25 Small Craft Room Ideas to Fuel Your Creativity

Craft room with floating wood desk and shelves

Michelle Berwick Design

Just because you're working with minimal square footage doesn't mean you can't infuse your craft room with plenty of style and personality. From decorating the walls and ceiling and creating a color scheme that sets the tone, to getting creative with storage solutions, we're sharing our favorite small craft room ideas to fuel your creativity.

An efficient organizational system is especially important in a small space and the rooms below provide plenty of inspiration for creating a stylish craft room that's organized, fun to be in, and boosts creativity.

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    Add a Pegboard

    Craft room with a big pegboard

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Add tons of storage space and versatility to your craft room by installing a pegboard on the wall. This simple but clever tool allows you to switch up the look and configuration of the wall without making any permanent changes.

    Use it to hang baskets, hooks, shelves, and open caddies to hold everything from markers and paintbrushes to knitting supplies and personal decorative items.

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    Mix Open and Closed Storage

    Built-in desk and shelves in a small craft room

    LeeAnn Baker Interiors

    A mix of open and closed storage—such as the combination of cabinets and floating shelves—creates a more interesting visual statement, especially in a small space. It also provides hidden storage for bulky, less visually appealing items while giving you a spot to display your craft creations and smaller supplies you like you have on hand.

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    Go for a Pop Of Color

    Built-in shelf and window seat painted in a light blue color

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Fuel your creativity by adding a fun pop of color to the built-in components of your craft room, such as bookcases and window seats. There's nothing like being surrounded by objects and colors that inspire you. Interior paint is a great starting point and foundation for creating an environment that helps you get in the creative zone.

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    Display Craft Supplies

    Craft supplies stored in mason jars

    Rhys Hayward / Getty Images

    Make your favorite craft supplies serve double duty by turning them into display items on open shelves. Mason jars aren't just great for serving homemade lemonade or holding flowers from the farmer's market, they're also a good vessel for storing small crafting items such as buttons, pencils, and ribbons.

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    Incorporate Seating

    Craft room with sprinkle wallpaper, hanging chair and a chalkboard on the wall

    Michelle Berwick Design

    When space permits, incorporate a seat or two into your craft room, whether for moments when you're planning your next project or to invite someone else in. Consider adding a unique chair—such as this hanging macrame chair or a vintage leather one—for another layer of style as well as comfort, of course.

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    Add Labels

    Markers and crayons in two clear bins with labels on them

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Labels aren't just a practical detail that helps you find what you're looking for quickly, they also create a neat and uniform look. Whether handwritten or printed, add labels of the same style to bins and baskets.

    This is also a great way to declutter and organize your craft room, as it forces you to go through supplies you may not have used for a while to sort, categorize, and group items before you can label your storage containers.

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    Bounce Light Around With a Mirror

    white minimal crafts corner room

    Leclair Decor

    Whenever you're working with a small space, hanging a mirror is an excellent way to bounce light around and make the room feel larger. Your craft room is no exception. One trick is to hang it opposite your favorite decorative feature in the room so that it's reflected in the mirror.

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    Get Creative With Storage Solutions

    Craft room desk with yarn organized in small wooden crates

    KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    What's a better place to get creative with decor and storage than a craft room? You don't have to stick to shelves in the traditional sense when it comes to storing your craft supplies.

    Get creative and stack small wooden crates to hold yarn, use ceramic bowls for beads and buttons, and repurpose flower pots to house paintbrushes, markers, and tools. The possibilities are endless and these creative storage solutions won't just add function, they're a great way to fuel your creativity.

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    Hang Inspiration on the Walls

    Sewing room with two tables and various images posted on the wall

    eclipse_images / Getty Images

    Create an inspiring environment by hanging up items that you find interesting, whether that's a fabric swatch, a wallpaper sample, or a vintage photograph. Hang them directly on the wall using washi tape, a pegboard, a cork board, or fabric covered inspiration board to frame your favorites.

    Keep adding and switching what you have on the walls as seasons and holidays change to keep your mind and creativity fresh.

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    Create Uniformity

    Basement craft room with a desk and storage cabinets

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    In small spaces, there is power in continuity. Uniformity creates a harmonious look and if you have multiple pieces of furniture in your small craft room none of which match in color or style and the mismatched look isn't really working—consider painting them the same color for a common thread and consistency.

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    Decorate the Walls and Ceiling

    Craft room with white shelving

    Casa Watkins Living

    Don't overlook the walls and ceiling in your craft room, they form the base layer of the space and are a great way to set the tone. Go for bold pops of orange, blue, and yellow to create a cheerful environment that boosts creativity—choose calming neutrals for a serene-feeling room where you can relax, or go dark and moody for a space that encourages focus and contemplation.

