20 Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

small powder room with blue vanity

Desiree Burns Interiors

Don't let your small bathroom get you down. There are so many ways to make the most of this space so that it serve your everyday needs but also look pretty to boot, and without blowing your budget. Below, interior designers share 20 tips for how you can make your tiny bathroom feel a bit more special, all while sticking to a budget.

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    Hang Some Art

    gallery wall in bathroom

    Melissa Mahoney Design House

    Wall art doesn't have to be expensive but will go a long way to making your bathroom sing.

    "Buy a book full of beautiful prints, whether it be botanics, architecture, maps, or animals and carefully remove them, frame them, and hang them on the wall," says Francie Winchester of Francie Winchester Interior Design.

    You can even make a gallery wall in the bathroom if you wish. "Pull in pieces you’ve collected over the years, or prints that will give one of the most highly used spaces in your home personality," notes Melissa Mahoney of Melissa Mahoney Design House.

    Your gallery could be made up of a handful of smaller pieces hung in a vertical column to add height to a tight space, or a corner gallery of more pieces to maximize even the smallest room’s presence.:

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    Swap Out Light Fixtures

    modern sconces above vanity

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Existing bathroom light fixtures getting you down? Swap them out, says Shannon Demma of Urbana Design.

    "Keep it chrome or brushed nickel, as they are less expensive and tend to wear better," she notes.

    You won't regret making a lighting change, though. "New lighting can go a long way in brightening your bathroom and giving it a whole new look," says Jaime Elkins of Elkins Interiors

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    Change Out Your Curtains

    white curtains in bathroom

    Michelle Berwick Design

    "Swapping old curtains and bringing in new and refreshing ones with a bold design is something to catch hold of," says Nishtha Sadana of NISH. "It’s time that you give your small bathroom a designer look."

    And when it comes to shower curtains, try this hack from Shamika Lynch of Maximizing Tiny: "One of my favorite cost effective upgrades is using a standard curtain as a shower curtain and mounting it higher than you would a normal curtain," she says. "In a small bathroom, it helps to emphasize the height of the ceiling and is a great opportunity to add color or pattern into a bathroom and make it feel luxurious." Lynch also suggests installing two panels rather than one.

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    Jazz Up Your Walls

    wallpaper in bathroom

    Design: Susan Klimala, TKS Design Group / Photo: Michael A. Kaskel

    Don't let bland bathroom walls get you down when you can improve them in a snap.  

    "You can breathe life into a space with a paint color, wallpaper, and/or wood molding," notes Savannah Stone of Ainslie Design Studio. "In most cases you can do these things yourself, which saves on labor costs."

    "Paint will always be my go-to for big impact, low-cost moments," says Nicole Arruda of Nicole Alexandra Design Studio. "This is a great way to give a space new life and freshen things up!"

    And the right paint can majorly make your bathroom feel like a totally new place. "Paint can make the space feel larger, modernize your existing cabinets, or create a feature wall," comments Hannah Skaar of August Jane Interiors.

    Rachel Pintarelli of Seagrove Design is partial to wall paneling. "It's a simple and relatively inexpensive way to elevate a small bathroom, adding warmth, texture, and interest," she says. "It’s also a wonderful option for many homeowners, as it integrates seamlessly into an array of design styles."

    When working with wallpaper, be sure to keep this tip from TKS Design Group's Susan Klimala, who designed the space shown here, top of mind. "You’ll want to make sure adequate ventilation exists, especially in a smaller, more frequently used bathroom," she says, noting that vinyl papers are the way to go.

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    Upgrade Your Vanity

    fluted vanity with brass hardware

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Give your bathroom vanity a mini makeover by replacing the faucet and hardware.

    "I always select widespread low-profile faucets when helping update bathrooms; I think that the faucet can help easily transform a space to be more on trend," says Sarah Brannon of Sarah Brannon Interiors,

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    Try This Shower Curtain Trick

    tub with shower curtain

    Erin Williamson Design

    Don't just hang your shower curtain and call it a day. "Consider installing a ceiling track to draw the eye up, making the room appear loftier," Pintarelli suggests.

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    Have Fun With Flooring

    patterned flooring in bathroom

    Victoria Bell Design

    Plain bathroom flooring is so yesterday. Instead, install something fun that adds to the space.

