20 Indoor Hammock Decorating Ideas

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    Decorating With Hammocks

    Lounging in an indoor hammock is an irresistible treat because the act recreates that vacation feeling. To help you carve out a nook at home for your staycation paradise, we gathered our favorite hammock decorating ideas for relaxing and entertaining.


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    Hammock Chairs

    A couple of chair hammocks can transform an extra room in your home into a relaxing retreat. This indoor patio by Live Free Creative Company turned an awkward spot near the front door into a casual sitting area. We love how the black wall anchors the space while framing the windows. The bohemian rug brings a relaxing vibe. Besides the hammocks, our favorite piece of furniture in the room is the vintage sofa that adds a pop of invigorating color.

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    How to Hang a Hammock Indoors

    In this small Copenhagen apartment designed byStudio Ilse, a fringed hammock turns a little spot by the window into a cozy sunroom.

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    Scandinavian Decor

    Scandinavian interiors are having a huge moment, and we can't get enough of their monochromatic aesthetic. From the IKEA POÄNG chair to crocheted rope hammock, this charming apartment by​ TenFink is brimming with Nordic style.

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    Living Room Hammock

    How do you make every square inch in a single room apartment count? In this open-plan space by Studio Ilse, a removable hammock becomes a flexible furniture solution that adapts to the homeowner's needs.

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    Sofa Alternative

    When there's no room for a sofa in a tiny apartment, a hammock hung from the ceiling creates a space to kick back and relax, a fact that Carina Louzao proves with her smart design.

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    Catbird Seat

    Pictured here is a built-in hammock in a home designed by award-winning architects Gwendolyn Huisman and Marijn Boterman. The catbird seat provides spectacular views of the sky and garden.

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    Swing DIY

    You say you don't have room for a traditional hammock? You can still get your swing on with this DIY project by Park and Cube. The project uses extra-strength yarn to knit a sweet hanging chair.

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    Room Divider

    The coziest detail in this modern apartment designed by Svoya Studio is the plush, braided hammock placed by the foyer. Not only does it make the home's atmosphere more relaxing, but it also functions as a room divider between the entrance and main living area.

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    Best Seat in the House

    The best seat in this house is a striped hammock, says​ Tobie Garcia. She says it's the perfect spot to listen to vinyl while sipping wine.

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    Formal Living Room

    Trust, there is a hammock out there that matches your aesthetic. Case in point, this Moroccan tile print lounger spotted in Prairie Boheme's formal living room.

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    Hammock and Plants

    Plants and a hammock transformed this nook by the window in Tamara Dawn's apartment into a tiny sanctuary.

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    Table Hammock

    A couple of sheets will turn a sturdy dinner table into a children's hammock like this idea by Cathe Lijne. To do this, she wrapped two sheets (one for each child) under the table and tied on top.

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    Book Nook

    Here a hammock chair doubles as a book nook says Lotte Dierckx for her boyfriend. In case you're wondering, he's reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

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    Indoor Playground

    For apartment dwellers, when indoor space is tight, keeping city kids entertained is no easy feat. This cool hammock in ​Leanne Pedersen's living room creates a fun spot for her daughter to play.

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    House Designed Around a Hammock

    A humble hammock inspired this spectacular home by Samsel Architects. Pictured here is the spacious indoor porch that features the simple piece of swinging furniture. ​

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    Living Room Addition

    Need to make room for company? Here a hammock takes center stage as a guest bed in this cozy prefab home by Swedish design firm, LEVA Husfabrik.

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    Bedroom Hammock

    After adding a hammock, a neglected bay window becomes an enjoyable retreat in Claire Devaux's master bedroom.

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    Peaceful Retreat

    This indoor hammock says the blogger behind My Cakies is the best spot in her house. Not only is it a dreamy spot her and husband to read and relax at night, but it also keeps the children entertained for hours during the day. The hammock combined with the leggy chairs and house plants are the key ingredients that give this small living room an airy vibe.

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    Loft Apartment

    In a loft, by David Hotson Architect a hammock is used instead of a wall to separate the kitchen from the living room. It's a smart idea that allows sunlight to filter through the New York City apartment.

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    Bedroom Nook

    Make the most of any window in your abode with this idea by McEwan Custom Homes.