Slumber Party Themes

Slumber parties are often called sleepovers, but everyone knows this party has little to do with actually sleeping. If you want your slumber party to have a little something extra special, consider planning the night around a theme. From toddlers to teens, this collection of slumber party themes has ideas that would suit kids of all ages.

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    Movie Night

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    It’s a ritual countless slumber parties have practiced: the late-night movie marathon. As long as the kids will be watching some of their favorite flicks, why not give the slumber party a movie night theme? Popcorn, 3D glasses and admission ticket invitations are just a few ways to incorporate the theater theme into your slumber party activities. If the party takes place in the summer, you can even show a movie in the backyard!

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    Midnight Brunch

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    The whole point of a slumber party is to stay up late, right? Telling stories, painting toenails, giggling, and – oh yeah, the midnight snack. For teens who will likely stay up well past midnight, this is a fun time to serve a meal. Think breakfast foods like pancakes, eggs and French toast. Add a touch of glamour with non-alcoholic mimosas or juice served in champagne flutes. In warm weather, you can even take it outside onto the deck or patio for to dine under the moonlight.

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    Camping Party

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    These camping party ideas are perfect for the backyard sleepover, or when taken indoors for a mock campout. Pitch a tent and enjoy camping games, campfire cupcakes, smores and more.

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    Glamping Party

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    Do the girls want a camping theme that’s less rustic and more girly? Try a glam-camping or glamping party theme. Makeup, hair styling and lots of sparkles under pink, frilly tents make the glamping slumber party a theme sure to make tween and teen girls sparkle.

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    Mock Pajama Party

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    Pajama parties aren’t just for big kids anymore. Toddlers, preschoolers and elementary kids can also enjoy a sleepover, minus the actual sleeping over part. Basically a party in their pj’s, the younger crowd can gather for traditional slumber party fun such as pillow fights and cookie baking, but then return home when the clock strikes bedtime.

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    Star Gazing Party

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    This shining star party theme for a birthday or graduation can easily be adapted for a slumber party that includes a telescope and some star gazing. Star-themed decorations, food, crafts, games and party favors are all ideas that can be used for a star gazing slumber party.

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    Karaoke Party

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    If they’re going to be up all night making noise anyway, you might as well encourage some fun noise. Buying a karaoke machine or sing along game for your home gaming system turns your family room into a concert arena. Gather some accessories such as sunglasses, scarves, boas and wigs to accessorize their sleepwear, rock-star style! More ideas for the karaoke-themed slumber party include backstage pass invitations, a cake shaped like a microphone and a viewing of a concert DVD featuring their favorite pop star.

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    Photo Shoot Party

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    Slumber parties almost always include dressing up and making each other over. Commit those looks to digital memory with a photo shoot party theme. You don’t need to rent an actual photo booth to create a photo session at your slumber party. All you really need is to hang a sheet for a backdrop and arm the kids with a digital camera. They can take turns posing as models and playing photographer. Some other ideas from the photo booth party that will work at your sleepover are the camera cake, scrapbooking craft and mini photo album favors.

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    Glow in the Dark Party

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    Throw a slumber party where the lights go out long before bedtime – to show off the glow in the dark accents, that is. Glow jewelry, neon tableware and fluorescent balloons are just a few ideas for making your slumber party space glow in the dark. Throw in some music and a neon disco ball light and they can dance and glow the night away.

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    Wake Up Party

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    Instead of a sleepover, throw a wake-up party on the morning of your child’s birthday. At this party, guests show up early in the morning, still wearing their pajamas. Breakfast foods are served and kids gather to play games that have a theme of waking-up, rather than falling asleep. Individual packages of cereal, toothpaste and toothbrush kits or alarm clocks are ideas for party favors with a morning theme.