21 Small Desks Ideal For Small Spaces

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    Desks for Small Spaces

    small desk hero image
    Alison Jennison

    Just because you downsized all of your office stuff (so long three hole puncher), does not necessarily mean you no longer need a workspace at home. When you have a small nook dedicated to surfing, paying bills, or scanning emails you can be more productive.

    But what if you do not have room for a home office? That is not a problem if you have the perfect small desk. To get you inspired, we gathered our favorite small space solutions from floating furniture to standing risers.

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    Floating Window Desk

    corner desk in front of window
    Pause Design

    This window niche sure is pretty, but it created an old nook that wasted space. Enter Pause Design. They turned the funky spot into a functional work area with a custom built floating desk.

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    Midcentury Furniture

    midcentury home office in living room
    Marion Alberge

    Low-slung, midcentury furniture works in small spaces because pieces like these do not carry much visual heft. This vintage 1950s desk in a Paris apartment decorated by Marion Alberge is a terrific example. Its beautiful wood finish and compact design made it a chic fit for the small living room.

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    Tiny Workstation

    turn a tiny hook into a home office
    Megan Georgopoulos

    Making every inch count in a teensy dwelling can be tricky. In this trailer home, interior designer Megan Georgopoulos rises to the challenge by filling an empty recess in the bedroom with a tiny built-in desk.

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    Lucite Desk

    lucite desk in danish danish room close up
    Tara Benet

    If you do not want your future, new desk to be conspicuous, consider getting one made of crystal clear Lucite. This one in a New York City studio apartment by interior designer Tara Benet seemingly disappears into thin air. 

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    Wrap Around Counter

    wall mounted wrap around desk no brackets
    CDK Architects

    Instead of squeezing in a traditional desk in this tiny home office, the design team at CDK Architects installed a wrap around wood counter. Doing so made more room for bookshelves and other storage solutions that were added later. 



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    Floating Drawer

    floating drawer shelf desk
    Sarah Barnard Design

    In this blue kitchen renovated by Sarah Barnard Design, a floating desk drawer with a quartz topper creates an office nook perfect for referencing online recipes.

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    DIY Murphy Desk

    Apartment Therapy

    The Murphy bed is the smart piece of small space furniture that inspired this DIY transforming desk by Apartment Therapy. The project combines wood boards with hinges to create a wall-mounted workspace. The best part, it neatly folds flat against the wall when not needed.

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    DIY Desk Riser

    Copper Standing Desk DIY
    Man Made DIY

    Medical experts agree that a standing desk is darn good for your health. This copper desk riser project by Man Made DIY shares how you can turn any table in your home into a standing workstation. To get crafting you will need two essential tools: A copper pipe cutter and screwdriver.


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    Wire Frame Shelving

    wire frame desk in bedroom
    Alvhem Makleri

    A board added to an inexpensive wire frame shelving unit becomes a surprisingly stylish desk in this Swedish apartment seen on Alvhem Makleri.



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    New Use for a Vintage Dining Table

    vintage end table upcycled to desk
    Merci-Ancsa Decor

    We love cheap, vintage pieces loaded with character. Here an old, wood table with a beautiful patina gets put to work as a desk in this apartment decorated by Merci-Ancsa Decor.

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    Double Duty Desk

    a small desk that turns into a bar

    Double duty furniture can make life in a small home more fun. Case in point, this desk that transforms into a bar. The design by Instructable user JON-A-TRON includes enough space for 20 bottles. There is also a hidden recess for an ice bucket.

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    Bar Height Corner Desk

    corner desk set up
    A Beautiful Mess

    Novice DIYers can turn an untapped corner into a home office by constructing this corner desk for two by A Beautiful Mess. The main ingredients include plywood and shelf brackets.

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    Pair With a Ghost Chair

    lucite desk with ghost chair
    Lindsay Macrae Interiors

    We mentioned earlier that a Lucite desk is a good bet for small spaces. Adding a ghost chair as shown in this apartment by Lindsay Macrae Interiors will make your workspace nearly invisible. 

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    Put a Desk in a Closet

    a small desk in a closet in Scandi apartment
    Alvhem Makleri

    Thanks to inexpensive, wall-mounted shelving this closet featured on Alvhem Makleri conceals a small desk.

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    Live Edge Wood Countertop

    live edge wood countertop desk
    MW Architects

    Add a bit of rustic appeal to a small room with live edge wood. Here the designers at MW Architects used a slab of wood with holes and knots to create a narrow and rugged wall mounted desk.

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    Flea Market Furniture

    vintage table stripped to become a desk
    Merci-Ancsa Decor

    This tiny desk is a tall vintage side table, which was picked up for cheap at a local flea market. To give the piece an edgy new look, the interior designers at Merci-Ancsa Decor stripped off the original finish.

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    Home Office in Kitchen

    tiny desk in washington condo
    Twelve Chairs

    Here are a few bright tips from Miggy Mason and Roisin Giese, the interior design team behind Twelve Chairs. Before installing the tiny desk on the left in a client's condo, they added a cutout for wires to keep them from tangling. The desk chair also functions as an extra seat for the living room. Because their client needed additional space for eating and working, the designers added the compact kitchen booth with underneath storage on the right.


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    Standing Desk Simplified

    folding desk in tiny house
    The Tiny House Project

    Tiny house dwellers know how to make their skimpy square footage sing. In this fun-size abode built by Alek Lisefski the blogger behind The Tiny House Project, a fold-down shelf works as a standing desk. ​​​​

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    Unfurling Furniture

    folding work table in nyc apartment
    Raad Studio

    Two smart solutions including a Murphy bed turn the bedroom in this small New York City apartment designed by Raad Studio into an office during the day. The wood panel on the back wall is a desk with hinges that unfurls when needed.

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    Make a Desk in 60 Seconds

    diy ikea desk from Shift Interiors
    Shift Interiors

    Making a small custom desk in a minute is a snap with this smart tip from ​Shift Interiors. Here a wood board placed on top of two small cabinets instantly becomes a workspace with plenty of storage.

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    Open and Airy Furniture

    leggy desk and chair in nyc apartment
    Alison Jennison

    If you are shopping around for a small desk this living room by interior designer, Alison Jennison shares a few pointers.

    A chunky desk can crowd a small room. That is why Jennison selected a light and airy option you can practically see through. Because the desk chair is leggy, it too does not carry much visual weight.