Small Space Hacks

Easy Fixes for Small Spaces

Is your small space looking and feeling cramped? One of these small space hacks might be just what you need.

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    Roller Door or Pocket Door

    Income Property / RTR Media

    Roller doors (or pocket doors if your space allows for it) are great solutions for small spaces. Doors that swing open require a lot of space so why not eliminate them where you can? A DIY roller door can be built for about $50 if you want to do it for cheap, or you can go for higher-end materials and create something really special.

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    Office in a Closet


    Need a home office but don't have an extra room? The "office in a closet" idea is a popular solution when space is at a premium. Check out this post from Remodelaholic for a great example

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    Fake it with Mirrors


    Mirrors are great for reflection light and making a space look bigger, so make sure you use them and use them wisely. You can even hang curtains on either side to fake the look of a window (a particularly effective trick if you have a windowless or dark room),

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    Use the Right Size Rug


    The number one small space mistake is to use an area rug that's too small. For most rooms, there should be approximately 10" - 20" of bare floor between the edges of the area rug and the walls of the room (depending on the size of the room you can go as low as 8” and as high as 24”). Make sure the rug is centered in the room and the distance between the rug and the wall is the same on all four sides. A rug that is too small will make the room look even smaller. Make sure all the furniture sits atop the rug.

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    Fake a High Ceiling


    We all know that white ceilings supposedly make rooms look taller, but if you want to increase the imagined height paint the top quarter of the wall white as well (often referred to as the half-painted wall, even though it's not technically half). It will give the room a more spacious and airy feeling.

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    Hang Artwork with Wide Frames and Mats


    Much like furniture, it’s better to use fewer but larger pieces of art. Use artwork to create a focal point and place smaller pieces in larger frames. Photographs that are displayed in large frames with wide mats create a sense of space. Gallery walls are still an option, but instead of using many small pieces grouped together, use fewer pieces with wider mats. The effect will be the same but the space will feel less crowded.

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    Use Big Furniture


    Instead of trying to cram a lot of small furniture into a small rooms try making your space look bigger by using larger pieces of furniture but fewer of them. For instance, in a small living room, instead of trying to fit in a sofa, chairs, ottoman, coffee table and side tables, try using a regular-size sofa, a large ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, and perhaps a single side chair. If you have the space you can even include a large armoire for storage (closed storage will look less cluttered than open storage). Get rid of excess small pieces and instead include only what you need.

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    Floating Shelves

    Rustic Wood Shelf. Pottery Barn

    Floating shelves are a brilliant solution for small rooms because they take up so little space and can be placed just about anywhere. When decorating with floating shelves don’t be afraid to go high – the use of vertical space is very important when decorating small spaces, so stack one on top of the other as high as you're daring to go! And for a really fun look, install one at side table height and then paint or draw fake legs on the wall below it.