9 Small Decor Changes to Make You Love Your Home Even More

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    Decor Ideas That Will Give You the Warm Fuzzies


    What's the recipe for making a house a home? Warm and fuzzy ingredients like small decorative touches that personalize your space. The following nine ideas share how tiny decor changes will get you to love your home even more. 

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    Show an Unloved Wall Some Love

    Not sure what to do with that weird in-between wall in your long hallway? A smartly placed silhouette like this bird decal will add a dose of delightful whimsy in a surprising place.

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    Show a Sofa Some Love

    Pretty Pegs

    If your sofa is looking kind of tired, here are two ideas that will spruce things up.

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    Cross Stitch an Old Dresser

    We heart cross stitching because it's fun and easy to do. The gang at Molly Makes shares how you can dress up an old dresser using a needle and yarn.

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    Awkward No More

    Got an awkward piece of storage furniture? You can turn that eyesore into beautiful decor with peel and stick wallpaper. 

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    Dress Up Your Door Knobs

    Dressing up your interior door knobs is a cute way to personalize your space. You can use jewelry, tassels, baby shoes -- you name it!

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    Treat Your Home to Clean Air

    air purifying plants
    Getty Images

    Indoor air pollution is no joke. The air quality in some homes can be five times higher than outdoors according to the EPA. A couple of spider plants will reduce the number of harmful airborne chemicals in your home.

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    Show a Simple Wood Chair Some Love


    Woven wall hangings are on trend. This idea shows how to dress up a boring chair with yarn and fabric. Here's how to get weaving.

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    Get Yo'self Motivated

    Salt Studio Prints

    A non-cheesy and funny motivational poster is a decor accent that can provide much-needed inspiration for turning around a bad day. 

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    Show Your Coffee Table Some Love


    Piles of mail. Dirty dishes. Stacks of old magazines: All classic signs that a coffee table needs a little decor love. An attractive tablescape will spruce it up. This video will help you get started.