15 Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas

sconces above twin beds

Erin Williamson Design

Small space dwellers, this one's for you. If you worry that your tiny bedroom will never come together in a way that doesn't look cramped or incomplete, think again. Just because your bedroom is lacking in square footage doesn't mean that you can't make it look great. And one way to make your sleep space shine is by choosing the right lighting for the room. When your room is well-lit, it will appear larger and less cave-like, and you'll also be able to get more use out of the space—no one likes to read or complete computer tasks in the dark, after all!

If you're worried about having enough surfaces for multiple lamps in a petite space, fear not. There are so many options for brightening up a small bedroom without eating up valuable floor or surface space, we promise. Below are 15 small bedroom lighting ideas that demonstrate the many ways you can creatively use sconces, string lights, and more to your advantage.

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    Install Chic Sconces in the Style of Your Choosing

    black sconces above bed

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    Sconces are a popular lighting solution in small bedrooms as they can be hung on both sides of the bed without taking up space on the nightstand—if you even have room for such a piece. There are so many different styles of sconces to choose from; you'll surely be able to come across an option that complements your design aesthetic. Maybe you're drawn to black or metal sconces that lean more modern, or perhaps you'll fall in love with a grand millennial style sconce with a pleated shade. There are plenty of picks out there!

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    Opt for a Lamp That Easily Swivels

    shared desk and bedside lamp

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    In small bedrooms, many people will choose to place a desk or vanity next to their bed, allowing it to double as a nightstand. If you decide to do so, opt for a lamp that swivels. That way, you can turn it to face your bed as you read under the covers at night and, during the workday, you can move the piece to accommodate your desktop tasks.

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    Try Plug-In Sconces if You're a Renter

    sconce above bed

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    Maybe you love the look of sconces but are unsure as to whether they'll work for you as a renter. Keep in mind that there are plenty of gorgeous plug-in sconces like these on the market. These sconces are an excellent solution for renters, given that they can be easily installed and removed without making any electrical alterations.

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    Hang Some String Lights Above the Bed for Extra Glow

    string lights over bed

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    String lights aren't just for the patio! Hang some above your bed to add a moody touch to your sleep space. At night, you can turn off your overhead light and relax under a more subtle glow as you prep for some shut-eye.

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    Choose a Bedside Lamp That Truly Enhances Your Space

    tall lamp next to twin bed

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    If you love the look of a traditional bedside lamp, you certainly don't have to forgo one in a small space. In this instance, you'll want to opt for a lamp that isn't just functional but also adds visual interest to your space. This tall, white base matches this room's cottage-style decor perfectly.

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    Hang Pendant Lights Beside the Bed at Varying Heights

    hanging lights on either side of bed

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    Hanging pendant lights on either side of the bed is a fun alternative to sconces. Note that you can install the lights at various heights if you wish for a more artful look.

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    Express Your Personal Style With a Light Like This One

    hanging rattan pendant

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    A rattan pendant light brings a touch of coastal charm to this bedroom. It's another great alternative to a traditional sconce and adds plenty of texture to the space. Many people enjoy DIYing their own pendant lights, too, so if you're feeling crafty, by all means, go for it!

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    Creatively Scatter Light Sources Throughout Your Room

    multiple lighting sources in bedroom

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    Maximize your lighting options by placing a sconce, pendant light, and a bedside lamp in your room, as shown here. Note that sconces can be placed on any wall; they don't need to sit beside the headboard.

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    Spell Out a Fave Phrase With a Neon Wall Sign

    neon sign above bed

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    Neon lights aren't just a way to add personality to a space, they can also provide extra brightness! Spell out a favorite phrase, song lyric, or just your name, and sit back and admire this groovy addition to your bedroom. Neon signs are enjoyable in kids' and adults' rooms alike and are particularly popular in nurseries.

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    Shop for Cute Lantern Lights to Jazz Up Your Headboard

    string lanterns on headboard

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    Wrap string lights around or through your headboard to add both color and whimsy to your bedroom. Lights like these are ultra-affordable and add a laid-back touch to any space.

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    Hang Them Above Your Desk, Too

    string lanterns above desk

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    Additionally, you can also hang string lights above your desk to brighten up your 9 to 5. Working from home just got a little more festive!

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    Or Grab Some Sleek LED Lights Instead

    string lights on picture ledge

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    Add a LED strand to a shelf, headboard, desk, you name it! Whether you opt for classic or colorful bulbs is up to you.

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    Pick Out a Double-Pronged, Adjustable Sconce

    multipronged sconce on wall

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    A double-pronged sconce like this one will brighten up any corner while adding contemporary flair to your space. Look for one with adjustable arms to fit your every need.

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    Select a Sconce Finish That Pops Against Your Wall Paint Color

    brass sconce on dark green wall

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    To add some drama to your bedroom, pick a sconce that will pop against your wall color. Not sure where to begin? Moody greens and blues always look beautiful with brass accents.

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    Make the Most of a Bedroom for Two

    sconces above twin beds

    Erin Williamson Design

    In a small bedroom for two, it often makes the most sense to place a nightstand with just one lamp between twin beds. As an alternative, hanging sconces above each bed will make a shared bedroom much brighter and allow each person to control their own lighting preferences. It's truly a win-win.