10 Stylish Small Laundry Rooms and Closets

Small laundry room in a corner

damarisuavila / Instagram

When you think about your favorite spaces in your house, your laundry room probably isn't one of them. Even if you had the space for a gloriously oversized laundry room, you still probably wouldn't rank it as your favorite room. But what makes doing laundry even more of a chore? Not having a dedicated space to do it in.

Whether you're aching to bring that laundry up from a dank, dark basement to the top floor or you simply can't figure out where to put it at all, these lovely yet small laundry "closets" prove that even the smallest spaces can become a laundry room.

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    A Laundry Mudroom

    Washer dryer in cabinets

    inthetudorhouse / Instagram

    A mudroom is one of the most versatile spaces in your home, and serves as a landing pad for dirty boots, soggy raincoats, and so much more. Why not give it another use by turning it into a laundry room as well? This lovely space from inthetudorhouse has two small units tucked away in a cabinet that can easily be closed off when not in use.

    The countertop makes a great place for folding and storing, and the door provides a little natural light to motivate you to finish that last load of laundry.

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    Add Some Wallpaper

    Small laundry room with green wallpaper

    samantha_paige_92 / Instagram

    This fun laundry room from samantha_paige_92 uses bold, patterned wallpaper to give the space depth and create a formal space for cleaning clothes. We love the rustic wall hooks to hang those delicate sweaters and the little pieces of decor sprinkled about to give the space personality.

    Picking the right washer and dryer for your space will give you the most flexibility to create a laundry nook that works for your home.

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    Keep It Organized

    Small laundry room with subway tiles

    Prepford Wife

    We love this laundry closet from Prepford Wife. Not only does it pack a lot into a small space, but the wicker baskets and shelving units help to keep the space organized and clean. If you have a small laundry room or closet, it's even more essential to keep clutter from gathering.

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    A Rustic Laundry Nook

    Small rustic laundry room

    farmhouse_fixer / Instagram

    We love this farmhouse chic laundry closet from farmhouse_fixer. Between the farmhouse sink (yes, even small laundry rooms can have a sink!) and the reclaimed wood finishes, this room feels deliberate and purposefully decorated.

    By decorating your laundry closet or nook in the same style as the rest of your home, it makes the space feel intentional and not a throwaway room.

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    Use Wall Storage

    Small laundry room with storage

    sweetvintage_market / Instagram

    What a small laundry room lacks in space, it can definitely make up for in style. But that doesn't make it less annoying when you're trying to find a place to store your detergent or stain remover. This laundry room from sweetvintage_market takes advantage of all of the wall space with shelving and hooks, making the square footage work even harder.

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    Tucked Away

    Small laundry room in a corner

    damarisuavila / Instagram

    If you can't spare a closet, let alone an entire room, to dedicate to laundry, this cute little setup from damarisuavila proves a rarely-used corner can be the perfect spot for laundry. By adding a few framed pictures around the units, the space feels a little homier and more intentional as a true laundry room.

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    Add a Countertop

    Small laundry room

    Tag & Tibby

    One of the easiest ways to create more space in a small laundry room or closet is to add a plank of wood on top of your front load washer and dryer as seen in this laundry space from Tag & Tibby. Not only does this help disguise the units, but it also gives you more surface space for sorting and folding.

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    Add Lighting

    Small laundry room with green shelves

    shopchezmarchant / Instagram

    We can't wait to borrow this lighting idea from shopchezmarchant. Though you may not immediately think of an overhead pendant light as a laundry room accessory in this little laundry space, it's both practical and beautiful. Not only does it provide a little more light in a closed-off space, but it also lends a touch of ambiance to give the room character.

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    Opt for Dark Colors

    Laundry closet with black cabinets

    paulacoldiron / Instagram

    The moody paint colors in this laundry closet from paulacoldiron act as an optical illusion, allowing the space to almost blend into the wall and disguising the machines, even when the door is open.

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    Reach for Shiplap

    Small laundry room with just machines

    rusticfarmshack / Instagram

    Is there anything shiplap can't do? This space from rusticfarmshack proves that Joanna Gaines' favorite material is a great choice for quaint laundry rooms too. Even with full-sized units, this space doesn't feel cramped or overstuffed. By opting for an all-white palette, the machines almost blend into the shiplap wall and give the illusion of more space.

While we can all dream about a luxury oversized laundry room, the reality is that many of us are stuck with smaller-footprint rooms. By making smart design choices and finding the right unit for your space, you can still create a designated place to get laundry done without being sequestered to a dark basement corner.