12 Clever Bike Storage Ideas to Keep Your Wheels Safe and Secure

Display your bike or tuck it away with these cool, creative bike storage ideas.

Bike stored by wall mount
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There's a lot to love about bikes; they're eco-friendly and efficient, plus they're just fun to ride. Something you may not love as much? Figuring out a way to store your bike that's efficient, easy to load and unload, and nice to look at. These clever ideas for bike storage will inspire you to store your bike (or the whole family's bikes) in a streamlined, aesthetically pleasing way, whether you have a small space or a lot of room to spare inside or outside the house.

These bike storage ideas for small spaces go beyond your basic garage bike rack or outdoor storage shed (though this list has some pretty smart ideas for storing bikes in those spots, too)—read on for a dozen solutions to your bike storage problems.

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    A Bike Storage Shelf

    a bike storage shelf

    @Chol1_CL / Instagram

    Your bike can become part of the furniture with a custom shelf. With its clean modern lines and shelf space for anything from a helmet to books to cycling shoes, this bike furniture shows off your bike and is a beautiful conversation piece, all in one smart package.

    @Chol1_CL / Instagram

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    Wall-Hanging Bikes

    three bikes hanging in a row

    @dahanger_USA / Instagram

    Mounted pedal hooks keep bikes looking neat and out of the way in small spaces. These hooks by Dahanger are powder-coated and come in crisp colors that become part of the decor while still serving their storage purpose—and when your bikes are in use, the hooks won't look out-of-place, either.

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    A Small Hanging Bike Shelf

    hanging bike shelf with black dog looking at the bik

    @botlamsterdam / Instagram

    Even your furry friends will love this idea for bike storage. Hanging bike shelf crafted from beautiful oak wood by BOTL Amsterdam is perfect for smaller spaces where you need the bike off the floor, and the sleek stand and bike together function almost as an art piece.

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    A Bike Storage Solution With Shelves

    hanging bike shelf with storage shelfs on the side

    @steadyrack / Instagram

    Create a whole bike storage station with room for helmets, gear, and other bike accessories by using a bike wall mount that can attach to the side of slim shelving. In large spaces and small spaces, multitasking bike storage ideas like this one can mean the difference between keeping your bike inside and chaining it up somewhere outdoors.


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    A Wooden Shed for Bikes

    a shed with bikes inside

    @waltons_garden / Instagram

    If you need bike storage ideas for small spaces, try tucking bikes out of the way in a beautiful wooden shed. In addition to bikes, there's plenty of room for tools and outdoor toys, so this solution solves a few problems.

    @waltons_garden / Instagram

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    Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

    bikes hanging on racks mounted to garage wall

    @Steadyrack / Instagram

    It's easy for the garage to quickly get overrun with bikes, especially if the whole family rides. These mounted racks are easy to load and unload and they free up a lot of floor space.

    @Steadyrack / Instagram

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    Bikes in a Shed

    bikes inside a wooden shed painted navy

    @robertjacksongardens / Instagram

    If you have the space, a wooden shed is always a good idea for bike storage. It doesn't have to be super deep, either, especially if the bikes are stored horizontally, as in this shed.

    @robertjacksongardens / Instagram

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    A Shelf With a Built-in Bike

    a low shelf with built in spot for bike

    @chol1_cl / Instagram

    The beauty of a bike shelf like this is that looks great whether or not a bike is on it. When it is in place, though, the bike becomes a focal point in the room, and it's seamless to slide the wheels in and out.

    @chol1_cl / Instagram

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    Hanging Bikes Inside

    4 bikes hanging vertically inside a house

    @sherriffs / Instagram

    Ideas for bike storage in small spaces can be tricky, but it can be done in a streamlined way that looks aesthetically pleasing. This rack hangs bikes vertically so they're out of the way but still accessible.

    @sherriffs / Instagram

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    A Wooden Garage for Bikes

    wooden shed with open side for bikes

    @londonhardlandscapes / Instagram

    A mini bike "garage" made out of gorgeous wood is always a smart idea if the outdoor space is available. You could lock your bike inside or even consider having a door crafted to keep the bikes safe and secure.

    @londonhardlandscapes / Instagram

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    A Small Wooden Bike Shelf

    small wooden shelf used to

    @themoderncarpenter / Instagram

    Crafted by a carpenter (The Modern Carpenter, in fact), this beautiful bike block is as practical as it is pretty. The wall-mounted storage solution is the perfect bike storage for small spaces. It keeps bikes out of the way, with shelf space for bike lights and other accessories.

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    A Small Bike Shelf

    a mounted bike shelf against a brick wall

    @smoke_and_sawdust / Instagram

    This wooden wall-mounted bike rack pops against an industrial brick wall. This may be small, but it's efficient, with space for a helmet so you always know where your essential safety equipment is.

    @smoke_and_sawdust / Instagram