19 Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas for Style and Function

Small wooden bathroom shelf with items on top and wooden pegs with towels hanging

The Spruce / Almar Creative

When you have a small bathroom, it's easy to feel overwhelmed trying to find space for all of your odds and ends, especially if you want to keep your room organized and serene. But the good news is that small bathrooms can be quaint and beautiful, and they give you an opportunity to use your creative juices. With the right concept, you can double your storage space with a few simple tricks.

Here are 19 of our favorite small bathroom shelving ideas. 

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    Look to the Walls

    small bathroom with floating shelf above toilet

    Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photography

    If you don't want to give up your precious floor space for storage, look to the walls. In this bathroom photographed by Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photography, the designer utilized the empty space above and on the toilet to store knick-knacks and artwork in her small bathroom. Adding a floating shelf above the toilet is an easy way to add a little charm to a tiny bathroom.

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    Storage on Wheels

    bathroom with rolling storage cart

    Design by Julie Rose for EHD/Photographer: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    This charming little bathroom designed by Julie Rose for Emily Henderson Design used the RÅSKOG rolling cart from IKEA to store every necessary product (and more!) in a way that's both attractive and removable. While an immobile cabinet may feel bulky in a small space, this rolling cart can easily be removed when guests are over or ​need to clean without stuff getting in the way. The RÅSKOG has a cult-like following, and it's not very hard to see why. 

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    Go Industrial

    metallic bathroom shelf

    Jessica Nelson Design

    You may think your bathroom is the last place for industrial, modern decor, but the hanging shelf used in this bathroom by Jessica Nelson Design proves that it can look absolutely stunning with a bit of creativity. The metal shelf boasts not only small shelves for decor but also a small towel rack. Pair with neutral colors to keep your bathroom feeling chic and calming. 

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    Use a Bath Tray

    bath tray

    Martina's Cosy Crib

    Bath trays have become a staple in homes where bath time is essential. However, you can put those trays to good use even when you're not in the bathtub—use them to hold plants, soaps, and other items that you might normally stack around the edge of the tub to keep things from looking unruly.

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    Think Horizontal

    horizontal wooden shelf in bathroom

    Jessica Nelson Design

    When you have a small bathroom, it's important to really think about all the unused space and put it to work. This gorgeously designed bathroom from Jessica Nelson Design utilizes a thin shelf that runs just under the dual mirrors. We love this because it acts as surface space for extra decorations (like greenery or flowers) or as a landing pad for cosmetics and other necessities. 

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    Open Concept Vanity

    wooden vanity with shelving

    D Burns Interiors

    A running theme in decorating small rooms is utilizing every inch of space, and this vanity in the bathroom designed by D Burns Interiors is a perfect example. The vintage wooden structure is tall and narrow but has open shelving that can be perfect for storing smaller items and even hand towels if needed.

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    Double Your Shelf Space

    Mirror Shelf

    Burchard Design Co.

    Floating shelves are an ideal asset in small bathrooms, especially if you're in need of an extension. This gorgeous bathroom by Burchard Design Co. already had a makeshift shelf over the sink, yet by placing the wooden shelf across it, the shelf space instantly doubles, The distressed wood is everything we love about natural materials in a modern style—pair with dried lavender or a neutral candle and you'll never want to leave your bathroom. 

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    Look to Your Shower

    shower corner shelves in bathroom

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    A hanging shower caddy is nice, but for optimal storage space in a small bathroom, built-in shelving is a must. This modern shower stall from Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions is perfect for all of your extra shampoos and body washes. We love how seamlessly the shelving blends in with the tile work and doesn't look cluttered or crowded. If you're planning a bathroom makeover, look to your shower or tub for extra storage. 

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    A Low-Profile Shelf

    tiny built in for the small things

    Design by Malcolm Simmons for EHD/Photographer Malcolm Simmons

    Built-ins are an absolute godsend for any size bathroom—but especially for those struggling to find storage. This storage option doesn't have to be huge to make an impact, though. In this bathroom designed by Malcolm Simmons for Emily Henderson Designs, a small built-in over the sink is the perfect size to store face wash, soap, and other valuable items without taking up additional sink space.

