dining bed table complete with headboard and footboard. It might sound like an ambitious project, but the results are lovely, as seen here. 
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    Set Up an Indoor Tent

    Slumber Tent
    Christine Gauvreau

    The purpose of a tent outside may be to protect us from the elements, but inside it's just plain fun to sleep under a tent. You can construct an actual camping tent in your living room or you can build one of your own out of various blankets, curtains, and fabrics. 

    This slumber party tent was made with shimmery curtains, strategically tacked to the ceiling and walls. String lights turned it from an ordinary tent to a frilly fairy tent. 

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    Setting a Slumber Party Breakfast Buffet Table

    Slumber Breakfast
    Christine Gauvreau

    Consider this the condensed version of the large dining-table-to-bed-conversion.

    To make a sleepover breakfast buffet table you’ll need:

    • An over-the-bed gazebo-style canopy.
    • A pillow pet.
    • A night light (if you have an outlet nearby the table).
    • A selection of breakfast foods for kids and coordinating serving ware.


    1. Push your breakfast buffet table against a wall and remove any chairs from around the table.
    2. Hang the canopy from the ceiling, so that it drapes over either end of the breakfast table, leaving an opening from which guests can access the food.
    3. Plug in the nightlight and prop the pillow pet up against the wall, in the center of the table.
    4. Arrange your breakfast foods on the table.


    • If you don’t have an outlet nearby but you like the nightlight idea, try hanging a battery-operated one.
    • Individual serving size boxes of cereal area popular choice for breakfast, but they also serve as fun slumber party favors. Add colored spoons that have been tied to the boxes with curling ribbon to dress them up as take-home gifts.