18 Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

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Even if your laundry room is small, it's a key space within your home—obviously, it houses your washer and dryer, but it may also be a space to store go-to cleaning supplies, extra linens, and the like. To make the most of a tiny laundry room, you'll need to keep it organized.

We're sharing useful storage solutions that will allow you to maximize your space's potential (while ensuring it looks good, too).

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    Pick Matching Bins and Baskets

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    Make use of open shelving to stash away laundry essentials like towels, detergent, and clothes pins. Opt for baskets and bins that are complementary in color to make this storage space look artful and cohesive.

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    Use a Lazy Susan

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    Clear bins make it easy to see everything you have on hand so that you can grab it in a pinch. Don't hesitate to utilize lazy Susan organizers in your laundry room—they can make a great home for detergents and sprays of all kinds.

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    Work the Walls

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    Make use of that blank wall in your laundry room by installing floor-to-ceiling shelves that you can use to store laundry supplies and cleaning supplies. Clear out that under-sink cabinet once and for all and store your sprays and soaps where you can actually see them.

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    Decant, Decant

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    Get rid of unsightly bottles and boxes and decant your essentials to make your space more aesthetically pleasing. Opting for clear bins with labels, as seen here, ensures that your laundry space is still ultra functional.

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    Keep Surfaces Relatively Clear

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    Use trays and baskets to keep your folding area contained and free of clutter. By no means does this space need to be spotless, but proper organization tools will ensure your necessities are looking nice and neat.

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    Think High

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    If you have space above your washer, make the most of it and hang some open shelving. Various labeled storage baskets are your best friends here!

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    Grab Some Glass Jars

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    Even the most simple upgrades, like placing detergent pods in a glass jar, can make the biggest difference in your laundry space. The end result? A room that feels more curated and luxurious—who knows, maybe you'll actually enjoy doing chores.

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    Display Woven Bins

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    You definitely don't have to sacrifice aesthetics in order to create a storage-friendly laundry room. If you'd rather use wicker baskets than stacking plastic bins, you can still adhere labels to them; acrylic plaques or clear stickers are always a feasible solution.

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    Embrace a Theme

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    Love the idea of a themed space? Embrace it. This farmhouse-style laundry room leaves no detail forgotten. Rather than a traditional hamper, clothes are tossed into an oversized metal pail instead for a decorative touch.

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    Opt for Cabinets

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    If you prefer to keep most of your laundry supplies tucked away, installing cabinets is the way to go. This way, you can leave the items you find yourself using on a more regular basis out, resulting in a more minimalist look.

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    Repurpose the Basics

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    Repurpose traditional household items and use them in new ways in the laundry room to jazz things up. Here, for example, a beverage dispenser neatly holds a fabric softener, which can easily be poured as needed.

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    Make the Most of Every Inch

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    Make use of the space next to your washer and dryer by filling that area with helpful storage bins. Every square inch counts, particularly in small laundry rooms.

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    Go Organic

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    This simple laundry room is filled with thoughtful, organic pieces. A hanging rod makes brushes easy to reach and also looks aesthetically pleasing in this neutral-filled space.

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    Don't Forget a Stool

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    Installing long horizontal shelves will allow you to maximize storage opportunities without taking up floor space. Just make sure that you have a small step stool handy to reach those higher items.

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    Roll With It

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    Once again, detergent looks great displayed in beverage dispensers and is easy to access when placed on top of the washing machine. A nearby rolling shelf makes it easy to sort clothes by family member when it's time for folding.

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    Add an Island

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    If you don't have large countertops for folding clothes, placing an island in the middle of your laundry room can be a foolproof solution. This one is rustic style and makes a major decor statement, too.

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    Light It Up

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    If you're going to spend tons of time in your laundry room, you may as well make it a place that appeals to your aesthetic. Hanging string lights is one simple and affordable way to jazz up the space, simply take a stand of patio lights and you're golden.

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    Divide and Conquer

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    Tired of stacked towels falling over? A divider system like this one makes it easy to store spares without worrying about chaos in the closet.