Small Bathroom Storage Tips and Tricks

Make the best use of small bathroom space with these storage ideas

small bathroom
Chuck Schmidt/E+/Getty Images

So! I just moved to a new apartment this last week, and I have to deal with a smaller bathroom than what I've gotten used to in my last house. (Well, the last house actually had two bathrooms, so even dropping down to one is a shock!) My main challenge right now is dealing with my cat's litter box--I don't want to keep it anywhere else in the house, so in the tiny bathroom it goes.

But of course, I still need more storage, because who has enough storage in their bathroom?

never do. How do I get more out of this tiny space? With a little budget and some research, I've found these ideas to be the most helpful and promising to help me deal with my space problem.

Bring it up

The easiest way to make space in your small bathroom is to bring the storage up--along the walls and above your toilet. This is the best way to keep clutter off your countertop--where you want space for your daily items like toothbrush, moisturizer and such.

It's easy to find single shelves or shelving units you can hang on the wall at your local hardware store, or even online. For some well deserved bathroom style, you can install cool shelves like this modern-industrial shelving unit from Etsy.

Think of using spaces that are practical and easy to reach; keep the extra towels close to the bath or shower rather than the sink, and put your makeup and grooming items where you can reach for them easily.


"Above the toilet"-type shelving units are also practical where horizontal space is narrow. You can find many versions of this type of shelf, made in wood or metal, to suit your tastes and style.


The worst enemy of efficient space is clutter. I should know, with my tiny bathroom I now have to take special care not leave random items around.

It makes the bathroom look cluttered and smaller.

Organization comes in many forms, but the basic tenet is: everything has a place and everything in its place. As a mildly disorganized person myself, I do my best to keep like items together--even though it doesn't always work.

So what's the secret to a well-organized small bathroom? Think small bins, organizers and holders. For example, keep your toothbrushes clean and off the edge of the sink with toothbrush holders. Keep your makeup organized and easy to access with vanity trays and organizers. Arrange cotton swabs and balls in canisters for easy access instead of in their original bags.

For items you buy in bulk when it's on special--toothpaste, hand cream, soap, etc--think about purchasing organizers for the space under your sink. (Isn't this always the messiest part of the bathroom?) I'm a fan of the cheap small plastic dressers for small items, and for bigger things like my hair dryer and flat iron, I love things like this over-the-cabinet-door basket.

Keep it clear

The best way to avoid losing space to clutter in a small bathroom is to keep surfaces clear. It requires constant vigilance against clutter, but if you follow the tips and ideas above for shelving and organizing your items, it won't be too difficult.

And the great thing is, nowadays, organizers come for all styles and tastes, whether you prefer a more traditional bathroom or something definitely modern. Choosing the right material makes all the difference!