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    Marble Shelf for an Elegant Feel

    marble floating shelf

    Burchard Design Co.

    Wood is a classic option for floating shelves, but if you want to dress your bathroom up a bit, try opting for a marble shelf instead. This small shelf is the perfect size for a piece of artwork and a few decor items, and the marble paired with gold braces adds a chic appeal to this glamorous bathroom designed by Burchard Design Co.

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    Add a Shelf Under Your Vanity

    floating shelf under vanity

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Naturally, this will depend on the type of vanity you have. If you have a floating version like in this bathroom by Michelle Berwick Design, adding an additional floating shelf underneath is a perfect solution to double your storage space. It's ideal for extra towels and other items you want to access quickly.

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    Use What You Have

    use a towel rack

    Emily Henderson

    Sometimes shelving can appear in the most unexpected places. Looking around and taking in what options you already have can be a huge asset in figuring out your storage options. A towel rack, for example, obviously will hold decorative cloths, but may also be a surprising foundation to showcase decor without using the much-coveted sink or shelf space.

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    Shelves For Every Part of Your Bathroom

    floating shelf in small bathroom nook

    Laquita Tate Styling and Design

    If your bathroom has a private nook for the toilet, like this one designed by Laquita Tate Styling and Design, it may be tempting to feel as though you don't need any storage options there. However, adding a small shelf above your toilet can be a perfect place to store toilet paper rolls or other items that you need quick access to, without having to go around the corner.

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    More Built-Ins

    built ins shower/bathroom

    Burchard Design Co.

    If you're lucky enough to be undergoing a small bathroom renovation, or you already have a few built-ins that aren't utilized to their fullest potential, it's time to put them to work. This adorable bathroom from Burchard Design Co. seen on Instagram, created two separate shelves from multiple wall cutouts. If you have the room, adding an extra shelf or two to a built-in can really multiply your space.  

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    Blend Your Shelves

    black floating shelves in black and white wall

    Laquita Tate Styling and Design

    If you're concerned that shelving will look bulky or cluttered in your small bathroom, this black and white style by Laquita Tate Styling and Design is a great alternative. By painting the shelves the same color as the wall, the eye is not immediately drawn to them and they don't feel overwhelming. It creates the illusion of a bigger space while still giving you the storage you need. 

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    Hanging Wicker Shelves

    wicker shelves

    JC Designs

    We love baskets in every room in the house and this adorable look from JC Designsgives a similar feel with these wicker shelves. ​​Matching shelves with a wraparound brace that ensures nothing falls out is perfect for taller bathroom toiletries and other essentials Try this look with subway tile or other natural accents, depending on the look and feel of your bathroom. 

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    Make Use of Window Space

    small bathroom storage ideas

    Design: Emily Bowser for EHD/Photographer: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    If you have a bathroom with a window, then you likely have some very valuable surface space to take advantage of. In this bathroom designed by Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Designs, a bare, deep-set window becomes the perfect opportunity for shelf space. Rather than just using the edge of the window, a few wooden shelves were installed to triple the storage space.

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    A Multi-Functional Shelf

    eclectic bathroom with artwork and plants

    Martina's Cosy Crib

    This mirror shelf in this bathroom from Martina's Cosy Crib is perfect for a small space because it works double-time. It offers storage for everything you need and a few hooks to hold face or handcloths.

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    Add a Bench

    bench in small bathroom


    Small bathrooms mean making the most of your space, so adding a bench may seem improbable. However, if you take a look around, you may notice unused space that could offer the solution you're looking for. This bathroom by S.U.S.A.P. on Instagram has a wooden bench perfectly tucked away into the small cove underneath the sink. It's a perfect place to store a plant, or even provide a seat when needed.