17 Small Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Small wooden bathroom shelf with items on top and wooden pegs with towels hanging

The Spruce / Almar Creative

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    Look to the Walls

    Bathroom with storage
    My Fabuless Life

    When you have a small bathroom, it's easy to feel overwhelmed trying to find space for all of your odds and ends, especially if you want to keep your room organized and serene. But the good news is that small bathrooms can be quaint and beautiful, and they give you an opportunity to use your creative juices. If you don't want to give up your precious floor space for storage, look to the walls. 

    In this bathroom from My Fabuless Life, blogger Jenn utilized the empty space above and on her toilet to store knick-knacks and magazines in her small space. Adding a floating shelf above the toilet is an easy way to add a little charm to a teeny bathroom. Here are even more of our favorite small bathroom shelving ideas. 

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    Storage on Wheels

    Rolling bathroom storage


    This charming little bathroom from melaniejadedesign found on Instagram uses the RÅSKOG rolling cart from IKEA to store every necessary product (and more!) in a way that's both attractive and removable. While an immobile cabinet may feel bulky in a small space, this rolling cart can easily be removed when you have guests over or ​need to clean without stuff getting in the way. The RÅSKOG has a cult-like following and it's not very hard to see why. 

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    Go Industrial

    Bathroom with an industrial feel
    Cherished Bliss

    You may think your bathroom is the last place for industrial, modern decor, but this adorable DIY from Cherished Bliss is proof that with a little creativity it can look absolutely stunning. Blogger Ashley used black iron pipes to anchor the shelves and created a rustic, farmhouse-inspired look without spending much money. We recommend using reclaimed wood (or faking it) to fully round out the look. Pair with neutral colors to keep your bathroom feeling chic and calming. 

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    A Leather Hanging Shelf

    Leather and wood hanging shelf with products on it
    A Pair & A Spare

    Here's another DIY that looks even better than store-bought. As seen on the ​blog A Pair & A Spare, this shelf uses strips of leather to hug and hold a wood shelf. We love this for small bathrooms because you can customize the length and fit it in any nook or cranny. Just be sure to waterproof the leather to avoid discoloration from moisture.   

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    Think Horizontal

    Bathroom with wallpaper
    Jenna Sue Design Co.

    When you have a small bathroom, it's important to really think about all the unused space and put it to work. This gorgeously designed bathroom from Jenna Sue Design Co. utilizes a thin shelf that runs just above the wallpaper. We love this because it acts as surface space for extra decorations (like greenery or flowers) or as a landing pad for cosmetics and other necessities. 

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    A Multi-Functional Shelf

    bathroom shelf with a hanging towel


    This cubby shelf DIYed by handmadeloftinthepark from Instagram is perfect for a small space because it works double-time. It offers storage for everything you need and a wooden towel bar to hold face or handcloths. The distressed wood is everything we love about farmhouse style—pair with dried lavender or a neutral candle and you'll never want to leave your bathroom. 

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    A Unique Toilet Paper Shelf

    Toilet paper shelf
    DIY Show Off

    A running theme in decorating small rooms is utilizing every inch of space, and this toilet paper shelf created by blogger DIY Show Off is the epitome of that. This totally easy-to-DIY shelf gives you space to toss your cell phone (we won't tell anyone), store an extra roll of paper or display a charming succulent. 

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    Look to Your Shower

    Shower with shelving
    Wit and Delight

    A hanging shower caddy is nice, but for optimal storage space in a small bathroom, built-in shelving is a must. This modern shower stall from Wit and Delight is perfect for all of your extra shampoos and body washes. We love how seamlessly the shelving blends in with the tile work and doesn't look cluttered or crowded. If you're planning a bathroom makeover, look to your shower or tub for extra storage. 

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    A Low-Profile Shelf

    Leaning bathroom shelf above the toilet


    Just because you don't have a lot of floor space in your bathroom doesn't mean you can't fit a standing shelf. This leaning over-the-toilet shelf from beautyforasheswoodwork found on Instagram is rustic, beautiful and practical. You may think of over-the-toilet storage as outdated or clunky, but this modern update proves it can be as stylish as it is useful. If the top shelf is too high to be comfortably accessed, display a beautiful print (like this stunning horse portrait) to add personality to your bathroom. 

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    Storage Solutions Up High

    Shelf above the door in a bathroom

    Above-the-door shelves are perfect for small spaces because they allow you to store lesser-used items like extra toilet paper or guest towels without cluttering your bathroom. This version from Homedit uses custom cut-to-size plywood and shelf brackets you can find at any hardwood store. Toss your cleaning supplies on this out-of-sight shelf—just don't forget to bring them down once in a while. 

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    Organize Your Vanity

    Rolling under the bathroom sink storage


    You can add significant storage space to the vanity you already own by using rolling cabinet organizers, as seen in this bathroom by lois_walkingonsunshinerecipes. Make sure to measure your vanity (and be mindful of pipes) before you buy, but it can add very useful vertical storage to an otherwise neglected space. 

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    Try a Folding Table (Or Shelf!)

    Small white bathroom with folding shelf


    A folding shelf is a perfect solution for small bathrooms that lack in counter or vanity space. This minimalistic shelf from soofievs folds and tucks away when not in use, saving your precious footage. We love this idea as a folding makeup vanity, ironing board or any surface space that you don't need every day. 

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    A Multi-Purpose Radiator Cover

    Radiator cover in a bathroom
    Shannon Claire Interiors

    If some of your small bathroom is taken up by a traditional radiator, a cover like this one by Shannon Claire Interiors can give you back some of that space. Not only does it add a little extra shelf area, but it also covers unsightly old radiators and adds a classic touch to your bathroom. 

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    Blend Your Shelves

    Dark gray bathroom shelf


    If you're concerned that shelving will look bulky or cluttered in your small bathroom, this dark gray design by small.flat.ideas found on Instagram is a great alternative. By painting the shelves the same color as the wall, the eye is not immediately drawn to them and they don't feel overwhelming. It creates the illusion of a bigger space while still giving you the storage you need. 

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    Extend the Shelf

    Bathroom with a shelf

    This renovated bathroom from designsixtynine has a built-in shelf that really works for the small space. By extending the shelf through the entire length of the wall, you get extra storage space both on top and built-in. When looking for creative storage solutions in a small bathroom, it's important to consider every inch of unused space. 

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    More Built-Ins

    Bathroom with built in shelving


    If you're lucky enough to be undergoing a small bathroom renovation, or you already have a few built-ins that aren't utilized to their fullest potential, it's time to put them to work. This adorable bathroom from raili_ca_design, seen on Instagram, created three separate shelves from a single wall cutout. If you have the room, adding an extra shelf or two to a built-in can really multiply your space.  

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    Hanging Baskets

    Hanging baskets against green wall
    A Beautiful Mess

    We love baskets in every room in the house, and this adorable look from A Beautiful Mess is no exception. ​​By turning affordable wire baskets on their side, you get a lot of storage space for little effort. Try this look with vintage wicker baskets or even strong woven cloth baskets, depending on the look and feel of your bathroom.