Small Bathroom? Try These Great Remodel Ideas

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    Pop Up the Ceiling, Cantilever the Sink

    Bathroom with Cathedral Ceiling and Cantilever Sink
    Mark York / Getty Images

    Believe it or not, this is a small bathroom. It doesn't seem so; it looks fairly spacious, in fact. Yet look at the floor tiles (always the way to determine space) and you will see that it is only 50 square feet (5 feet wide, 10 feet long).

    Is it the window that does it? It is a lovely matrix of 48 glass blocks, a perfect way to allow light without allowing gawkers.

    What truly creates the illusion of space is the high ceiling. Even if you've left mullets, McGyver, shoulder pads, and other trappings of the 1980s behind, you might agree that a cathedral ceiling (gasp!) in one room is a welcome thing. Especially when that room is a cramped 50 square feet.

    For a truly modern small bathroom idea, you can't do much better than setting this double sink arrangement on a cantilevered bathroom counter. These clean lines emphasize the crisp geometry of the deep basin sinks and their unique fixtures.

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    Stylish Tub and High Ceilings

    Small Bathroom with Double Ended Tub
    Image Source / Getty Images

    Bathtubs have come a long way. No longer are they limited to iron clawfoots or those tiny casket-like tubs you see so frequently in tract homes.

    Why tuck the tub away? When you spend a bit more for a stylish tub, the tub becomes the focus of the room. This one is called a double-ended tub, with fixtures located in the middle. At night, you can lay on the left side and view the stars through the skylight. During the day, lay in the other direction so that light coming through the windows shines on your book or magazine.

    Keep these small bathrooms Spartan. Except for a wall cabinet and generous windows, this bathroom has little other adornment.

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    Wardrobe in Bathroom Provides Ample Storage Space

    Wardrobe Installed in Bathroom
    Jake Fitzjones / Getty Images

    In the last bathroom, we discussed problems associated with positioning a tub in the center of the room. Here, one end of the tub is against the wall--effectively hiding supply and drain pipes. But that leads to the issue of the bather facing the wall. This is solved by adding a mirror on the wall.

    What's the one unusual element in this bathroom? The wardrobe. Most bathrooms lack any kind of storage space, so having a wardrobe of this size is quite out of the ordinary.

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    More Space in Small Bathroom With a Wall-Hung Toilet

    Wall-Hung Toilet in Modern Bathroom
    Toto / Getty Images

    Our Bathrooms Guide Lisa Kahn has a fantastic article called Don't Buy the Wrong Toilet: 10 Features to Avoid, and this is where I first saw the Toto Aquia wall-hung toilet. As she notes, a wall-hung toilet "preserves precious floor space," and nothing is more precious in your small bathroom than floor space. Just be prepared to also install an in-wall tank system.

    On top of that, to fully modernize your dinky bathroom, also consider two other ideas from her article:

    • A pressure-assist toilet (Whoosh! instead of Gurgle).
    • A ​slow-drop seat that gently sets the seat down.
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    Carve Out Even More Room in Your Small Bathroom With a Medicine Cabinet

    Medicine Chest Made of Wood
    Example of a 21st Century Medicine Cabinet. / PriceGrabber

    My preconceived notions about medicine cabinets are not good. I think of dusty metal 1930s-era medicine full of expired pills. Did I mention metal? Yes, because materials are one thing that differentiate old-style cabinets from modern ones.

    Look upon this modern medicine cabinet with joy. It's dark wood with three shelves, squared-off and linear. Notice how the glass nearly reaches the edges of the cabinet, so no archaic framing, no doo-dads. Not only does this baby allow you to squeeze more items into your small bathroom, it contributes to your clean, contemporary style.