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    Organize Drawers

    Clear compartments with craft supplies in a drawer

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Keep your craft room neat and organized by implementing organizational tools such as drawer dividers and bins. Clear containers specifically designed to keep drawers tidy are an excellent way to keep your space tidy. Every item has a designated spot—like items are grouped so you can easily find them, and you always know when a supply needs to be replenished.

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    Add Texture With Baskets

    White shelf with books and craft supplies in bins and baskets

    Casa Watkins Living

    Baskets are great vessels for holding various supplies in your craft or sewing room, such as yarn and fabric scraps. Besides their practical use and size versatility, they're also a beautiful way to bring new textures and a natural element onto your shelves. Mix wire, jute, and woven cotton basket to create layers of visual interest for an inspiring (and organized) space.

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    Think Vertically

    Vertical storage above a desk

    Antoninapotapenko / Getty Images

    If you're working with small square footage in your craft room, think vertical and utilize space above your work surface. You can do so in a number of ways—hang a closed cabinet, floating shelves, open storage caddies, or an inspiration board to maximize and make the most of minimal space.

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    Bring the Outdoors in

    Lots of plants in an attic room

    @martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    Add a natural element, a touch of greenery, and a calming effect to your craft room with potted plants. Hang plants from the ceiling, place small potted plants on a shelf, or fill an empty corner with a tall floor plant to bring the outdoors in and let the creativity out.

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    Use a Rolling Cart

    Blue cart with craft supplies

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Use a rolling cart to bring in a splash of color and some extra storage to your craft room. It's an inexpensive, non-permanent way to gain additional storage space that doesn't take up too much room and can easily be moved from spot to spot. Store paint supplies in it and roll it to your easel or table when painting you're ready to paint—it's a convenient and space-saving craft room must-have.

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    Keep Organization Stylish

    Craft supplies organized in clear containers on shelves

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Acrylic storage containers such as turntables, lidded containers, and labeled bins are stylish storage solutions for open shelves in your craft room. They keep supplies visible so you can quickly grab what you need—the material has a modern and streamlined look, and it allows you to group items by color if you want to go for a rainbow-themed organizational system.

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    Hang Tools

    Craft room with a plywood wall with tools hanging on it

    SrdjanPav / Getty Images

    Instead of bulky and possibly hazardous tools such as saws taking up shelf space, keep them out of the reach of kids and pets and hang them up on the wall.

    You can do this in several ways, from adding hooks to the wall, installing a pegboard, or leaning an oversized piece of plywood against the wall. It adds a textural element as well as warmth while providing plenty of hanging room for all your tools.

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    Go Minimalist

    Craft room with floating wood desk and shelves

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Built-ins don't necessarily mean a wall full of floor-to-ceiling bookcases, go minimalist and create a clutter-free craft room with a built-in floating work surface and shelves above it. Either float the shelves on the wall or suspend them from the ceiling and use them to hold craft supplies, decorative items, and personal mementos for an inspiring and welcoming space.

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    Build an Island

    craft room with island

    Kate Marker Interiors

    If space permits, incorporate an island into your craft room. You may think of an island more for a kitchen, but it's an incredibly useful feature to add to a crafting space. It serves two purposes—it provides storage in the form of open shelves, closed cabinets, or pull-out drawers, and it's also an additional work surface that you can surround with counter stools.

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    Hang Open Caddies

    Hanging metal containers with craft supplies

    Roongsak Yodquian / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Open caddies are one of those storage tools that can be used in a variety of spaces. They're an especially functional way to store supplies in a kids' craft room since they are easily accessible and not breakable. Hang them at a lower height so that your kids can reach them and easily grab what they need, and make cleanup at the end of the day quick and efficient.

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    Incorporate a Storage Drawer System

    Craft room pull-out drawers

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    A small attic room is often a good location for a craft room as it provides a cozy ambiance and its size doesn't accommodate many other functions. The slanted ceiling can provide a challenge and one way to work around it is to incorporate a storage drawer system into the space.

    It maintains a neat, uniform look while adding plenty of space for various types of supplies and allows you to divide them by craft.

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    Create Designated Work Stations

    Sewing room with various craft supplies on the wall above the desk

    duh84 / Getty Images

    If you use your craft room for various different activities, from sewing and painting to card making and gift wrapping, create a designated nook or workstation for each. This means you won't have to keep moving tools and supplies from one place to another which could cause damage, and it'll save you time, leaving more room to have fun and get creative.

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    Let the Light in

    Craft room in an attic

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    Keep the windows in your craft room as open as possible by eliminating bulky window treatments. Use roman shades or woven blinds that block minimal light and allow the sun in so you can see what you're working on and have an undistorted view of colors if you're painting or drawing.

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    Store Like Items Together

    Drawer dividers with craft supplies

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Whether hidden or on display, store similar items in your craft room together. Use bamboo or acrylic dividers for drawers, bins, baskets for shelves, and bowls and caddies to hold items on your desk.