25 Small Bathrooms with Great Feng Shui

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    Small Bathrooms with Beauty and Character

    Bathrooms have the worst reputation in feng shui, and especially so the small bathrooms. Is it true, though? Is your small bathroom doomed to have bad feng shui? Absolutely not! Let me show you 25 beautiful bathrooms with really good and inspiring feng shui energy.

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    Warm Blue in the Bathroom

    The stunning blue color in this tiny bathroom is just magnificent! Plus brass accessories and dark wood, all is kept simple and so warm and inviting. One of the rare cases when blue color actually feels warm. Notice how the bathtub is painted the same color as the wall and the radiators - all creating a more expanded space.

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    An Energized Bathroom

    color in the bathroom
    (c) bhg.com

    Here's a great and easy way to energize a small, blah-feeling bathroom with bright color and crisp details. You have fresh white color pendants, beautiful oval mirrors in black frames and "His" and "Hers" bright art. The stunning choice of faucets completes and grounds the energy very nicely in this bathroom.

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    Art Gallery in the Bathroom

    art wall in the bathroom
    via homedit.com

    The dark color walls and a variety of art placed in the gallery style, plus a colorful rug, make this into a bathroom to remember!

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    Nature Accessories

    Bright nature accessories and natural tones make this bathroom feel fresh and warm at the same time. All the textures and shapes work very harmoniously to create a sense of crisp freshness in this bathroom.

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    Simple Luxury

    A focal point wall in a dark color, a super oversized mirror in a twig frame, a Boston fern plant and just a few simple accessories make this into a bathroom with a relaxed and luxurious feel.

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    Green and Blue Colored Bathroom

    colorful bathroom
    (c) bhg.com

    Warm splashes of soft green and blue pastel colors make it into a warm, happy (and well-organized!) bathroom.

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    Crisp, Beautiful Bathroom

    Here's a great example or a tiny bathroom with great feng shui - from the black honeycomb patterned floor to the crisp white plus brass fittings and the unforgettable kilim rug. Crisp, colorful, warm and fresh energy in this very tiny bathroom create great feng shui!

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    Feminine Bathroom

    white and gold bathroom
    (c) bhg.com

    I love this tiny, feminine and so very beautiful bathroom! Notice how it is all created with an oversized mirror, a chandelier, and a sweet sand dollar mobile on the inner wall of the bathroom.

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    Tiny, Vibrant Bathroom

    small black and white bathroom
    via stylecaster.com

    This bathroom is tinier than tiny and so very well-done! Crisp white color contrasted with a wall of black tiles, the gilded mirror, the rich wood floor and the art are all brilliant details. The splash of saturated yellow makes it burst to life with joy! Love it.

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    Black and White Bathroom

    The beautiful white paneled walls and the black color detailing make this into an elegant bathroom to remember. Notice the black color paint on the ceiling - clever and so beautiful!

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    From Ordinary to Bright

     A splash or red color on the wall and black color on the sink make this quite ordinary bathroom easily come to life.

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    Crisp Elegance

    Look at this crisp and stunning bathroom! Love the high gloss black color door, the white subway tiles with dark grout and the few elegant and crisp golden accessories. Love the overall feeling of elegant, fresh and simple luxury.


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    A Splash of Color

    A big splash of magenta pink color in this bathroom is all it takes for it to become fantastic! The natural art on the wall and the plant add to the simple joyful feeling without visually competing. 

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    A Country Bathroom

    country bathroom
    via umamigirl.com

    Love the paneled wall painted in dusty blue color and the simple country shelving. The table covered in simple material and the linen blinds make this small bathroom so very charming.

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    Small Bathroom, Big Voice

    Here's a small bathroom with a big voice. Love the oversized bouquet of branches, the wooden stool and the old wooden mirror on the wall. With tons of natural light coming in, this bathroom is very peaceful.

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    Bright Light Bathroom

    plant in the bathroom
    (c) @amberinteriors/instagram

    With a crisp white wall color that is bright enough to blind you, plus the jet black color of the pot this bathroom would be very yin-yang if not for the pop of rich red color rug softened by the bamboo shades.

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    The Gentleman's Bathroom

    tiny bathroom with art
    via anurbancottage.blogspot.ca

    The dark wood toilet seat cover, the well-styled wall art and the mirror (plus the cologne bottle) say it all.  Even without reading the gentlemen" sign on the door! A stylish, tiny and warm bathroom, love it.

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    Zen Bathroom

    white bathroom
    via orange-tropics/tumblr.com

    The crisp energy of square and rectangular shapes and the all-white color scheme make this into a very serene bathroom. The natural motives add warmth and a bit of character to this beautiful bathroom.

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    Colorful Art in the Bathroom

    wall art in a white bathroom
    via homedit.com

    Here's another example of gallery style wall art bold in color - and doubled by its view in the mirror!

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    Whimsical Bathroom

    chalk paint black and white bathroom
    via designspongeonline.com

    Whimsical wall painting on the bathroom wall and nickel sink finishing, high baseboards and good lighting make this a joyful bathroom.

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    Wallpapered Bathroom

    Stunning wallpaper with paneling and just a few details create a beautiful small bathroom

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    Peaceful Bathroom

    Peaceful art and a flow of simplicity in this beautiful bathroom are great examples of good feng shui. From the hat shaped wall pendants with golden color inside to the side table with a big bouquet of flowers and the flowing shape bathtub, it is all beautiful.

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    Cozy or Cluttered?

    This bathroom might look cluttered with all the plants, but the old ladder and the hunter green color tiles give it a sense of natural charm and coziness.

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    Colorful Accessories

    Crips colorful accessories will always make a small clean bathroom come to life with vibrant energy.

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    Simple Bathroom

    white bathroom storage
    (c) everythingfab.com

    A variety of white color tones and a subtle play of shapes bring a sweet quality of energy to this simple, unpretending bathroom.

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