10 Small Guest Room Ideas

Bedroom with colorful pillows

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Sure, a pull-out couch works just fine for guests, but trust us when we say aunt Mary would probably rather have a guest room to herself. But just because you don't have endless space doesn't mean you can't host your guests in style.

Whether you have a dedicated guest room or a rarely-used room you repurpose for guests when they stay over, a cozy guest room is enough to make anyone feel welcome and at home.

If you're wondering how to make the most out of a small guest space, here are our favorite cozy guest rooms your friends and family will never want to leave.

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    Keep It Simple

    Bedroom with black iron bed

    rebeccadriggsinteriors / Instagram

    If the idea of decorating yet another room in your house has you sweating with anxiety, remember that some of the best guest rooms are both classic and simple. This lovely room from rebeccadriggsinteriors is purposefully decorated and welcoming, but doesn't overwhelm with decor.

    We love the traditional wrought iron bed and cozy layered bedding in this space. When outfitting your guest room, pick traditional pieces that won't look dated with time.

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    Add a Side Chair

    Bedroom with colorful pillows

    pinestreethouse / Instagram

    Another must in a guest room? A side chair. If not for sitting, a side chair is key for your guests to toss coats and bags after a long day. We love this colorful little guest room from pinestreethouse, which features a lovely antique side chair. Even if you don't have a lot of space, a small chair makes a great addition to any guest room.

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    Don't Shy Away From Color

    Colorful bedroom

    erika_barczak / Instagram

    It's hard to deny that this bedroom from erika_barczak is incredibly fun and happy. While we love moody color schemes, this rainbow color palette is a great idea if you want to brighten up a smaller guest room with a cheery theme.

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    Create an Accent Wall

    Bedroom with wall hangings and wallpaper

    the.nutthouse / Instagram

    One way to make your guest room feel instantly complete is a bold accent wall, like this one from the.nutthouse. Use either stencils or wallpaper to create an eye-catching accent wall that acts as both a focal point for the room and a starting point for the rest of the decor.

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    Add Live Plants

    Bedroom with wicker headboard

    rociclando / Instagram

    One of the best ways to brighten up a small space is to add something living. Whether you add a touch of greenery, as seen in this room from rociclando, or you set up a bouquet on the nightstand, bringing something alive into your small guest room is a great way to spruce up the room and make it feel more welcoming and vibrant.

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    Don't Forget the Pillows

    Bedroom with lots of black and white pillows

    red.barn_farmhouse / Instagram

    Textiles are a great way to make any room feel cozy and complete. This lovely bedroom from red.barn_farmhouse proves that layering throw pillows and blankets can add a lot of visual interest and make a room feel finished. Plus, the good news is that you don't need a lot of space to style your room with throw pillows.

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    Create an Oasis

    Bedroom with black walls and a canopy

    ceemcee31 / Instagram

    When decorating a guest room, think about what you love in a bedroom. Not only do you need to consider the essentials (nightstands, candles, lighting)—you need to think about the nice-to-haves as well. This classy room from ceemcee31 features a cozy accent chair and a canopy bed to create a comforting oasis for your guests.

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    Add Photographs

    Bedroom with fig tree in the corner

    an.adorned.abode / Instagram

    Whether they're friends or family, your guests are part of your life. We love the idea of adding personal photos to a guest room, as seen in this space from an.adorned.abode. Not only does it provide a little bit of intimacy to the space, it reminds your guests that anyone who enters is part of the family.

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    Set Out a Guide Book

    Bedroom with yellow pillows and blue wall

    our_cumbria_story / Instagram

    We love this cozy, tranquil guest room from our_cumbria_story, which features a tray with a guide book and other essentials. Setting out a few books about your city or a list of personal recommendations is a great way to make your small guest room feel like it belongs in a hotel.

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    A Multi-Purpose Room

    Bedroom with twin bed and desk

    amy.darley / Instagram

    Just because your guest room serves multiple purposes, that doesn't mean it has to feel thrown together. This lovely office and guest room from amy.darley proves that as long you are deliberate with every design choice in your room, you can bring the look together and create a cohesive space.

Lacking square footage doesn't mean your guest room has to lack style. These cozy and quaint guest rooms prove that size really doesn't matter when it comes to home decor.