    "Small bathrooms don’t require much flooring material, which provides the perfect opportunity to splurge a bit on a fun, bold tile," Pintarelli comments. "Also, don’t be afraid to use a large format tile here, as fewer grout lines can make a small space feel bigger."

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    Hang a Medicine Cabinet

    medicine cabinet above toilet

    Francie Winchester Interior Design

    Even if your bathroom is tiny, you still need space to store your daily beauty products.

    "No linen closet and limited vanity space? Try a recessed medicine cabinet that looks like a mirror for an aesthetically pleasing and practical storage solution," Pintrarelli offers. "Select one that has a mirror behind the interior shelving as well for a luxe look."

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    Rethink Your Door Situation

    open door in bathroom

    Love & Interiors

    To make a bathroom feel a bit more roomy, you may wish to change out your door.

    "A pocket or sliding door can save precious space and boost the functionality of the room," Pintarelli says.

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    Paint Your Vanity

    painted bathroom vanity

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    If you have extra paint left over from a prior DIY, put it to good use in the bathroom. "A simple coat of paint on existing tired [and] worn cabinetry can instantly revitalize a boring bathroom," says Rachel Anderson of March + May Design.

    Don't forget to zhuzh up the inside of the drawers, too.

    "If you’re feeling handy, there are many peel and stick wallpapers for an extra bit of glam," notes Rande Leaman of Rande Leaman Interior Design.

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    Distract With Loud Wallpaper

    bold wallpaper above toilet

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    If changing out fixtures isn't in the cards, a bold wallpaper can draw the eye elsewhere, quickly.

    "Think wallpaper in a large scale pattern in complementary colors," notes Beth Jones of Beth Stein Interiors.

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    Install Wall Lighting Above the Vanity

    lighting above vanity

    Louis Duncan-He

    Go ahead and make getting ready for the day feel more fun by hanging a sconce or two above your bathroom vanity.

    "It adds a touch of bling and makes the space feel more dressed," Demma says.

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    Replace Drawer Pulls

    vanity with new drawer pulls

    Louis Duncan-He

    Replace drawer pulls that don't suit you with more aesthetically pleasing options. 

    "Here you can have fun," Demma says. "Change metal finishes or use something unique."

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    Work in Some Accessories

    art and accessories in bathroom

    Victoria Bell Design

    Accessories aren't just for the living room—they can go a long way to dressing up your bathroom as well.

    "Bring on the fresh florals, artwork, hand towels, tray, et cetera," Arruda says. "These are the small moments that have a huge impact in making any space feel more complete."

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    Install a Statement Mirror

    industrial style mirror

    Victoria Bell Design

    Think beyond the basic when choosing a new mirror for the bathroom.

    "The mirror takes up a lot of visual real estate so swapping that out for something you love is a sure way to spruce up a bathroom," Arruda notes. "This is an opportunity to introduce a fun shape or material."

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    Add a Plant

    plant on vanity

    @houseofchais / Instagram

    Use this as an excuse to welcome some more plant babies to your household.

    "A living green touch can make the bathroom feel more inviting and refreshed," says Michelle Woolley Sauter of One Coast Design.

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    Replace Your Toilet Seat

    small bathroom with blue tile walls

    Erin Williamson Design

    Has your toilet seat seen better days?

    "A new seat can make a noticeable difference in the bathroom's look," Woolley Sauter explains.

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    Refresh Your Textiles

    striped hand towel in bathroom

    Mary Patton Design

    "A very quick, very inexpensive update is always to change out the linens and shower curtain if there is one," says Andrea Sinkin of Andrea Sinkin Design. Make sure to stock up on plenty of extra bath and hand towels so that you're always prepared for guests.

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    Hang a Large Mirror

    oversized green mirror above sink

    Melissa Mahoney Design House

    Just because your bathroom is small doesn't mean you need to skimp on your mirror size.

    "I also love an oversized mirror over a side by side toilet and sink," Mahoney says. "Get creative with a large mirror that will multiply light and perceived space."

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    Paint the Ceiling

    blue ceiling in powder room

    Love & Interiors

    Go bold in the bathroom by coating the ceiling in a fun color. In this San Francisco bathroom, Melanie Love of Love & Interiors painted the ceiling a dark blue.